C-Murder’s Retrial on Murder Charge to Begin in February

The retrial of Corey “C-Murder” Miller on charges of second degree murder is scheduled to begin on February 11. According to the Associated Press, the date was agreed upon by Judge Martha Sassone, prosecutors and Miller’s defense attorneys during a recent conference call. C-Murder is accused of shooting 16 year-old Steven Thomas to death in a Harvey, La. nightclub in 2002. His conviction was later overturned because of a discrepancy concerning a witness. During a hearing on Tuesday (October 16) Sassone also noted that, contrary to previous reports, she did in fact approve trips to New York and Mississippi that Miller made to meet with a record executive and promote his novel Death Around The Corner. The validity of the trips came into question when it was discovered that no such authorization had been logged into the Jefferson Parish electronic database of court records. Although Miller’s attorney, Ron Rakosky, had faxed travel requests to Sassone’s office prior to the trips and she approved them, they were not entered into the database for weeks after the fact. According to court clerk Jon Gegenheimer, these types of requests should be logged into the system within days of them being submitted. The hearing on Tuesday was called to discuss a drug test that incorrectly identified drugs in Miller’s system. A subsequent test showed that Miller was in fact clean and the false positive may have been caused by cough syrup that he had recently taken.

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  • Trapbaby & Caddydaddy

    Big ups to Cory Miller for taken the hood by storm w/ his epic gangsta novel. I fuck w/ anything this New Orleanian nigga does because he keeps it TRU. We feel niggas like him down in the Savannah for the fact that he’s more hood oriented than any other artist spittin. While most people fabricate hardships he spits it how he lives. It might have been Codiene in his system instead of regular cough syrup.

    Touchdown has an official movement: M.O.B. (Money Over Babies) Get Yo Paper up before you stick yo dick in.
    Raw Doggin requires residual.
    pussy is just a wallot without using protection. M.O.B is the next 8732. I’m a pioneer! I’m jewish w/ the dick because the gina spits out babies. Listen to the music!
    Respect da Hood
    Thats Us
    D A H
    912 till the death of me!

    Trapbaby and Caddy daddy
    Savannah Ga
    Touchdowny: We shit on niggas
    Catch Me While I’m a Local Nigga series

  • Tevalis

    I Know he’s got to feel like he can’t win for losing. Damn!

  • http://www.hotmail.com Vortex

    Fist bitches

  • ox

    Sure he pissed dirty cuz of cough syrup. LMAO

  • str8100

    hope he beat that case to many black folks already gt lockdown this year

    o yea 1st bitches

  • Durty

    I thought he was done with that case, guess not, first to call whoever to claim 1st ah bitch LAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEEESSSSS

  • steve

    i love (but not really) the way people live to write first in the comments section. regardless of the black incarceration rate, if this clown took a gun to a club and killed an underaged boy who just wanted to rub shoulders with him they should put him under the jail. between t.i copping all those guns, vick running a dog fighting ring and this stupid motherfucker, im convinced these fucks dont wanna live happily ever after.

  • afrorican

    good luck to tha boy.

  • afrorican

    that boy came a long way

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