luke2.jpgUncle Luke, the one-time member of the 2 Live Crew, called Kanye West a "woman" during an interview on the Dan Le Batard Show on South Florida's radio show, Sports Talk 790 am The Ticket. Le Batard asked Luke about the YouTube footage of Kanye throwing a temper tantrum behind the scenes at the MTV Music Awards because he didn't win an award or open as the show's first performer. "Defend my boy? How you figure that?" Luke said. "Nah, man. That's a lady. That's acting like a lady. He's a woman, man. Only girls do that. The girls get back there and go to screaming like that, 'I'm never coming back to MTV anymore because they put Brittany [Spears] out there.' He knew what he was going to go as."

Luther Campbell continued to say, "See, MTV and all those award shows, they'll tell you where you going to be performing at. They'll automatically let you know, your publicist know, then they say, 'Look, you're going to be performing in the back room. You're going to be performing outside with all the other garbage acts.' So you make the decision whether or not you wanna go then. You don't wait until you get to the award show and then see fat Brittany [Spears] out there doing her thing, garbaging up the stage, and then get mad that you should be out there headlining the show."