Queen Latifah Ponders Return to Hip-Hop

latifah.jpgGrammy Award winner and Academy Award nominee, Queen Latifah, reveals she’s pondering a return to hip-hop in an interview with Billboard.com. The New Jersey native will release her upcoming vocal album, Trav’lin’ Light, on September 25, but is also recording some new hip-hop material. “I’d love to make another rap album,” Latifah tells Billboard. “I have some music I’ve already been working on. But everything has to have its proper place; I don’t really want to drop the rap album while [Trav’lin’ Light] is out. I really want to respect every genre for what it is, and I’d prefer to record a rap album and be out there promoting it.” Latifah, who has become one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, hasn’t release a hip-hop album since 1998’s Order in the Court. While cynics suggest the long lay off will hinder any attempt at a rap comeback, Latifah is confident her material is strong enough. “I’ve always been sort of socially conscious. For me, it’s always mixing some sort of topic with a hot beat and a good hook,” she says. “I think there’s a bunch of rap heads and hip-hop lovers who are my ages. They just want good music that’s not shallow. They really want more from their music. Nobody’s really filled my shoes yet. There’s still room for me to do my thing.”

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  • LOL


  • Danny

    Don’t do it… nobody will care…


    i’m looking forward to hearin anotha lp from the queen of hip-hop. yes THE QUEEN OF HIP HOP!!! y’all better respect this women. i know she still got it she killed it at the pepsi dj battle. ahh man! jersey was heavy in there. we need dat right now…shout out to Joe Budden… best to ride this wave she bout to create. hollywood got an eye for her ya know….

  • stoneyisland

    Hip hop needs a positive female rapper, I am sicvk of these manly ass remey ma, trina types who’s only talenst are showing off their asses. That aint HIP-HOP IT’S PROSTITUTION.

  • BklynBandette

    THEGOD Says:

    September 18th, 2007 at 10:41 am
    i’m looking forward to hearin anotha lp from the queen of hip-hop. yes THE QUEEN OF HIP HOP!!! y’all better respect this women. i know she still got it she killed it at the pepsi dj battle. ahh man! jersey was heavy in there. we need dat right now…shout out to Joe Budden… best to ride this wave she bout to create. hollywood got an eye for her ya know….

    July 18th? Pepsi D.J. Battle @ S.O.B.’s? You Were There Too? Did you see the love and respect she was given when she took to the mic? That was the SICKEST show I’ve been to This Summer! Shout-Out to you & Jersey, but BROOKLYN was in the house too. And personally, I Can’t WAIT to see what she comes up with.


  • king equality victorius

    yeah hiphop does need a positive female emcee the female rap game is damn near dead niggas forget that was the original lauryn hill rap and sing plus she was spitting better than half the dudes in her era even better than some of the clowns you hear nowadays

  • TrueTalk83

    I’m convinced, whoever hates on legends on the internet, are young niggas. The D-Boy, Snap Rap dickriders. This woman set the standard for Female Hip-Hop. Her and Mc Lyte, SHOW DISCIPLINE NIGGAS!!! She better than half of the dudes out now.

  • Lennox

    I ain’t a young muhfucka..I ain’t into that “d-boy” shit, and definitely not inta that snap bullshit..but I honestly don’t wanna hear from Queen Latifah..Sure, it would be good to have a positive female emcee. But I just don’t like her music. And I laugh at all these 30 somethin’ folks tryna rap still lol..its pretty sad IMO. I know this is gonna sound like hatin’ ( but I ain’t.)..but she should just stick to her shitty ass movies. They suck and I bet her album is gonna suck. But regardless I would NEVA buy a female emcees CD ..haven’t and I won’t..who tha fuck buys those anyway? Respect to Queen for bein’ a legend and doin’ her thing in tha past..but to me I thought it was weak back then and and everything from her is weak now…Lauryn Hill should come out already, she would kill Queen Latifah..but I wouldn’t but any of they albums for real..maybe just download one of tha songs I like…MAYBE…one.

  • DirtDoggy

    I mean it won’t sell shit but she probly better than any other female in the game anyway, I could see her selling recods if she sang.


    The Queen needs to return 4reals. I meam Im from miami, but trina needs to talk about more shit than gettin fucked in the ass. Jakie-o actually got some spit on her, but most of her songs is about havin a fat ass, good pussy, and givin fire head (Im a witness to that!). And TRUETALK83 is right. Whoever hatin on a legend is a young little pussy nigga.

  • geico lizard

    queen latifah cant sing or act so rap is her last shot at doing anything but she needs a ghostwriter because he last albums were really bad. when she finally comes out the closet she can pick up the lesbian fan base and they can make her album platinum

  • http://xxlmag.com Albert

    i neva herd ne of her music, but i assume its not 2 good

  • J King

    The Queen has returned. To the kid’s who hating on Latifyah ya’ll obviously was listening to the Spice Girls back then. This women (along wit MC Lyte) fucking teared it up. “I can’t forget New Jersey” and I ain’t even from there lol. (Tuff song.)Shit I’m only 18. If I go back to as far as I can remember this girl alreay main a name for herself n was doing shit like the set up and starring n House Party. But I be listening to every genre of hip hop in every generation and respect good shit when I hear it. Welcome Back Latifyah.

  • TrueTalk83

    Yo, Lennox, she a legend, she can drop a album at 70 if she wants to. That’s the power of being a legend. You SET THE STANDARD!!! It ain’t that her music is wak, it just goes over niggas heads. Male or Female, if you hot I’ma bump you. But to each is own. Just Another Day, U.N.I.T.Y.,and Ladies First are classics. And watch Life Support, Set It Off, just to name a couple, and tell me she act.

  • TrueTalk83

    My fault, tell me she CAN’T act!

  • Vicious Seiger

    I can’t lie, I too am not too thrilled about her comtemplating coming back to rap. QL has an incredible singing voice and I rather see her do some R&B Music rather than straight rap. Maybe if she came out with some Floetry/ India.Arie mellow mood music I could see it but Sometimes you got let some things from the past be the past. I still got love for ya Thick Lovely Self, QL!

  • Lennox

    Truetalk..I feel you on that..she can drop all she want…like you said to each his own..and well..I already said how I feel on that…but yeah, I ain’t sayin’ she a bad actress ..shit Set It Off is one of my favorite movies..I still got tha VHS…but her latest shit I seen I ain’t feel….she is a good actress though I give her props on that..and on her legendary status..and yes she would murk these current weak ass female rappers.


    well…maybe she sees the need for someone to spit some conscious shit…especially since nobody knows where the fuck LH is….I hope it’s dope…she spits real shit and that’s what the game needs…REAL SHIT…I just hope her flow has evolved…Times change…hopefully she is able to keep up…

  • http://www.myspace.com/deandresurrellthegreat deandre

    bitch take yo lesbian ass somewhere else…..hip-hop is already sick enuuf.

    i think oprah a lesbian too