yungjoc.jpgYung Joc will be the only hip-hop artist with a Top 10 album in Billboard’s Top 200 chart this week. The Atlanta born Bad Boy snags the No. 3 spot with his new CD, Hustlenomics. Powered by the Don Vito produced single “Coffee Shop,” Joc managed to move just over 69,000 copies of his sophomore set. Unfortunately, we will also see three of the biggest recent chart toppers fall out of the Top 10 this week. Sales of the new albums from UGK, Talib Kweli and Common have all fallen behind, leaving them at the No. 16, 20 and 21 slots respectively. Elsewhere, Swizz Beatz has sold another 15,000 copies of his solo project, One Man Band Man, to take No. 42 and bring him to a total of just under 60,500 units. Outside of Joc, the only other hip-hop debut to chart this week will be indie favorite Aesop Rock. The Def Jux vet moved about 13,200 copies of his new project None Shall Pass, and will land at No. 50.