Mos Def Expresses Outrage at Lack of Support for the “Jena 6”

mos-def1.jpgMos Def, who is currently in Jena, Louisiana for the rally in support of the “Jena 6,” is not happy with the response the Hip-Hop community has shown over the incident. Speaking to MTV News from Jena, Mos criticized his fellow artists, whom he noted seem to have no problem showing up at parties and award shows, for not traveling to Jena for the rally. “Shame on everybody who’s not here,” the rapper told MTV News. “I’m fuckin’ mad. I’m disappointed to always be coming to these things and it’s only one or two people [from the industry here]. If you ain’t gonna use your voice, then be quiet. I’m disappointed and ashamed.” Mos recently called upon his peers and any “influential African-Americans” to join him at the rally. Also in Jena this week is Port Arthur, TX native and UGK group member Bun B, who jumped in his car and drove over when he heard about the demonstration. “I grew up right next to a town where it’s strictly white people,” Bun explained. “I’ve been privy to these small incidents of violence in these all-white towns. We were blessed to find out about the Jena Six and were blessed to try to make some type of impact in this community before things went too far.”

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  • $H@KIM ALL@H

    1st itz fucked up peepz didn’t show thier support I know I wore black

  • $H@KIM ALL@H

    1st, itz fucked up peepz didn’t show their support I kno I wore black

  • jburg

    Mos is right. As much as Kanye and Fifty was on tv promoting their albums the should have been trying to stand up for some of the youth buying the shit! Thats some fucked up shit. As much money as these rappers have, and have gotten from the black community the least they could have done was show some support. It was just one day, then you could’ve gone back to your mansions and bentleys.

  • Gamma


  • Jae Griff

    I happy that Mos Def feels this way because this is what hiphop evolved from and if these lazy ass ma fuckin’ rappers do support this shit, then it just like turning your back on every ma fucka who helped you to get your voice heard.

  • J.R.eady


  • Fire aka LOL Silencer

    Yeah, more people need to support causes that fight against evil and should be addressed.

  • Martel

    This shit is what people be talking about. We as blacks dont stick together for shit it’s fucking sad. One day and the strongest black voices in america dont show up. this is the sad part I bet u if u said one these niggas that didnt show up had a free show that more people would show up to that than to stand up for some shit that matters. Man it really makes u think things aint gonna ever change.

  • jeff

    Big up to Mos and Bun B. Regardless of the kind of music they have put out, I have ALWAYS stood behind those guys. I’ve met them both, and they are great human beings. Hip-Hop has really showed it’s ass this month. 50 and Kanye, Saigon punching Prodigy, and JayZ’s American Gangster album were all bigger news than the Jena 6. Hip-Hop really is dead if it doesn’t acknowledge and address situations like the Jena 6. Everyone got something to say about censorship, but nobody went down there. Shameful.

  • texasleen

    damn jeff nobody care about you meeting mos and bun its all about jena where cash money and no limit at

  • Unknown

    Mos is mad he can be, but lets be real here I said this before. People go down to this town protest and rally. When the situation clears, this town is going to go right back to it’s segregated ways, and continue to leave in the pass. I feel for those kids, I do I wore black and all that. You got Al and Jesse who have spoke against Hip-hop and down play the music and you think that Hip- hop is going to stand next to this dude who will turn around and bash them. Then you going the media spin the whole thing and say that HIP_HOP rappers should not be apart of the protest that they promote violence etc.. I don’t like the idea of us a people choosen when it is time to step up and protest. Why don’t we start protesting and lobbing for better education, healthcare (I work in healthcare$$$), togetherness. We need come together first to make things happen. I think some may get mad but we stuck together more when we was segregated. We need that togetherness when we was not able to go thru the front door.

  • Unknown

    Mos is mad he can be, but lets be real here I said this before. People go down to this town protest and rally. When the situation clears, this town is going to go right back to it’s segregated ways, and continue to leave in the pass. I feel for those kids, I do I wore black and all that. You got Al and Jesse who have spoke against Hip-hop and down play the music and you think that Hip- hop is going to stand next to this dude who will turn around and bash them. Then you going the media spin the whole thing and say that HIP_HOP rappers should not be apart of the protest that they promote violence etc.. I don’t like the idea of us a people choosen when it is time to step up and protest. Why don’t we start protesting and lobbing for better education, healthcare (I work in healthcare$$$), togetherness. We need come together first to make things happen. I think some may get mad but we stuck together more when we was segregated. We need that togetherness when we was not able to go thru the front door. Be aware of us first.

