Mos Def Organizes Rally in Support of the “Jena 6″

mos-def.jpgActor and MC Mos Def will travel to the town of Jena, Louisiana on September 20 to rally in support of the “Jena 6,” a group of African-American students whose legal plight has made headlines in the past weeks. The six students have been charged, many say unfairly, with attempted murder for an assault on a white student who used racial slurs against the group. That incident stemmed from an earlier confrontation with another group of white students who hung three nooses from a “white only” tree in the yard of the local school. Activists and concerned citizens across the country have come to the defense of the African-American students, saying the charges—which could lead to sentences of 20 to 100 years in prison—are excessive and discriminatory. Mos Def is calling on influential African-Americans to join him in Jena, or otherwise show support for the six students. For more information on the Jena 6 case, go to

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    we as a people must stand up and unite…

    • rachel

      yeah gurl u right black people need to stick together instead of fighting eachother cause together were a nation cant nobody brake us down.

  • Katherine

    It’s sad that no one has commented on this and it’s been going on for a minute. Are rappers beefing and the new song really more important than 6 African American children that are being punished to the full extent of the law? Our leaders are turning over in their graves, sad day.

  • hey young world

    I agree with Katherine, it seems like people only care to comment if paris hilton is going to jail and if either kanye or 50 is going to sell more records. but when it comes to havin an intellectual convo every1 is mum .

  • T-Nafi

    we got to stand up and get smart…..

  • hiphop

    is about time. good one. props to mos def

  • T-Nafi

    stand up and wake up

  • Sportaphile

    Im not a big mos def fan, but I love how hes using his celebrity to help these dudes.

  • Fletch

    The problem is, two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Racism will always be, and the close-minded people that spout racist comments and beliefs can do so because of our freedoms as Americans, the freedom of speech. It would not be the right lesson to teach that thiese acts of ignorance be fought with violence as it will in time only compound a problem that is already proven to be an epidemic. My opinion….it’s only words…just words. I’ve been called lots of things and will probably be called more things after this post, but that too will be just words. Do I disagree with the racism…yes, but I also disagree with the way these students chose to stand up against it.

  • medfire


    We live in an eye for an eye society. If them kids know how black people are and how sensitive black folks are when they are called names that refer to their horrific past…then why do it in the first place. I know why…cause they could get away with it in an all white institution. If the principal wouldve brought some action against these white students (suspensions, detention, etc) then the students wouldn’t take manners into their own hands!! This is not reverse racism either…this is a counter attack against racism..big difference. Ima latino and I hope that all blacks go down their to support their people. Blacks have been disrespected entirely even after Katrina ( this is in Louisiana). I would think that white southerners would learn something after that tragedy but I guess they are even madder. I guess it would take black people to become like Al Qeada in order to get some respect from the white colonizer. We getting it too with this “illegal Aliens” thing. This land was robbed and took …why should I respect your laws. FREE THE JENA 6


    I first heard about this like 2 months ago reading someones post about a rap article.Our leaders have taken way too long to address this matter and although I dont agree wit Mos Def supporting that terrorist Jose Padilla,im glad someone is helping bring this Jena situation to light and hopefully those boys will receive proper justice.FUCK THE PROSECUTORS AND POLICE IN JENA,LA AND FUCK OUR SUPPOSED LEADERS THAT DID NOTHING ALL THIS TIME BECAUSE THEY FELT THERE WAS NOTHING FINANCIALLY OR POLITICALLY TO GAIN BY ADDRESSING THIS SITUATION MONTHS AGO WHEN IT FIRST POPPED OFF!

  • tamanekai in Shreveport

    I’m in the top of the boot (LA) and people here are still sleeping on this case. Think about it- attempted murder charges for a fight. A tennis shoe labled as a weapon of mass destruction. This is Louisiana. Why would the white kids hang a noose on a tree in the state where the last lynching on public record was performed? Hell yeah these kids were mad. We deal w/ unconcealed racism. Crackers will still call you a Nigger in your face (while wearing a confederate flag tee) and be afraid to touch you here. Black people here are very sensitive about racism & the fact that the white kids weren’t charged for thier hate crime speaks volumes about how overt & open racism is here.The kid who (justly) got his ass kicked went to a school function the same night. Attempted murder? I’ll be at the courthouse on Sep 20 in support of these kids ’cause that’s just rediculous.

  • Fire

    This Jena 6 thing needs to be corrected. The terms that the judge laid down are excessive and violate the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution, which is this:
    “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”
    What they’re doing in Jena is a huge example of cruel and unusual punishment, and I hope it gets sorted out with the charges against the six being dropped.

  • Worley

    Respect due to Mos. He should call n*ggas out by name like he did on Bill Maher. Some of these big dogs made enough dough. They can say something today and still be rich tomorrow.

  • Rich Arte

    @Fletch, was it just words when they hung nooses on a “white’s only” tree? Was it just words when they beat up one of those black kids for being black? NO. You must be white and sympathize with those white boys, otherwise you would see the injustice taking place.

