pharrell1.jpgPharrell Williams has signed on as a consulting producer for a new drama called Limelight that will air on the ABC network. The series will focus on the students and faculty at a performing arts high school in New York, much like the one Pharrell attended in his home state of Virginia. "This project reminded me a lot of my own life growing up," Williams said, "coming from a different environment where we stuck out for having abilities that we later learned, after attending a school like this, were actually gifts and talents. The moral DNA for this project is that it's OK to dream, but to bring it to fruition requires hard work." ABC landed the rights to the show after a bidding war that included the CW and Fox networks. Limelight will be executive produced by Joseph "McG" McGinty Nichol and David S. Rosenthal. "Pharrell is the ultimate embodiment of credibility in this space," McG said. "He attended a performing arts high school and went on to become the most prolific producer of our generation."