Eminem’s 2005 Madison Square Garden concert performance during his Anger Management Tour is coming to DVD on November 13. Titled Live In New York City by Eminem, the DVD recaptures the concert footage originally aired on the Showtime Cable Network and features guest appearances by D12, Obie Trice and Stat Quo. The complete tracklisting for Em’s performance is as follows.

1) Evil Deeds
2) Mosh
3) Business
4) Rain Man
5) Ass Like That
6) Puke
7) Kill You
8) Like Toy Soldiers
9) Lodi Dodi
10) Just A Friend
11) Nuthin But A G Thing
12) My Name Is
13) Git Up
14) How Come
15) Rock Star
16) 40oz
17) My Band
18) Stan
19) The Way I Am
20) Just Don’t Give A Fuck
21) Got Some Teeth
22) Stay ‘Bout It
23) The Set Up
24) Like Dat
25) Cleaning Out My Closet
26) Mockingbird
27) Just Lose It
28) Lose Yourself