  • Franchyse

    That’s what’s up Mos, call em out! Dudes need to stop frontin. I’m surprised most of the “conscious” artists are not down there. I wore all black yesterday and today, and was at my colleges rally (Medgar Evers College). People need to stand up when it matters.

  • boner jams 03

    salute to my nigga bun b….

  • jeff

    damn jeff nobody care about you meeting mos and bun its all about jena where cash money and no limit at
    you cared enough to respond.

  • Jamaal

    That is the reason i bootleg there shit they will never get another dollar from me i bought ugk album because BUN B is a real dude I am going to bootleg jay Z album an all them hiphop fuck that couldn’t support there own damn people but they want us to support there damn albums on release day fuck them they really are fucking killing hiphop I haven’t heard none of these suppose to be rapper express outrage for these kids that show you where they stand in this war against racism.

  • Trizzle

    man F*ck these other rappers and entertainers who didnt show up! how could you not take the time out to be there for these ppl. theres no excuse for some shit like that. shout out to Mos and Bun!

  • Gamma

    UNKNOWN you gotta understand man it’s one step at a time my dude these peope were in school trying to better themself and it’s begger than hiphop vs the media if it was a time to do it it’s now hommie these people are not guilty of anything but being black im black I was not there but I wore black we do need to stick together but when? We have a big problem on our hands and wether it’s over and it goes buck to how it was that dont mean we cant try dude. These rappers play the victim card just like they play the hip hop card if it’s a time to show we have a meaning than it’s now they get ready for these award shows like months and weeks advance for the white people poping bottle’s at the after party why cant you suport your people? I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HIP HOP VS THE MEDIA THESE ARE MY BROTHERS IN PRISON MY COMRADS IN WAR THE FUTURE LEADERS DONT BASH THEM WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT WE ALL WILL STAND TOGETHER BUT FOR NOW LET’S SUPORT THEM AND LET’S FIGHT THE SYSTEM LET’S GET FREE!

  • sATaLyte

    Interesting, I heard an old lady on Al Sharpton’s radio show talking about it, and though I can’t quote it exactly, it struck home as one of the realest metaphors you can put to these lazy as know-nothing rappers.

    They do not care about our community or issues, they are just vultures sitting high in the trees who, when after the white man has ravaged us and taken all we have, come down to feast on what is left.

    They just want us to give them what little we have while they live the good life and try not to ruffle feathers(i.e. Jena 6)lest their nests fall from up high.

    Big ups to Bun and Mos.

  • Gamma


  • Unknown

    I feel you on your points, I am no doubt hoping that justice is giving. I am not a fan of the big display of celebs that show up, it takes away from the issue. I could care less if the who is who is there. If they contribute the way they feel, if those dudes would have should up it might have been more fans there for that reason the the real reason. Ok let say Jay-Z or whoever big in the game came, people would have been more there see them then the problem. So i think that them not showing is a good thing more then they don’t care. Look at it that way.

  • buck

    The issue I have with all of this is that we keep pointing fingers. black do you realize that these cracker knew we were going to do this shit? Of course black people are going to protest this shit. of we are going question every other black celebrity because we too fuckin stupid focus on the mission at hand. while we fight with each other in public about our shit these white folks just sittin there laughing. you wanna know why? White folks don’t agree with each other but they will stay together and keep that shit quiet. We railroad each other just when we have the power to create a movement Whether it be rapping, acting, politics, etc. We have a voice because people (white or Black) spend money to hear us rap, act or whatever. But when we play that “where were you?” bullshit, then it just negates everything the leaders before fought for. Then the question becomes how can black people overcome if we can’t stop fighting for two seconds. Who can lead that shit? nobody i know. If there is black person that can lead under those conditions we wouldn’t be here now. So now what do you have? 1) more argument that hip-hop is does nothing for the community. 2) More criticism from our elders about hip hop even though it aint but two or three people doing shit either. 3) more argument that hip-hop is not productive (ALL Forms!!!!!) and 4) these crackers are going to forever think that they will never have to worry about black people taking a leadership role and sucessfully changing the way thing are. shit the latinos will figure this shit out before we do!!!!I am a hip hop baby to the death but we are not looking at the big picture. Leader make changes going against the grain but a leader is only as powerful as the people he or she leads!!!!!!!!!

