Dame Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke go Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Roc-A-Fella Records co-founders, Dame Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke, are making a special Reasonable Doubt tribute album available on their social networking website, BlockSavvy.com. MTV News recently spoke to the two longtime partners about the project, which was recorded prior to their highly publicized split with Jay-Z. “We made this a while ago when [we still co-owned] Roc-A-Fella,” Dame explained. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt features previously unheard renditions of classic Jay-Z tracks re-imagined by artists who were signed to the Roc at the time. Tracks include a new version of “A Million and One Questions” by Kanye West, “Where I’m From” by Beanie Sigel, and You Must Love Me” by Juelz Santana. The compilation even includes a track by recent Jay-Z detractor Jim Jones. Dame and Biggs are currently making a portion of the tracks available to registered users of their Blocksavvy social networking site and have no immediate plans to release it in stores.

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  • Worley

    Leave the Jay-Z brand alone. Biggs and Dame do ya thing. You dudes did it big in ya own right. Keep doing it that way.

  • Rae Tha Great

    That shit supposed to came out like in 04. I still remember the new version of Regrets by Denim that shit was dope. What ever happened to her? Peace

  • AZ40

    Damn this nigga ain’t even dead and they doin’ him like puff do biggie. I’d love to hear a terrible version of good songs




    DAME!!!!!………LEAVE IT ALONE!!!



  • BklynBandette

    This Project Is VERY Unnecessary.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hateyourmom Big Baby Bubba

    headline should be dame dash puts out another piece of trash

  • c-unit- g’unit

    Thats was up nukkas get your money Jay z a dirty ass nukka played them nukkas dirty got pussy whup cause no pretty non hoe bitch would fuck with him,and beonce or whatever ass only what that nukka for stabilaty im surprised she hasnt done a rusell on him yet man jigga is mad soft now i mean he not even a rapper to me no more didnt he retire lol stupidest shit i have ever heard like if rap is a sport nukka look mad stupid when he had to come back like a herb Dame biggs get that money

  • joey doe

    there goes Dame eating off Jayz’s talent again.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com TonyBee

    Jay is cut out on his doggs.BklynBandette she my dogg.

  • New York King

    Dame and Biggs im from NY you pussy ass niggas act like females yo. Fall tha fuck back and let that nigga Jay live B. Ok suppose yall niggas do sell records, the nigga HOV still aint fuckin wit yall. Let it go


    wat the fuck

  • locco

    hey C-unit. you need to go back to school, because you made no since. I tried to follow you but you seem kinda off like dame lame ass is. let me break it down 4 yall. every album jay-z sold they split all the the money three ways. every business venture they had, they split it three ways. now just think, if your fames the reason why all the money common in, would you want to split yo money up three ways. if you dont get that, just put it like this… go to work, and when you get yo check break me and yo boy an even peace. now your thinkn hell no. so did jay-z bitches. now the truth before you run you dumb ass mouths.

  • http://xxxlmag.com thablockmoveslo

    jay had to grow up. but they were business partners you don’t do that. jay retired so that he could seperate himself from them. came back out and proved that it was his star power as a artist that would move the units. make another hov. he would not have all of the investments and investors if he would have stayed with them. you dudes is lame sayin he aint hard no more. one day you got move on from thugism.