Update on Lil Kim’s Recent Traffic Stop

lil-kim1.jpgA few interesting details have emerged in the story of Lil Kim’s recent run-in with New York City cops while driving a black Lamborghini with no license plates in Manhattan. According to an update from website TMZ.com, a source who was at the scene said Kim initially told police that the high performance sports car was a gift from a friend in California, and that she was under the impression that cars in that state were not required to display license plates. The diminutive diva then told the officers that, although she did not have her driver’s license with her, she was licensed to drive in the state of New Jersey. Apparently, Kim does not have a valid license in either New York or New Jersey. TMZ’s source also noted that while the Queen Bee was calm and collected during most of the incident, things changed once news cameras appeared on the scene. “She became belligerent, loud and obnoxious,” said the source. “She proclaimed that if she was the average person, this wouldn’t have been a problem.” Kim was eventually rescued by her attorney, whom police allowed to drive the vehicle from the scene.

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  • Tishan Guest

    1st off Fuck first,……………Lil Kim I hope u putting some more music! Take the lambo to the studio.

  • Worley

    If Kim was a regular person she would have been in cuffs. Lucky she’s got the chips to get an attorney to the scene in minutes. That’s gangsta. You reading this Foxy?

  • EReal

    No one cares about this cum dumpster.

  • DJ

    This is a classic publicity stunt-photo op. I wouldn’t be surprised if she called the cops to report a black woman driving an expensive sports car without plates and then she alerted the media. She is also trying to imply that the car was a gift from a boyfriend in Los Angeles, maybe Ray J. So many rappers, male and female like to front, Motive: She wanted the world to know she’s driving a sports car valued at a quarter of a million dollars

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  • Tyler

    Can U say, going back to jail for breaking her probation?
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    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • Dr Flav

    I sentence all haters to listen to the Lil Kim track, “Shut Up Bitch.” The song is written for you all. Get em Queen Bee, word to B.I.G.! I was listening to the last album today, I think shorty deserved them 5 mics, great lyrical and personal record.

  • Banton

    CURTIS September 11th go hit it up

  • Real2Death

    If you were a normal person you wouldn’t be driving around in a Lambo Bitch!

    Quit your yappin and be happy your attorney saved your ass you bald headed bitch

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