remy11.jpgRemy Ma was indicted on new charges of witness tampering and gang assault on Wednesday (September 12) stemming from an alleged incident in a Bronx strip club. As previously reported on, the boyfriend of a potential witness in Remy’s attempted murder case, claims he and a friend were roughed up by Remy’s crew at the Player’s Club on Randall’s Avenue in the Bronx. Prosecutor Michael McIntosh says that Remy first approached the unidentified victim and argued with him over his girlfriend’s intent to testify. "Your girlfriend's changing her number on me, and people are taking the stand," Remy allegedly told the man. At that point, it is believed that Remy’s own boyfriend and his associates assaulted the man and his friend as they tried to approach club security. According to the New York Post, Supreme Court Justice Rena Uviller declined a prosecutor’s request to increase Remy’s bail, which already stands at $250,000, because she is skeptical that the new charges will stick. Uviller queried McIntosh as to why nobody else, including Remy’s boyfriend, has been charged with witness tampering. A bail decision has been postponed until next week while the judge reviews the grand jury minutes.