MTV Says Diddy’s Unforgivable Ad is Too Racy

diddy-1.jpgA new TV commercial for Sean “Diddy” Combs’ popular fragrance, Unforgivable, has been deemed too hot for the airwaves by MTV executives. According to the New York Post, the cable network has asked Diddy to make some edits that would allow them to air the spot, but so far the Bad Boy boss refuses to make the changes. The commercial features Diddy and model Jessica Gomez getting hot and heavy in a hotel room and stairwell. In the scenes, Diddy is shown pulling up Gomez’s skirt and putting his hands under her dress. Another shot features a woman holding Gomez’s breast and pulling down her underwear. In 2006, Diddy faced a similar backlash over a print ad for Unforgivable that pictured him laying in bed with two women.

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  • Beav


  • homo


  • Rockcity

    Isn’t this the same t.v network that has a piece of shit and pubic hairs talking to each other? Seriously mtv is gross as fuck as is they got some fuckin nerve.


    i love P.Diddy! He is a man of many faces. MTV knows how this BlackPrince is when it comes to his image. so why knock thier heads aginist a brick wall tring to get him to change his fragrance commercial.The man is a trendsetter so eather deal or no deal.

  • mr fuck mtv

    dont the real world have gay ass men kissing and crying for one another fuck mtv we want bets uncut back

  • Worley

    Uncut, Uncut

  • ace

    mtv also the same network that let madonna and britney spears kiss

  • Ghost of 2Pac

    Us Blacks just need to start our own Shit! Yall better wake up people.


    I agree with Mr. F*&# MTV….

  • T-BONE

    Shiz whats the problem, cant be any worse than the videos they show. Damn all the women are half naked anyway. What about uncut, jackass, the real world, all that crap shows indecent stuff. MTV will just fall behind anyways, 50years ago couldnt show husband and wife sleeping together, today you already have softcore on TV, even in commercials, Girls gone wild and 900 phone number commericials, wuz the big deal, just show it! The biggest problem america is having has nothing to do with diddy and his commercial, but more with videos of these women, girls today believe or think this is how its supposed to be. Spike in STD’s etc etc etc.
    Softcore on abc, cbs, nbc within 10-20yrs I bet ya!!!!

  • goosey

    that nigga diddy is to sexy in everything he does way to go i hope thery show the real video on youtube or something good job diddy

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  • BklynBandette

    Now do y’all see the hypocrisy?

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  • Too Racy? Too gross!

    Gross! I’d scream bloody murder if that mouth-breathing guppy put his hands on me. Besides, only major dooshes wear celeb fragrances.

  • Rae

    I could not even believe the ad when I first saw it on that site JuliB. Over the dang top! All the same, were talking about the same fools who gave us Beavis and Butthead, so it does seem more an issue of being haters than of having standards