cmurder1.jpgCorey “C-Murder” Miller may have violated the terms of his house arrest by traveling to Mississippi to promote his novel Death Around The Corner. According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the rapper’s attorney declined to comment on the trip and the judge handling his case has set a court date for Tuesday (October 16). Miller has been under house arrest for the last two years after his conviction on second-degree murder for the 2002 killing of Steven Thomas was overturned. As a condition of the house arrest order, the rapper must obtain permission to travel outside of the state of Louisiana. In August of 2006, Judge Martha Sassone reduced the No Limit MC and brother of Master P’s restrictions to a curfew, but later reinstated house arrest after he appeared on TV during a special about Hurricane Katrina. Sassone has allowed Miller to promote his book under the condition that he does not discuss the murder trial. The Times-Picayune reports that there is no order approving the Mississippi trip logged in the Jefferson Parish database of criminal and civil records. Cyrus Webb of the Jackson, Mississippi Conversations Book Club, says he is aware of the pending murder charge, but feels the novel offers an important lesson for teenagers. On Thursday (October 10) Miller was scheduled to speak with 300 middle school students in Utica, Miss.