Twista Bashes Congressional Hearing on Hip-Hop

twista1.jpgAs previously reported on, The United States Congress is looking to hold its first hearing regarding “stereotypes and degradation” of woman in hip-hop lyrics and videos. While the hearing has not been officially announced, it’s tentatively scheduled to take place on September 25. Democratic Representative Bobby Rush of Illinois, chairman of the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection, is organizing the meeting in order to hear from record executives and companies that release rap music. “I want to look at not only the problem caused by misogynistic content in some hip-hop music but also some of the pain that emanates form this degradation,” says Rush. “I respect the First Amendment, but rights without responsibility is anarchy, and that’s much of what we have now. It’s time for responsible people to stand up and accept responsibility.”

Last week, Chicago rapper Twista responded to Congressman Rush’s comments on his blog with Red Eye of the Chicago Tribune. “All the subjects we rap about aren’t made up, they come from somewhere and that somewhere is our lives,” Twista said. “I don’t know what kind of life Rep. Rush has had, but if I were to ask him to write a story about anything for people to read, his story would have certain things in it that are things he’s been around in his life. In that same way we rap about what we’ve been exposed to.” Twista went on to question the priorities of the U.S. Congress when there are more pertinent issues to address in the world. “If congress is worried about rap music, it’s time for them to go to the ghettos in this country and fix the problems so that the kids don’t have the see the things that they see and live through all of them,” he said. “We’ve got troops still dying in Iraq, global warming, gas prices going way high and Congress is worried about hip-hop? These are more examples of our own President saying stupider things than you could ever hear in any rap song. Maybe it’s time he took a little trip to Congress and was asked a few questions as well then.”

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  • Cool

    Twister has some very good

  • Worley

    Twista is one the money. Everybody wants you to stop saying bitch and hoe, but nobody wants to talk about the conditions that create such scandalous men and women. If rappers stopped saying bitch and hoe would bitches and hoes cease to exist? No. Heads would still be trading sex for money or the illusion of sex for money. And somebody, somewhere will talk about it.

  • COOL

    FIRST BTW!!!!!!!

  • gamma

    WORLEY you hit it hommie everybody talking about responsibility for hip hop what about Bush’s responsibilities? he’s responsable for more deaths than any thing iraq,katrina,911 and so much more and it’s a sad day when these washed up black leaders rally on hip hop too I used to question shit like that and i only came up with one solution nobody want’s to march no more they dont stand out there seats and rally anymore thats why imus got away like he did we dont even say his name any more WTF there not as strong as they used to be and they blame hip hop for that reason so if they can control hip hop than maybe they might get stronger because while there bitching on oprah were playing hip hop people who went thru the same things and who are actuly there so we can get out the ghetto nobody respects them because all they do is bitch they dont take action they dont want to solve anything because if the problem was solved than they would fade away if you wanna help hip hop or the ghetto’s than be for hip hop and the ghetto’s if you stop using the word’s the meaning still is there so if you dont take bitches and hoe’s off the streets and help the starving children and rappers that see this shit every day or the mothers on drugs or help covicted fellons get jobs than it’s just a waste of time hip hop is a reflection of what goes on rather is on the corner or the strip club so if it’s not there to see than it wont be talked about i love hip hop it gave me something to beleave in it showed me i could be something from nothing or i could get shot nine times and make four hundred million dollers from water what more do you want man? This is the truth the whole truth and nothing but!

  • unclejunebug

    Now thats whats up and as far as Master P is concerned fu**’em thats what he should be saying to congress if he gets to speak to them not joining forces with opra to stop the industry that made him rich as hell The inustry will change when the source of the problem is fixed just as Twista said. I think it’s time for some of the rappers to figure out what’s really going on and get together to say fuck congress, Master P, Opera and to start fixing the problem themselves. I really don’t believe some of the rappers realize the voice that they have and the difference they can make.

  • RealTalk

    Of course it all can be traced back to George Bush. Everybody knows George Bush is racist even though he has had more minitories on his staff than Hillary Clinton or John Kerry combined. Forget that Congress is full of Democrats and that Democrats like Al Sharpton are the ones targeting hiphop. Forget that George Bush isn’t in Congress. This is a Congressional Hearing that his Administration has nothing to do with.

  • RealTalk

    I find it funny that everybody loves to blame George Bush for everything. Did you stub your toe on your way to the bathroom this morning? It was probably George Bush’s fault. Yeah, its the dope thing to do these days. Don’t think about the problem at hand, or the facts behind it, or look at the situation reasonably: just blame George W Bush! It’s somehow his fault!

