Pharrell Scores New Hennessy Commercials

pharrell.jpgPharrell Williams, one-half of the production duo The Neptunes, is collaborating with Moet Hennessy USA to score the music for an upcoming Hennessy campaign. The ads, which included seven Internet spots and three conventional TV commercials, will begin airing in the next few weeks and feature music created by the producer extraordinaire. “Taste is the new bling,” says Ewen Cameron, CEO at Berlin Cameron United in New York. “Hennessy, volume wise, has a very urban skew to it. But what was happening in the urban market and the mainstream market was a move to brands like Belvedere and Grey Goose.” Now, Moet Hennessy is openly targeting the hip-hop nation in order to overtake their competitors. “The urban metro market was evolving and the insight we had was the new ultimate consumption was taste,” Cameron says. “Instead of showing off your rims or clothes, it was about showing off the symbols that articulate your taste.”

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  • Caine

    Dats wassup. Whitey’s know us niggas love our Henny.

  • DirtDoggy

    Fuck pharell and fuck Henny, when are hip-hop kids gonna realize there 100 other corvousiers on the damn shelf that taste better anyway don’t follow other men just cause they rap about some shit, fucking people here it in a song and ride dicks. Now Henny’s salles are falling so they get some black pop star to try and get the blacks buying that trash again, mult liquor and Henny eh, mix that shit together and then you got a drink, haa.

  • MC

    HAHAHA. This is starting to be the downfall of Pharrell. He can’t make good music anymore so he has to do hennessy commercials.

  • OG

    Vitamin water is healthier than this shit… What about the children? Niggaz betta recognize…

  • ri067953

    Yo, I used to drink Henny because I thought it was the thing to do. I can’t drink that stuff because it gives me a mean hangover. I stuck to the Goose or Belve because it goes down easy and I don’t wake up throwing up. It all depends on what you like, not because someone is pitching that shit to you.

  • Tyler

    Skateboard P is on ‘dat Hen-ney? Yea, way 2 keep it positive bro. aka
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • smog

    im with this


    keep doing your thing pharrell!
    fuck the haters!

  • Ed

    Now we know why Pharrell beats are so bad now. He’s DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • therealrob

    MC Says:

    HAHAHA. This is starting to be the downfall of Pharrell. He can’t make good music anymore so he has to do hennessy commercials.
    when did he ever make good music?

  • MC

    Good Point THEREALROB!!!!!

  • Kendra

    any true Pharrell fan knows he does not even drink, drink anymore. Supposedly, he has only been drunk 9 times in his life. In addition, liquor help anyone in anyway except in getting an STD and a credit problem. What the fuck? Alcohol fuckin sucks, try to do as little as possible. It makes you unproductive and poor and horny

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