Clipse Signs With Columbia Records

After rumors circulated about the duo leaving Jive Records, Virginia Beach duo Clipse confirmed that they have signed with Columbia Records in an interview with Billboard. The group, who released their 2003 debut Lord Willin’ through Arista Records and the Neptunes’ Star Trak imprint, was absorbed by Jive Records after Arista folded in 2004 and the Star Trak family left for Interscope. After their follow-up, Hell Hath No Fury, sat on the shelf for two more years, Jive agreed to a distribution deal for their Re-Up Gang Records. However, after their release date was pushed until November 2006, Hell Hath No Fury sold only 194,000 copies.

The new deal with Columbia will be a five-year, 50/50 profit-sharing arrangement for Re-Up Gang Records, in which they will own the masters for Ab-Liva and Sandman. The first project they plan to release is a Re-Up Gang album early next year, as well as a new studio album from the duo. This will mark the first time that a Clipse album will not be entirely produced by longtime friends and collaborators The Neptunes. Instead, they have plans to work with Timbaland, Danjahandz and Dame Grease. “I can honestly say that we were all friends before the music and will be friends to the end,” Malice told Billboard of his relationship with the Neptunes. “Everything is business. If we had our way, we would always be on Star Trak. But it’s what’s working for you and what’s not. We just want good energy, and Columbia has both the urgency and the muscle.”

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  • 757 Va Beach

    Bout time, JIVE be on that homo shit!

  • moresickaMC

    best rap group after Outkast

  • T-Boye

    Wow!!!, Rick Rubin & Hip Hop are not playing over there at Columbia. Now all they need to do, is focus their attention on courting Joe Budden’s over to the fold.

  • Sternz

    Clipse makes nice music man…Lord Willin is a classic. Love these dudes

  • wallstreetwes

    in yo face Jason !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • loomoney3

    first bitches

  • Rae Tha Great

    Maybe I’m first maybe I’m not but I hope The Clipse do better cause fucked they music too much. Peace

  • V House

    it about time they get some publicity …and i mean the type they need. interesting to see what they can do with some timbo beats.malice and pusha t always come hard

  • hot97

    whatever, the clipse are washed up and ain’t shit without the neptunes, at best they are d-grade rappers anyway.

  • P

    Clipse…? Who??? are they even still relevant?

  • kiss of death

    P u sound like a hate, u prolly like soulja boy

  • swizzie

    Too bad they aint working with Rubin, he’s columbia’s best producer.

  • BK Cyph

    AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA these dudes leave Jive to go to Sony?!? Thats like leaving Whitney to go fuck with Brittany – both them bitches is a mess.

    Columbia suffers from the same ills as Jive- THEY CANT PROMOTE URBAN ACTS!

    Who on Sony has done well since the Fugees?!?

    • Dante


  • EReal

    Maybe they can get some fuckin promotion now, their sound with the Tunes was getting stale anyway. Good for them. I wonder if they have any dope artists.

  • Relevant

    best rap group after Outkast? what about UGK, Wu-Tang, Tribe, and Fugees. There is also 3-6 and 8ball and MJG.

    Man, I dont know about that one. Lyrically they are up there and have nice beats. But until they can go platinum I can’t say they second. I had a chance to talk these guys in the A in Lenox Mall, they are definitely down to earth. So they get much respect from me. I actually would like to see them get on that level, but only time will tell.One

  • realBOSTON

    Good for them to expand away from Neptunes production. Neptunes mad talented but their production watered down Hell Hath No Fury. Pusha T has the muscle to become a MONSTER in the game.

  • Stu

    Don’t like them, they got the beats but not the lyrics.

    • EReal

      Weezy Fan.

  • John

    This is a great move for Clipse, because their lyrical content doesn’t fit the production style of the Neptunes. While at Jive they got no promotion. How in the hell can u have a XXL grade and not sell shyt. Great Move.

  • T-Boye

    “BK Cyph says:

    AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA these dudes leave Jive to go to Sony?!? Thats like leaving Whitney to go fuck with Brittany – both them bitches is a mess.