    I also find it funny that Bush iz supposed to be a big bad boogey man racist when he’s got more minorities on his staff than Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and John Edwards combined (not counting the bald men population either, Mr Cheney!).

    And I don’t want to see no smart motha fucka thinking they smarter than me try and act like I’m uninformed. Twista is the one that’s uninformed. I’m about to graduate with a PolySci degree bitches. I’ve studied history and all that, and I know exactly what’s going on, and I know about the racism that was in the Republican Party and all that. Problem is, they’re probably more racists in the Democratic party now a days and its time black folks and other minorities stop givin 90% of their votes to these clowns. Minorities need a 2 party system like white people do. Them Democrats had Congress and the Presidency and they haven’t changed shit, so people need to stop actin like they’re better. Pimp the system.

    I also find it funny that Twista is blamin Bush for this when it is the Congress that is bringing up this hearing and targetin hiphop. Guess who controls Congress? The Democratic Party. And Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are targeting hiphop too and they’re Democrats. Wake up and smell the fuckin bullshit.

    Matter of fact, I’m going to go off on all the other bullshit that gets thrown around too. Twista you need to read up, and stop lettin these people brainwash you. Matter of fact, XXL, why don’t you stop supporting the status quo and stop brainwashing these kids cuz that’s what you’re doing. Soldiers in Iraq are dieing so that the Iraqi people can have their own government. The Iraqis own the oil. We don’t. So stop believin these dumb ass conspiracy theories, its all some funny bullshit that we went in there to conquer. If we wanted to conquer anybody, we would of conquered Saudi Arabia because #1 they have most of the oil in the world and #2 our military is stationed there defending them. If we wanted to steal something we would of stole from them. But just to set the record straight, the Iraqis own the oil. We went in there because we thought Saddam was dangerous (although we should of followed international law I think). May have been because we thought he had weapons (like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and John Edwards believed when they voted to send them to war in 2002). But all that’s done, and WE ARE THERE. Now we are fighting and we are finally winning this thing. The Democrats want us to withdraw the troops and stop fighting and they’re right about that. Everyone wants that including Bush and all of them R’s and me. But we can’t leave the Iraqis hangin with no security until they have their own army built up (which is what we are doing). Matter of fact, the British left a province in Iraq cuz the Iraqis had enough troops to take care of it themselves a few months ago. If you agreed with going in there the way we did (which I didn’t) than you know we need to finish the job. If you didn’t agree with going in Iraq the way we did (like me), than you know that we have to clean this mess up. No matter who’s mess it is its ALL our mess! And the funny things is, the Democrats want to withdraw troops, and guess what Bush is doing in the next few months…. Withdrawing troops!! And these bitches still not happy! This dude is the most hated on mothafucka I’ve ever seen! Imagine havin a black Secretary of State, a black National Security Advisor, and a Hispanic Attorney General and dumbasses STILL call you a racist!

    If Global Warming is so bad, than Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and all of them should stop flying private jets. They tell us we are killing the planet and we are all going to die and our SUV’s are killing the planet, yet they fly on their own big ass jets.

  • Fire

    Twista is completely correct. We need to fix the problems and their roots instead of worrying what a rapper says in their songs. The Bill O’Reillys of the world are just attacking hip hop because it’s popular. Gamma and UncleJunebug are right on point.

  • AZ40

    Thank you shouldn’t they concerned with more things than STERIODS and RAP. I’m pretty sure most of the N.O is still fucked up, people die from AIDS. Why is congress ducking the real serious issues

  • TruWanksta

    Nice to see Congress has their priorities in order… I think I might have to bounce from this whack ass country.

  • deandre

    its like…if a rapper makes song or album ”’it is what it is”’naw better yet its like…did i hurtcha feelns?…i dont judge anybody…i dont have time to.i focus on myself…the only thing i get mad at is when i share sumthn with somebody..they jump up and get on t.v. wit my dialogue and act like they got brains to cum up wit dat greatness….hip-hop should be dismantled..because you got kids under age like bow wow & chris brown that send immature messages thru the airwaves…i think a bar should be set that if u not 21 and older u cant make rap songs or r&b 23 out here and i did more shit and lived more shit than a forty year old…i feel like im at da pinnacle of my career right now but it aint no pressure

    kanye and 50 cant sell records on they own…so they have to steal my ideas and come up wit a gimmick…dey some muthafuckn frauds…y u gone hate on me cuz i sell my album in front of 7/11 for 5 or 10 dollas and u sell yours at walmart for 9.98 we both runnin da same race so why is u trippn me up…then they’ll let pall wall and bubba sparks do what they want in hip-hop and embrace em when in reality they belittlin the culture…muthafuckas imma getchu

  • grapes

    WOW. Just from that statement ALONE, I am BUYING YOUR ALBUM, TWISTA. I have NEVER heard truer words spoken.

