Twista, Killer Mike and Hurricane Chris among Artists Scheduled to Headline The “Jena 6” Empowerment Concert

twista2.jpgA group of hip-hop artists that includes Chicago vet Twista, Atlanta’s Killer Mike and “Ay Bay Bay” star Hurricane Chris, are scheduled to descend on Birmingham, AL later this month for The “Jena 6” Empowerment Concert. The show was conceived as a way to give the artists a chance to address the issues behind the high profile Jena 6 incident. In the case, six African-American students in Jena, LA were, some say unjustly and excessively, charged with attempted murder after they assaulted a white student who had hurled racial insults at them. That incident stemmed from an earlier confrontation with another group of white students who hung three nooses from a “white only” tree in the yard of the local school. The six students subsequently had some of their charges reduced, thrown out, or dismissed completely, but all could still face further prosecution. The “Jena 6” Empowerment Concert is scheduled for September 29th in Birmingham, a historic location in the civil rights movement. Also scheduled to perform are Baby Boy, Sean P of the Youngbloodz, DTP’s Small World and R&B artists Lloyd and Jagged Edge. Tickets are available at the concert’s venue, the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center, and online at

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  • gamma

    Good job let’s get our brothers out of there!

  • Worley

    You don’t need no damn concert to express yourself. Take a political stance. Stop singing and shaking ya ass.

    Make sure that money goes to the Jena 6 defense fund as well.

  • hayta

    Does Twista ever actually get paid to perform?

  • cheddamelt

    new york millionares jay-z,diddy,50cent should also contribute to this case,b/c it is a racial issue and i expect each and every black american to contribute.

  • xxx

    cause when i think of racial injustice i thick Ay ba ba

  • c-dot

    what the hell does hurricane chris call himself contributing at the jena 6 empowerment concert?

  • Dooce

    XXL is barely covering this shit? Damn, you all as a magazine for the Hip-Hop culture should be blowing this injustice up and instead you only cover the music portion of it. Wake up, it’s about you and me.

  • RealTalk

    Its fucked up that this type of stuff still goes on. I dont just see the fact that these kids were victims of racism (true defintion is somebody in power has used that power to hurt somebody because of their race). There is also this thing about white kids and black kids goin at each other over race, which bothers me also. You’d think that type of thing died out like 20 years ago. Don’t think this is just a problem in the south though. In Camden, NJ last year my boy told me they had a big race riot at one of the highschools where the blacks and the hispanics and the asian kids were all goin at each other, all over race. Somethin that started because three black kids were goin to jump a chinese kid or somethin like that.

  • SouthCakC23

    It is garbage that this trash is still happening in 2007. I also need to correct a few of you on here. You don’t just need all black people to stand up against this injustice, you need people of all ethnical walks of life to stand up as a people. By only singling out black celebs/artists stepping up only segregates the matter futher.

    The people that really need to step up against this trash are white southerners. I am a white male from South Carolina and I makes me sick to my stomach to know that parents are still breeding hate into their children. From the “white tree”, to the black child having to ask if they could sit under the “white tree”, to the nooses being hung in the tree as a “prank”, to the state supreme court not acting on this felony hate crime.

    This whole situation is just trash. Bottom line, we need blacks only to stand up and speak out on this injustice; we need everybody, regardless of their ethnicity, to stand up against this…..

  • tyrone freeman

    got sent home for wearing my ‘FREE THE JENA 6′ tee.