T.I. Grabs Nine BET Award Nominations

tip-main.jpgThe nominees have been announced for the second annual BET Hip-Hop Awards and Atlanta’s T.I. leads the pack with an astonishing nine nominations. The Grand Hustle boss picked up nods for Best Collabo, Best Live Performance, Lyricist of the Year, MVP, Track of the Year, CD of the Year, Hustler of the Year, Best Ringtone and Viewer’s Choice. Lil Wayne and Kanye West land right behind Tip with seven and six nominations respectively. Both are nominated in categories such as Best Live Performance, Lyricist of the Year and MVP. Other artists with multiple nominations in various categories include Common with five, Jay-Z with four and Ludacris and 50 Cent with three each. KRS-One will also be honored during the ceremony with the “I Am Hip-Hop” award. The show will be hosted by comedian Katt Williams at Atlanta’s Civic Center on October 13, and will air on October 17.

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  • brebre





  • http://1290wmcs.com MyddleMan

    ^^^^BET=Cooning at it’s finest

  • DirtDoggy


    BET awards = fucking joke with no credebility, and white coller white boys ain’t runnin the show over there so how do you guys explain that one ? even black TI’s sell out for the rateings and money.

    Or do white TI’s run BET too ? I just assumed they don’t.

  • al-mighty

    This HIP HOP awards thing aint gon last with b/s like that and why the f*ck is it in the ATL again?

  • Trizzle

    TI’s been a lyricist’s you dumb bitch all these pussy niggaz above me can kiss my ass TELL EM I SAID THAT. thys is tha south here u, you gotta problem wit it then kill yo self bitch ass FUCK BOYZ

  • Rodjilius

    Tip doin it big dont care bout the haters

  • http://myspace.com/loonyt706 loony T

    All hail the king.

  • Atl’s own

    ‘cuz Hip-Hop live in da ATL ya bitch!

  • brebre

    Trizzle Says:

    September 14th, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    TI’s been a lyricist’s you dumb bitch all these pussy niggaz above me can kiss my ass TELL EM I SAID THAT. thys is tha south here u, you gotta problem wit it then kill yo self bitch ass FUCK BOYZ


  • Trizzle

    damn nigga you dont know shyt about TI do you or listen to his lyrics?? and yeah talk that shyt over the internet cuz if we was face to face i’d rip yo BITCH ASS apart fuck faggot ass bitch made pussy ol dick in tha booty as cum giggle ho ass nigga!

  • al-mighty

    Ti is weak that self proclaimed king shit aint fazing no one! Its to many cats that will roast him( luda,weezy,stat quo etc)He made a movie so what he sold a few records so what . the nigga still over rated get off his dick! AND I LIVE IN THE ATL YA BITCH

  • Trizzle

    bitch shut up u move yo soft ass out the A then and go fuck that breber chick or wut ever tha fuck that ho ass nigga name is! bunch of pussy ass niggaz eat my dick muthafucka!

  • MAC 50

    CD of the year? I mean I guess he had to be nominated cuz its him but real talk. his album was bullshit. I was really lookin forward to his album and it was a brick. worst album of his career if you ask me. if he wins just cuz he’s T.I. that will be the biggest bullshit award win ever. kanye will have every right to jump on the stage and bitch about it

  • al-mighty

    I aint movin nowhere nigga an stop offering ya lil private parts to grown men ya lil bitch ya sound just like a dick rider AND LUDA ALREADY CUT INTO HIS ASS TWICE THE FIRST TIME WAS SO BAD HE HAD HIS OWN VERSE PULLED OFF YOUNG BUCKS ALBUM that niggais as much the king of the south as DMC was the king a rock

  • hiphop….please dont die

    Wack the people that deserve to win never do in these awards
    this shit is a joke
    if you wanna be real
    What the fuck happened to the source awards that was hood that shit was hip hop
    when everybody came out for New York New York shit was crazy

  • hiphop….please dont die

    By the way T.I. aint have the best album of 2006-07
    we all know who did but i know he ain’t gonna win cuz Bet all over certain artist dick

  • me

    Who else drop cd’s in 2007 besides tip?!?

  • Three4

    His album isn´t even close to being the album of the year, fuck that shit …and lyricist, common…even Jeezy has better lyrics than T.I.. T.I. ain´t no lyricist, fuck that. If u can point out a Hip-Hop quotable on T.I. vs. T.I.P. I might accept it, but I haven´t heard that shit. Fuck these bullshit nominations, they are just nominating the most popular artists regardless of their talent. BET is killing Hip-Hop with this bullshit. They might even nominate Hurricane Chris as the lyricist of the year…

  • VLsteve

    jus’ tell them niggers its summer ’06 they cant tell

  • K-Lillz

    T.I. is a good lyricist when he wants to be, but yeah he shouldn’t be nominated for lyricist of the year simply because he doesn’t try hard enuf to make write really well. Common should def be winning that category. And I also agree with the album of the year thing, not T.I.

  • randy watson

    weezy hasn’t even put out an album! & ringtone of the year?!

  • http://XXXL Sean Tiananga

    T.I. is the king of tha south 4 shore and if eny one got proplem wit dat you can stay away from tha south but really T.I. makes some random as lryics one of his songs says (it so hot you can fry a egg in the shade

  • kingback

    TIs the second best lyricist in the south next to lil wayne. He switches his flow all the time and always uses compound rhyming. hes probably the best mc rapping about drugs,gangstaism, and hustling.

  • Carlito

    Y’all have to realize that with “Lyricist of the year”, it doesnt have to mean that he had the most Naslike lyrics. It can mean that he did his own thing, the schizogangstastopthelilthingsthatspoppin-thing, and that the lyrics for that kind of music were good.

    .. ? I dunno what the fuck Im talking about.