  • grapes

    RealTalk, I THINK what you talkin’ is real, but FUCK! Shorten up. LOL

  • grapes

    One more thing: that buying album thing? I lied. LOL 1. Too poor at the moment. 2. I DOWNLOAD MUSIC, I DON’T BUY MUSIC, NO WAY JOSE UNLESS IT’S MY MUSIC. lmao. jin lyrics, nuffsaid.

  • The Letters “E” and “R”

    We are going to whoop the letter “a’s” ass for taking our place in Twister’s name.

  • terrelle form da 100′s wild wild

    twista is just one man congress is more than just one. still today we still have slaves because when they freed us(black foke) some of our ancestors died believing that we were still slaves,so there children was very late on the game, so now that we are so separated as a people, then congress do have a chance at judging our lives and communities because our mines are not together like other culture communities(mexicans, irish, itialians, africans(non-americans), whites, WHITES, WHITEYS,,, THEY ALL HAVE COMMUNITIES. A COMMUNITY GENERATES IT OWN ECONOMY. BLACKS have hoods…. meaning “hangings…. officially… off…. da-chain” twista needs to get all of his calabos and go after congress “BILL OF RIGHTS” IT THE FIRST TEN BABY…..

  • mbc

    yo mr. realtalk, get out of here with that republican(GOP)talking points bullshit. go study for that useless polysci degree bitch.

  • Dr Flav

    Real Talk, I think his main point about Bush was that he is stupid and lets be honest, he is pretty stupid.

  • Shorty74

    Real-gop-Talk** You are one brainwashed brother. Everyone wasn’t in a position to go get there degree in poly-sci. But your training of thought is typical. MF’s that didn’t grow up seeing all that BS, wouldn’t understand. That’s just like Bill Cosby talking bad about poor black-america. Bill Cosby is rich,so It’s easy for him to degrade us. We are prospects of our environment. You don’t have like how we talk. Just don’t listen.THATZ REALTALK!

  • ishaboi

    realtalk u r wak as hell. talkin like u kno things cuz ur gettin a polysci degree. wit that degree better come some paper cuz thats the only thing ur republicans can protect. they dont care bout tha streets, welfare, or the greater population. only the rich, and thas not all us. so yea, go to hell


    i just feel that it is just like when 2 live crew went threw back in the day. really the goverment is using us( meaning blacks) once again against each other. so to the Russell Simmons and the Master P’s can suck a fat one because of the simple fact they have already profited off of the n word. these people are still getting royalty checks off of them now so they need 2 shut up. people like them can”t change the reality of some of those rappers that have lived that stuff what happened 2 freedom of speech. i guess that comes with limitations now. the only person that should be saying something but hasn”t is Will “the fresh prince” Smith. period!

  • BklynBandette

    I Have A Question:

    If All the Rappers claim that there are bigger issues in existence besides the usage of the words “Nigga, Bitch, Hoe”, – then why aren’t THOSE Issues being addressed in their songs?

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …

  • Old school king

    OK here is the problem with rap and rappers. Although Twista makes a good point with rappers only rapping about what they see, these rappers today can’t use that stupid worn out line ‘yo yo i’m like the CNN of the hood’.. This used to be true when rappers rapped about people they saw and things that happened, which was a genuine observation. This has been replaced not with ‘I live this life and i see these things’, but with ‘I am all the worst things in society and I DO these things and having money and making a better life will not stop me from acting like street trash because the violent ghetto is so great’. THIS is the difference.. Today’s rap is total glorification and zero percent observatoion from most people. Thank god for people like Talib and Common….

