Papoose Released From Jive Records Contract

papoose1.jpgDuring his Streetsweeper’s Radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio last night, DJ Kay Slay announced that his artist and protégé Papoose has been released from his contract with Jive Records. Sounding relieved, Slay called the one-year term that Pap was signed to the label “a year of hell” and expressed his distaste for the A&R process at the company. But moments later, the Drama King sent shoutouts to Jive executives Barry Weiss and Peter Thea for believing in Pap from the beginning and making the deal happen. The Brooklyn MC’s contract with Jive was reported to be worth $1.5 million, and caused a stir within the hip-hop community when it was announced last summer.

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  • mike kelso

    see they should off signed me

  • M@

    ninja was wack anyways

  • http://blah blah

    see they should off signed me

    yea it clear you would have been an ill emcee just like papoose, i mean fuck, if they signed me off, then i would be the fuckin best

  • fireforreal

    Pap is dope but unless your E-40 or Too short who was with jive for over 15 yeras rappers don’t get treated good at all at that lable

  • Sol

    Yea I figured Jive was gonna just slow him down. Every artist needs to realize that Jive don’t ever make good moves. Pap would be better off signing with Aftermath or maybe Def Jam where he can get good beats and good marketing.

  • Dr Flav

    Fork dude, he’s done. There is no way if he was so hot, with a mil plus contract, he would be dropped. I compare this to the weed man over hyping skimpy bags of huff as killer piff, the talk sounds good, but it will never get you high.

  • sole1

    i was happy for him when i heard about the 1.5, then when i heard Jive, i just shook my head

  • Peru

    this weak ass nigga, signed a deal for 1.5 mil…are you fuckin serious, nigga can’t even catcha beat…music sucks right now…

  • Boy Vito!

    Papoose is to raw, i hope good things come towards him now that hes not on Jive

  • DJ Chowder

    Yo i been waitin for this dude to put out an album for like ever. I don’t care wat label he with. Just put out a fucking albums man!

  • Cuban Link

    He’ll prolly get on a label quick, noone is NY gets the buzz this dude gets.Plus his new track Fitted Hat is dope.

  • A-Town



    papoose made a mistake joining jive/aftermath/defjam/would be better for the ny mc/i hope he learns/money is not everything

  • king equality victorious

    damn I knew this was gonna happen they dropped the ball pap was killing the mix tape market at one point now all the hype is starting to go away nigga gonna have to sign to g unit or something I dont think he’s marketable anyway like we need another canibus looking motherfucka

  • Ryan

    Papoose is a good emcee, he’s nice with the wordplay and labels don’t know what to do with a dude like that. Everyone needs a gimmick and they figured the whole “alphabetical slaughter” thing was (and it was pretty gimmicky, it was overhyped) a good gimmick. Then they found out he makes actual hip hop and decided it was bad for business, since actual emcees with no built in fan base from 10 years ago have no place in today’s “music industry”.

  • Chesney

    Those Jive crakkas gave The Clipse shit after their first joint went platinum. Whutch you expect. And Fukk Kanye!!!

  • deandre

    papoose/who da fuck is duke/357 imma smoke his boots/

    these jus words right?