Pimp C & Pimpin’ Ken Team Up for New DVD, Best of Both Worlds

pimpc-ken.jpgPimp C of UGK and legendary Milwaukee player, Pimpin’ Ken, have teamed up for a new documentary that explores the worlds of hip-hop, pimpin’ and how they collide. The film, called Best of Both Worlds, is scheduled for a straight to DVD release this December. Pimpin’ Ken, whose real name is Ken Ivey, first rose to nationwide prominence after he appeared in the hit HBO documentary Pimps Up, Hoes Down. Best of Both Worlds features appearances from some of Ken’s actual pimp associates as well as 50 Cent, Bun B, T.I., Rick Ross and others. The documentary has already been nominated for Indie DVD of the Year at the Southern Entertainment Awards. Ken also recently released his book, Pimpology: The 48 Laws of The Game, which he penned with author and journalist Karen Hunter. In Pimpology, Ken details the rules of “the game” and offers them to readers for their own use in everyday business and personal situations.

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  • Boy Vito!

    this shit is gonna be fuckin ridicoulus and gonna miss lead the youth on how there gonna relate hip hop to pimpin… these dudes just wanna get money and look good in front of a camera…fuckkin weeaaakk

  • filmoreslim

    That aint true more niggas need to be put up on game. Cuz half yall play the game wrong. If you worried about the youth watching I sure it will be rated R don’t let the youth around you watch it. Be responsible and don’t blame to entrepenuers and innovators for your pown short comings.

  • Yung redd

    this shit is the truth pimp on chuuuch

  • Rodjilius

    dam i kno dat will be funny as hell

  • ThickChick1


  • Boy Vito!

    these dudes want to show how hip hop and pimpin relate?!….they fuckin dont!..hip hop is about people and unity and culture…and how the fuck u gonna say its gonna be rated R and dont let the youth watch it..of course there gonna fuckin watch it..kids watch crazy shit on the internet all the time..but makes u think there not gonna be interested in watchin this weak video…and thats why i said…they just wanna get money from the youth, and people who dont no the true aspect of hip hop…plus they just wanna look good in front of the camera so misled people can praise…fuckkkin weaakk

  • http://www.xxlmag.com TonyBee

    Boy Vito, raise yo kids,raise yo god damn kids.They should be watching Hip-Hop Harry not Pimp C.

  • Boy Vito!

    hahah! Hip Hop Harry..that was funny haha…but yo i didnt mean to get all Kanye West n get all crunk on the comment board n shit….on the real im just hoping this documentary is about pimpin’ and not so much Hip Hop :/