Diddy Under Investigation for Alleged Nightclub Assault

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been accused of assaulting an acquaintance during an argument over a woman at downtown Manhattan nightspot Kiosk. According to the New York Post, the Bad Boy head was arguing with Steven Acevedo at around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday morning (October 13), when the altercation turned physical. Acevedo told police that Puff punched him twice in the face and screamed “I’ll kill you, punk!” The alleged victim then claims that as he approached the mogul to hit him back, a bodyguard reached into his waist as if he had a weapon. Acevedo then left the club and went home to call police. Cops are said to be investigating whether Kiosk captured the exchange on surveillance cameras. Diddy has not been arrested or charged.

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  • Mayor of the D

    Dont mess with Diddy chump!!!!

  • lethal

    This dude is a fuckin punk. He do whatever the fcuk he want cuz he got dudes 7 feet tall with guns wherever he goes. Id like to see what this dude would do in a man to man situation.

    I see the bitch in yoo

  • http://xxlmag.com kane corleone

    what diddy handcuffin hoes now ? See i new u newyork niggas was tricks fightin over a bitch,yep Pac said too,nah realtalk that diddy nigga keep goons wit em he’ll hit yo ass and run behind niggas

  • http://xxlmag.com kane corleone

    what a dumb shit i just spelled knew like new,ok just etherd myself i’m ghost

  • mr martin

    diddy aint ny nigga. he’s an international clown

  • bkblaze

    fuck piff puffy diddy whatever the fuck your name is, bitch ass didn’t help Shyne stay out of prison, hides behind bodyguards like hes tough shit, lives off biggies money, fuck this clown!!!

  • Rodjilius

    kinda sad only reason why puff keeps gettin in trouble is cuz of all the money hes got nobody cares about broke niggas but everybody wants somethin to do with somebody rich thats just what i think tho

  • esco

    fuck u diddy!! such a pussy..if he is a real man he shd fight one on one

  • joey doe

    Diddy.hmm any way you look at it..can you see this man getting in trouble for this bullshit? HELL NAW MAN!! Puffy got hundreds of millions to put in the garbage bags and set on fire. Fucking people are stupid man.Puffy will buy this guy a new wardrobe and this case will go away real fast. Holleration. joey doe makes things happen.

  • joey doe

    take tim to listen to the will.i.am. album because all i saw was people writing bad things about it..thats when i knew it truly would be dope which sure enough IT IS! Will has one of the dopest LPs this year talent wise he is easily EASILY on kaye’s level. His production is impressive throughout the album and he sings and raps..you dont got to be a Lyrical Wizard to be dope either people. But you dont hear me though.

  • Death to Diddy

    I really hope someone kills this piece of shit.. at least the good news is that he has been getting denied at a lot of clubs and parties.. In St. Tropez, they say he’s basically a B list celeb.. I hope he loses everything and then kills himself.. very slowly and painfully

  • bizzle


  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal


    Puffy WILL smack fire outcha ass!!

    Word to Steve Stoute~!

  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    Diddy needs to grow the fuck up.
    He will probably pay somebody to say it was them to get away with it.
    Same old. Same old.