    Columbia suffers from the same ills as Jive- THEY CANT PROMOTE URBAN ACTS!

    Who on Sony has done well since the Fugees?!?”

    Yo, it’s not the same regime it was when Nas, or the Fugees were there. Rick Rubin is running it now. And he use to run Def Jam, with Russell, back in the day. Plus. the president of urban music is “Hip-Hop”(Kanye’s Manager). He was the former a&r for Roc-A-Fella and Atlantic. Brother, it’s a much different staff over there now.

  • Cuban Link

    Good, I wasnt feeling the beats off Hell Hath anyway

  • Vuitton Gotti

    Damn, they need to come hard. I’m feelin’em.

  • Conan

    Finally they’ve gone somewhere. This’ll be a big test for Rick Rubin.

  • Pedro Cabrera

    DAMN!! I hear alotta people hating on The Clipse. Clipse is hella bad. This deal is not so bad either. Neptunes had excellent production on both albums, but it will be goo to hear them on other sounds. Who said Clipse are D-grade rappers. These dudes are mad ill.

    Hit me up:


    Lord Willin’ is one of my fav albums of all time… just laid back beats and crazy flows from everyone involved… personally I enjoyed Neptunes exclusivity to the beat making, but maybe Timbo can offer something, and I’m not talking SexyBack laid back, I’m thinkin some hood anthem, something more like Put You In The Game… that beat was fiya!
    In any case, let the boys get their paper, they earnt it… peace&love


    That’s Good News.
    The Clipse Deserve This.
    They Been Putting In Work For A Minute Now.
    Re-Up Gonna Be The Shit.
    I Liked The Last Cd And I Can’t Wait To Hear Them On A Dame Grease Track.
    Might Sound Like The Old Dmx Days.
    Columbia Is Starting To Become The New Def Jam.

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  • Capostatus

    These niggas is washed up like money that’s laundered. They can’t even sell two copies yet they been in the game for 8 years, had the best producer in the game even. You Country boys better step ya sales game up if u wanna compete with N.Y people. We started this shit and thus we will sell more cause WE THE BEST.

    • EReal

      Thinks laundering money means you wash it.


  • Latnio heat

    hopefully this will get them some shine, but i really dont see it happening. cosign dude that said sony dont promote urban acts. nas cant even go platinum over there anymore. streets desciple didnt go platinum and that was a double cd realesed in 2004, back when cd’s were actually selling. back to clipse, i dont know why people liked lord willin so much that shit was trash. it did sell almost two million though so obviously they can sell. that was in 2002 though. hell hath was fire as was we got it for cheap 1& 2. for the record timbaland is MAD OVERRATED! i hate his brand of HIP POP bs that he produces with the occasional street banger once every blue moon. dude sucks for real. they need underground heat makers like dame grease cause thats there style anyway. will it sell? no. but they arent going to anyway so might as wellgive there core audience that heat that they’re capable of.




    But Listen to My Shit, had some pusy ass nigga called pretty ugly talking shit… so I had to burn him for a warm up, who’s next…listen

    Now Listen to my shit!

  • gamma



    I think that nigga wayne should watch out, cuz if the clipse hit mainstream again….dat dude gone get a exposed a little bit………..Pusha T is beast UUUGGGHHH!(inside joke)….ITS THE ROC BITCH HOLLA!

  • Ray

    dont fuckin sleep on hell hath no fury, that shit was me too was a banga, but the promotion was weak and the album dropped after the single cooled off. pharrell got the propa sound for them

  • breezy

    cant wait till they blow and everyone is on their dick and asking, no wait, BEGGING them to be on their remixes, or album,. their on the bubble you big idiots and they just might take out lil “kiss kiss boi” wayne out of the picture



  • TheKingFromallyKnownAsWarsaw

    POSTER CHILD FOR FLYNESS said it all. Props to this nigga and props to clips. ROC 4 LIFE


    One of the best flows ever!

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