    Though I have seen ads, links, articles, etc. all supporting the Jena 6, I have yet to hear about it on the news, yet to hear Al Sharpton raise his voice on the subject, as well as moguls like Diddy, Russell, and Hov. Why is it so easy to turn your head the other way?

    It’s injustice like this that fuel race wars. When we, as blacks, get treated unfairly, it does us no good to run to the police and say “we are being treated unfairly”, because we know the perpetrator will walk away with a slap on the wrist if he’s white. If a white boy goes to the police and say “we are being treated unfairly”, then the police want to try the black kids as adults, and take away their freedom for 20-100 years.

    With all the Free C-Murder, Free Pimp C, Free Lil’ Kim shit floatin around, you would think more celebrities (black, white and others) would stand up and fight against the injustice. My heart an prayers go out to the Jena 6 as well as their families in this trying time.

    Obama ’08

  • tamanekai in Shreveport

    rich arte,
    its been on CNN & you can get a good description of the charges & all the other stuff leading up to those charges being brought

  • Durty

    Good lookin Mos Def, all these rappers and athletes need 2 step up 2, but if they dont fuck em.

  • Cuban Link

    Attempted Murder?Aggrivated assult maybe, but 20-100 is ridiculous.100 years?Is that just to fuck with them?I mean how many actually live to 100 period?

  • cheddamelt

    This is very bad,free the jena 6 & vote for OBOMA next year.
    from south africa

  • nasir

    much respect to mos def.word up..where is AL SHARPTON AND JESSE JACKSON.if there is no money on the table they dont get involve huh.if PAC was alive he would have jumb in too..snoop 50 kanye nas out..clearly racism still exsit in america.

  • reef

    where these rap niggaz at? wheres kanye at he wanna throw a fit about the vmas throw a fit about this joe, shit really get to me, why should i give a fuck how many records these niggaz sell, and dont get it twisted, i like Kanye, but its some real shit goin out there and niggaz aint speakin about that, they speaking about record sales? cuz where common at where these niggaz at thank you mos for calling niggaz out

  • Seattle Slim

    That’s why I love Mos. And a lot of other rappers need to be ASHAMED that their bitch asses are whining about VMAs when they have the MONEY and prestige that could bring attention to this situation.

  • black

    MEDFIRE says:

    ^^We live in an eye for an eye society. If them kids know how black people are and how sensitive black folks are when they are called names that refer to their horrific past…then why do it in the first place. I know why…cause they could get away with it in an all white institution. If the principal wouldve brought some action against these white students (suspensions, detention, etc) then the students wouldn’t take manners into their own hands!! ^^

    Cosign to the fullest!
    Bet your ass that those white dudes would think twice if they knew that there would be sanctions against them if they pulled that shit.
    And for the one who said he disagreed with how these students stood up to it… it’s your opinion and i respect your opinion but can you tell me what they should have done since the school and the principal didn’t seem to give a fuck and with that let it show that they cosigning racism?(The Martin Luther King, turn the other cheek,love your enemy days are OVER,No disrespect to Dr.King don’t get me wrong) …I don’t give a rats ass if it were only words…if I would be in their place….sad but true…I also would have whooped their racist ass..
    Also where are all the Sharpton’s and ppl like Russel and Diddy and 50 and Jay now?
    Shit makes me sick to my stomach

  • kritiq

    this shit has been going on for months and it’s only now that it’s sparking media attention I saw this article on cnn two weeks back but they where too vague on their report and tried to make the perants of the white kid the main victim in the whole situalion.

    Like i said before black people have no leaders these days and all we have are media hoes, where the fuck is Al sharpton and co.? it’s up to us to stand up to this bullshit props to mos def.

  • bikerreggie

    GOD save us all. I see Al S. out there I see “O” out there – where is our bro Jesse Jackson. There must not be any money in it for him to get invovled. That is one brother i have lost of respect for. Where is the national chapter of the NAACP. i have heard little from them. GET ON THE BUS U SCARED BLACK PEOPLE. I’LL BE THERE ON THE 20TH. WILL U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kickindadoorwavinda44

    I hope everyone that made a comment takes part in the rally or something else that brings light to the situation, or else we’re not fixing the problems.

    …..DO SOMETHING……………………………

  • nola

    Well I guess since I’m down here in New Orleans I have a closer view of the latest. You were saying where is Al Sharpton….. well in a recent radio segment, he is also apart of some of the groups going down to Jena on the 20th. Along with plenty more celebs such as: Steve Harvey, Micheal Baisden, local radio personalities (setting up bus rides), etc.

  • tamanekai in Shreveport

    jesse jackson was there this past weekend & al sharpton will be there for the sentencing trial on the 20th

  • therealrob

    ‘the man’ go hard at these young kneegrows.
    they shoulda known better anyways.
    specially livin’ in the durrty.
    i thought they wasn’t sposed to talk to a white women let alone jump some faggoty white boy.
    buncha bitches if you axe me.

  • Concerned

    pick and choose your fights wisely Mos Def …these guys are GUILTY stop crying and let them get what they deserve, are we forgetting they almost KILLED someone and you come to the rescue, how bout a fundraiser for strong black dads in South Central who are raising their kids RIGHT !!!

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