Yung Joc Lands at No. 3 on Billboard Chart

yungjoc.jpgYung Joc will be the only hip-hop artist with a Top 10 album in Billboard’s Top 200 chart this week. The Atlanta born Bad Boy snags the No. 3 spot with his new CD, Hustlenomics. Powered by the Don Vito produced single “Coffee Shop,” Joc managed to move just over 69,000 copies of his sophomore set. Unfortunately, we will also see three of the biggest recent chart toppers fall out of the Top 10 this week. Sales of the new albums from UGK, Talib Kweli and Common have all fallen behind, leaving them at the No. 16, 20 and 21 slots respectively. Elsewhere, Swizz Beatz has sold another 15,000 copies of his solo project, One Man Band Man, to take No. 42 and bring him to a total of just under 60,500 units. Outside of Joc, the only other hip-hop debut to chart this week will be indie favorite Aesop Rock. The Def Jux vet moved about 13,200 copies of his new project None Shall Pass, and will land at No. 50.

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  • jg420

    Joc is garbage, fool will flop. You know the second week sales will be weaker, and this record will never see gold.

  • BlakJ

    69,000? wow, You have some small hick towns with more people than that.

  • JD3

    i guess Joc will be goin back to the coffee shop

  • damn ..homie

    damnnnnn,nigaa went wat over 300,ooo first week ,last album…damnn wat a flopppp lol

  • Pierzy

    Swizzy! Hahaha – two weeks and 60,000 units? What happened to him being “the monster” and the future of hip hop? I guess Casio beats can only take a dude so far…

  • Worley

    Why this n*gga Yung Joc’s screwface makes him look like he got a stomach ache? Corny ass n*gga. The Coffee Shop: straight trash.

  • Iceberg Slimm

    Fuck Joc, go get that Talib Kweli or Common if you want real music with actual value

  • Deez Nutz

    Illegal downloading has killed hip hop…oh yeah…so did Hurricane Chris and that superman sh*t to name a few…and i would be remiss if i didnt mention the chicken noodle soup b*tch and them laffy taffy coons…one of many hip hop assassins

  • dezzy

    and they say they aint need 50 cent.. 69000? his single can top these niggas albums

  • Dr Flav

    Y’all stay mad. Get you some money, pussy, a sandwich… something. You wasting energy with that negative. If you aint spend your money on it, why the fuck you mean muggin Joc pockets? My hip hop is alive and well. Crabs in a bucket = coons.

  • Jayton

    Joc is the shit right now on Badboy South, I dig that nigga style, I feel his music and if any other niggas don’t like Joc.. FUCK them, they can all get their faces split the fuck open from me,
    Keep it up Joc, you are the shit.

  • Fixda

    I’m glad Joc ain’t doing shit. Hustlenomics is straight garbage, except “cut throat” because of Game and Jim Jones…He’ll never see gold for sure!What a flop…

  • DoubleClutch


  • heebyjeeby

    Y’all stay mad. Get you some money, pussy, a sandwich… something. You wasting energy with that negative. If you aint spend your money on it, why the fuck you mean muggin Joc pockets? My hip hop is alive and well. Crabs in a bucket = coons.

    Negro shut the fuck up wit that bullshit! These niggas can comment about the fuck they want, bitch! Bro

  • Nune

    JOC went hard on pretty much nuttin….Its goin down was jammin….but thats it….that nigga aint got no lyrical game….say the same shit over an over….kinda like most niggas in the game now….shit aint no surprise….wait till my nigga cham drop his shit!!

  • Freddy(Vega$)

    Coffee Shop wasnt catchy enough, but dude does has some swag tho no homo…..CURTIS…..

  • Label

    Hustlenomics > Finding forever.

  • Memphis

    Coffee Shop was not a good single to put out. It seemed too childish, which resulted in his album selling less than expected. But his album is nice though. If he would’ve had another strong single then he would’ve sold a hella lot of more copies because the album ain’t bad. Blame Puff for putting that wack as singe out. Had to be his idea.

  • Rodjilius

    i didnt like coffee shop at all joc shouldnt have hit it dat big

  • http://RAPDEAD DJ


  • w33zy_f_l@dy

    mannnnnn…i fucks wit joc…all ya’ll hatin azz niggaz can FALL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nah

    nah that nigga joc album is trash. like dude said earlier, other than cuthroat aint too many hot songs on the cd. it is only like 5 songs I can fuck with on that cd. production is pure ass. lyrically he is worse than the first album. might be a wrap for this nigga

  • ABC

    Yung Joc (coffe shop), Soulja Boy (superman), Hurricane Chris (a bay bay), Huey (pop lock and drop it), Yung Berg (sexy lady) = Hip Hop is Dead!