  • andy

    im so pissed off my ni99az…sorry ’bout dat but i gotta say dat this HIP-HOP SHIT IS BECOMING A REAL REAL REAL SHIIITTTTTTTT…just coz dis dude got a nice caramel skin and a sexyappeal is takin all the usa over…c’mon he’ll never write a good stuff like pac did or 50 on the get rich or die tryin cd!!!!lyricist of the year..i cant belive it…in a year they gon give him the prize for the biggest pornstar in the whole world 2!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/krazy_sexxxy_kool king_of_gq


  • geico lizard

    BET is owned by viacom just like MTV and VH1 so any bad programming or bad awards shows or nominations you can blame on viacom wanting MTV to be their number one music station so they hire unqualified people at BET who will work for less money

  • http://www.myspace.com/crillzbeatz Crillz Beatz

    TIP whats hoody hommie, keep doin’ what u do.

    Crillz Beatz

    Its Crillz Mania…Work & Hustle thats all we do.

    New Year! New Money!!! Lets Get It

  • Dr Flav

    Its amazing how the hate filled individuals pop up on these things, do you see us south folk all over Pap, Jay, Nas, 50, Kanye or any other rapper hatin to the degree you do? Tip got a cold ass flow, if you dont know you aint listening hard enough.

  • http://www.myspace.com/baddestmuthafuckaontheplanet Baddestmuthafuckaontheplanet

    T.I. you weak ,haven’t dropped heat since I’m Serious”, shame on BET, that’s what happen’s when white people own Black Entertainment Television, (fuck you to Bob “house nigga” Johnson). For that real down south gangsta shit “U know what it is” bum

  • h-town u bitches

    OK, OK you muhfuckas really need to quite hatin da south just cuz we takin over dis hip hop shit. T.I. should when those awards except for lyricist of the year because Chamillionaire, Lil Wayne, Lil Keke, Bun B, and Ludacris go harder than T.I. 50 cent shouldnt win shit.

  • nellz

    @ DR FLAV

    how u figure that every1 hatin isnt from the south? tip might have a cold flow…but TI vs TIP was ass like 2 cheeks…his worst album…..jus cuz he sold like 400k his first week…dont mean he should be nominated..and if he win….we know for a fact what shape hip hop is in

  • DirtDoggy

    OK the awards are in ATL TIPussy ass 100pound bitch is from ATL, there you go, that’s the only reason he’s getting all the nominations, it’s all about money even for these faggot TV stations skill and tallent mean nothing anymore it’s all image no tallent same goes if it was in NY, 50,kanye would win all the awards and TI wouldn’t win shit.

  • the truth

    look who got second best mc after lil wayne and who killed 2006 and don’t tl me the album is sheet men listen to it at least three times and y’all lk it i mn i taught it was sheet in the beginning to so wht men fuck y’all ti is the king…k deal wt it he deserve it

  • SHORTY74

    T.I got some flows and he definitely deserves to win a couple awards for his hard work. He has lyrical moments,but overall he is not lyrical. The game is changed. These days niggaz could spit a couple metaphors and be considered lyricist. It’s all about selling records now. LYRICIST DON’T SELL RECORDS. Look how many times Common flopped before he sold some records. No HATING ,Thatz REAL TALK.

  • crazy k

    alot of the south rapper’s suck big dick and that’s the truth nigga’s don’t want to hear it but that’s the truth most of them niggas are one hit wonder’s u don’t hear from them gay ass clown’s ever again but i like TI and lil wayne and outcast !!!

  • Lynxx

    Aight PPL. It’s just a NOMINATION. Lets wait and see how many of those awards he actually takes home before we throw a hissy fit. Some ya’ll dudes in here blowin it like females right now.

    And please don’t sleep on TI, dude is definately top five in the south as a lyricist, if you listen, you’ll figure that much out. But he’s not above Andre 3000. And sorry Tip, you do have more swag, but you definatly aren’t doing it like Wayne is right now.

    Please respect the man, he is one of the hottest right now, but I don’t think he’ll take home the award on half of those nominations.

  • adamyoudumbsonofabitch


  • Tre The Truth

    Say what you want, but that last album is terrible. And some of you niggas are defending the man like you fuckin em. Got damn homeboi calm down. You know the only reason he’s nominated is based on overall exposure? Not because of what they actually do. And BET is ran by the same white ass people who run MTV. Ever wonder why both are showin less and less videos?


    i like t.i but he does’t deserve as much respect as he does. listen back to his 1st cds when he was selling a not even noticeable 50,000 and you can hear his lyrics and flow the same. now he got better beats he thinks he the shit when true fact his content should still be doing 50,000. lyricist of the year? what a joke everyone knows he not even in most lyricists leagues. the little bitch i reckon he a one punch knockout if you wanted his chain. luda beta than t.i. T.I vs T.I.P sucked and now people have realised he wont go plat next album.shoulda made another king dumbass

  • http://xxlmag ELG

    Yeah my boy T.I is gonna take all those fucken awards ‘cauz he is hot, big up my boy, fuck tha haters. you’re the KING.

  • slimm

    im from fla and this man has took hiphop by storm. i mean c’mon i give him his dues. but people gotta understand it is about selling records and the man’s selling records. u got alot of artist out there from south,east,west, and north. but honestly he’s selling more records than any artist rite now. but i like other artist cause t.i.’s not my fav but he’s a damn good artist and he’s as good as jay z and anyone else.but real shit the south is taking hiphop by storm and there is nothing no one can do about it. so i say this this south niggaz stand up , weak niggaz manup. people better wake up cause this is a new era. and t.i. vs t.i.p. is only the the start of things , these guys aren’t playing cause the south dominate the charts now and there not stopping.but this other shit like the snap music is stupid. i hate 1 hit wonders.