  • RealTalk

    Only mentioned me gettin a degree so no one tries to act like I’m some dumbass who doesn’t have his fact straight, that’s all. Aint tryin to pull nothin over on anybody. But just so yall know, I’m gettin the degree with Financial Aid from the govt and loans out the ass and I work 9to5 on the side so Im fuckin hustlin. I grew up borrowin clothes from neighbors and gettin shape ups every two months. I dont know what a silver spoon looks like. Like I said, not tryin to pull nothin over. I hate to be lectured, so I aint hear to lecture. I dont want to be painted a different way, just because I have a different perspective. I’m here to expose what the fuck it is and pull back the curtain. Heed it or beat it, it’s whatever, I’m just tellin it through my eyes. And I aint defending OReilly or anybody else that attacks hiphop, and I aint a Republican or nothin. But everything they say isn’t always wrong, just like everything the Dems say isn’t always right. I live in the Northeast Coast, the Democrats have been running things here since FDR and nothin has changed so what does that tell you? They paint the Republicans as the status quo, when they are the status quo. You want to fight the system, than know you better know what the fuck the system is. These are things how I see it: FACT: Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and John Edwards voted to go to war in 2002. FACT: George W Bush violated international law and invaded Iraq which was the wrong move. FACT: We are in Iraq now and it is our nations responsiblity whether you agree with goin there or not, and we need to succeed for everyone’s sake, and according to General P we are going to WITHDRAW troops since things are going pretty good (a General that the Democrats voted in earlier this year). FACT: Bill Oreilly is an old fart who doesn’t understand hiphop. He thinks it is hurtin kids, and he’s not a bad guy for goin after hiphop for that. Matter of fact, Charles Barkley was on the radio talkin about how the hiphop industry might be messin up kids. Not hiphop itself, but the hiphop industry (run by old white men) that market and sell hiphop. Does anyone like most of that bullshit on the radio? That ain’t really even hiphop. FACT: It is not George Bush who is bringin these charges up against hiphop. It is the Congress controlled by Democrats. FACT: The Dems want to lecture us about drivin around in SUV’s and how Global Warming is going to end the world and how oil is making us go to war, yet they all fly huge private airplanes everywhere they go. These planes guzzle more fuel and spew more fumes in a day than an SUV does in a year. These people include Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and many others. John Edwards also drives an SUV, even though he tells people they are killing the Earth for doing it.
    We outta here baybay!

  • 40

    RealTalk…please believe that while the Democrats do hold the majority in Congress, that doesn’t mean that all this talk about hip-hop is due to them…Granted if everyone of those Democrats thought it was unnecessary to have a hearing about it, it wouldn’t go down…But from some of the research I’ve done on the matter, theses claims for the most part are being brought up by Republicans…Another thing, there are plenty of Republicans that have private jets and SUV’s…It just goes to show you the politicians for the most part don’t really give a damn…Republicans and Democrats both pimp the citizens of the united states…And even if Bush has more minorities on board, I’m not going to give credit for that given all the other stuff thats gone on…That’s why i’m going with my dude Barack Obama

  • RealTalk

    Yeah what 40 said is true, you better believe the Republicans are doin all that too. After all Bill OReilly is on the right of the aisle so the charges are coming from that side also.. ALSO.. As in both sides, not just the Republicans which often take the heat for most of things Democrats actually are doing. It was VP’s wife Tipper Gore that was tryin to censor hiphop in the early 90′s so to say this is strictly comin from the right is ludacris (no pun intended!). Also you have Republicans in SUV’s and planes, of course. But its the fact that the Dems are out there everyday tellin us that Global Warming is going to end the world and tellin us to change out lifestyles when they themselves are not. That is hypocritical. Its like the gay Republican Senator who got caught tryin to do something in an airport and the other R Senator that got caught with a hooker… somewhat hypocritical when they are anti-gay and market themselves as having “more values” than the Democrats.

    Barack is cool, I would vote for him since he’s not cookie cutter like the rest of them. He’s real. He means what he says. Which is why he has stormed ahead of all the other Democrats, and he’s neck to neck wit Clinton right now. But Clinton is going to beat him unfortunately. Besides that he bothers me on the major issue of the day which is the War on Terror and Iraq. I think we need to stay until the Iraqis can handle their own security. I would vote for Barack despite that depending who he’s up against. Rudy Guilani is my dude right now, cuz he’s more intuned with my thinking. He’s more liberal on social issues and other things, and he understands the War on Terror. As far as minority issues this is how it goes: the Republicans don’t talk about it, and the Democrats will talk about it and do nothing. This is because minorities (besides the Hispanics) have put their votes 90% of the time behind one party. If you give your business else where, both parties have to account for you, or they will lose the elections. That’s what the other immigrants and minorities did for years.

  • TruWanksta

    So if people start rapping about doing your homework, mowing the lawn and listening to your parents… that kids will do that shit hahahahahahaha! Fuck off this is the US of A

  • melogrl248

    CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE ANSWER BklynBandette’s question:

    If All the Rappers claim that there are bigger issues in existence besides the usage of the words “Nigga, Bitch, Hoe”, – then why aren’t THOSE Issues being addressed in their songs?

  • melogrl248

    ^ And just because the Constitution says it is our First Amendment right to say “nigga, bitch, and hoe”, that doesn’t make the use of these terms right.

  • dknows2

    Twista is full of shit like David Banner. In the opening paragraph it plainly says what the hearing is about “stereotypes and degradation of women”. What personm in their right mind is against this? It’s one thing to tell a story. It’s another to glamourize a destructive lifestyle which is being perpetuated in many rap videos.