    Now i listen Gang Starr album “Moment of Truth”, the track 19 “Next Time”. That’s Hip Hop!!!

  • matt

    Pierzy…u is one hating motherfucker….niggaz always got some negative shit to say..we need to make a new slogan…not stop snitchin!!!Stop Hatin!!!..and swizz is one of the greatest to ever produce if not the best…one day yo dumb ass will appreciate what he did for the game…..

  • East Is Over

    Yeah, Rap sales are dead…But really just for these weak-ass new Niggaz trying to step in the game on some ring-tone trash.

  • T.R.E.Y.



  • rico

    ABC was right on point young joc and the rest of these country ass rappers are garbage moment of truth was a classic. remember crumb snatchers verse on make them pay imagine this rap shit without this gat shit or the phony cat in black talkin about his mack spit.that describes a lot of these rappers today they sell a 5 dollar rock 10 years ago and that makes them a thug


    I’m happy for Joc, but it’s a shame that
    Talib,Common,UGK and Swizz could’int be
    on the top 10 this week. Hip hop a’int
    dead, people just a’int buying it.

  • FAME

    Fuck young joc in london only gaay guys and bitches b feelin him fuck UGK too One Man Band is doin it should hav sold more doe

  • FAME

    Fuck young joc in london only gaay guys and bitches b feelin him fuck UGK too One Man Band is doin it should hav sold more doe

  • loony T

    Go Joc, regardless of what yall talkin bout he still number 3 on the billboard. There is no way somebody is going to come out and do these big extravagant numbers like back in the day. Keep it real niggaz. Why hate?

  • EReal

    LOL! Its the Coffee Flop!

    And yall talkin shit on G-Unit. They still sellin more than 95% of this trash. Hi Haters!!!! rofl!

    Where did T.I. go? LmAo!!!

  • Kareem

    Joc is cool I Always loved his music, but I Dont understand you hatin ass bitches.
    Hustlenomics is a very nice album especially with Play Your Cards Produced By Cool & Dre..
    Y´all need to realize that you cant outshine Joc´s Hustle This Dude knew how to get money the right way without Selling drugs, so respect it & Play Your Cardsss Hustleeeeeenomicccss

  • Caine

    FAME Says:

    September 6th, 2007 at 4:48 am
    Fuck young joc in london only gaay guys and bitches b feelin him fuck UGK too One Man Band is doin it should hav sold more doe

    ^^ U ain’t shit. How many London niggaz can rap better than Bun B? Swizzy??? GTFOH! You foreigners don’t know shit about our music. So shut yo bicth ass up.

  • Lithonia Georgia

    i see some of yall blamin hurricane cris for hip hops fall but let me remind u of sum shit from the remix

    Well its the H to tha U double R I C-A-N to tha E Get em up, Get em up, Get em up like
    A bay bay that’s what we say when we pull up in them trucks
    Tell my label to cut the check I’ma gone spend it up
    On the Bentley painted yellow like a baby school bus
    26′s make em stop when I pull up
    And my pants sag low like I was rockin a pull-up
    When I stop and I pull up I’ma be already full of Vodka
    I keep that in my cup a bay bay on make me bussa
    And if you try to take my chain I’ma snatch yo face off
    I got diamonds in my ear the same size as baseballs
    Where they at they lost I don’t thank they on my level
    Lil mama thank I’ma bite her with this alligator sweater
    A bay bay was just the beginning I’m finna run tha game
    Whoever feel different can holla at Hurricane
    Wanna be talkin but heavy itenary break up yo chest if you runnin yo mouth
    And every since I dropped that a bay bay I been runnin the South

  • BK Banga

    HIP HOP IS DEAD!!!!!! Its DEAD Bitch!!!!!!!

  • BlackApril

    I can’t believe dude said Joc’s newest album was better than Finding Forever!! WTF is that about?

  • joekilla

    man how can you act hard with your lil bro’s shirt man joc is a lil bitch with his fuckin fruity pebbles letters and hurricane chris -.- aint runnig shit but his own fucking mouth what a pussy

  • Ray

    these wack artists u speak of. i only download there singles and would never cope there albums, however i will mos def pay for that kanye album because i know the shit will be a worhtwhile listen.. holla

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