  • grapes


  • Gamma

    I your right on so many levels my dude and I wanna thank you for keeping it smart cuz other people on here would of started acting stupid and I also wanna thank you for suporting by wearing black see this is a sign right here that people can have different feeling and talk about it on a grown level man keep hope alive for those kids and everybody and I hope to see you at the top hommie.

  • maxwell


  • Real talk

    OH SO TRUE MOS DEF!!!! I blame hip hop in general for focusing more on not going to school, shooting people, fucking robbing each other and selling drugs INSTEAD of trying to uplift each other OUT of the very bullshit that they rap about everyday!!

  • A Man From Jena

    ….big props to Mos and Bun, and also David Banner, Lyfe Jennings, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dogg for being down here yesterday… meant a lot to the people from here (including myself), and i know it meant a lot to Mychal also….he was really in shock and awe when he was told about how many people were here, and also some of the celebrities who showed up…

    ….but my point is, in all honesty, fuck all the celebrities who didnt show up….seriously….i show all the admiration and respect to those who DID show up, and those who weren’t able to show up, but there were some who did other things to show support (David Bowie, for one, donated $10,000)…some also weren’t able to show up, but left video messages for Mychal…

    …but those who DIDN’T show up, didn’t do shit, just didn’t care, fuck em….there were STILL between 20,000 and 30,000 Black people there, STRONG…..those celebs involvement may have done wonders for the media attention, but the media was FORCED to pay attention anyway….

    …like Jay said, “cuz too much Black, and too much pride, equals forever”……people were forced to see what was going on, because the presence Black people made in Jena was unmistakable, unavoidable, undeniable…..

    …like Mos said, if u not gonna use ur voice, then shut up….

  • Unknown

    No doubt opinion create change,I value people thought and views as they are. I don’t get in my feeling like other who can’t except that we see things and view things different. I learn from others ideas and view and mold it to fit my way of living. That is what people who have sense do. I see that some believe that superstar will make a difference if the show up. I just hope that the town as a whole just look at themselves and realize that this is childess ideas and ignorant ways. This town has lived in the pass for so long that it become ok to be segregated and not talk and get to know one another. But its like that in Major cities, Think about it you go to a highschool and that is mixed and the kids just naturally migrate to their own race. Not all do but most are segregated. Hell we still sit in the back of the bus. ( not me I sit in a RANGE sorry had to brag) But you see my point change need to start all around not just with these 6 kids. Plus the one that is locked up now already has a record he is not a upstanding kid but is catchin a bad rap for this. COrpErate TaKeovEr.

  • A Black Rapper

    you get caught breaking the law in “white” America expect extreme punishment…..I’m black, but I don’t think it took 6 people to beat up one boy…They shouldn’t have jumped him so bad, thats my word…{{{I get mad and do fucked up shit,I USED TO GO DA JAIL ALL THE TIME, but i don’t expect black people to stand up for me}}… ON THE REAL, MARCH AND FIND OUT WHO KILLED MY BROTHER

  • P DA Truth

    Maybe Gay West and Two Quarters didnt want to Lose their White Fan Base, big up to Mos and the Ghost Black on BlaCk For Life

  • Aem
  • kayta

    yo, i gotta go with buck on that one. Black ppl so busy pointing fingers that we dont sit down and really think about how to just solve the damn problem! It’s a shame, really. And yea, them crackers gon forever laugh at us, cuz we present ourselves that way, even in normal behavior, cussin in front our elders and disrespecting the ppl who love us. What can we teach our children? what do they learn? how to fight. The only way we know how to survive. My heart goes out to those kids in jena, cause they fought back. It wouldn’t have been any different anywhere else. Shit aint always for a good cause, but we fight. No one can change that, or the fact that we point fingers after the fight, like whats going on right now. So who’s to blame? Who’s fault was it that these kids just wouldnt and couldnt take that shit no more? How can you blame them? Why cant we come together? And screw rappers, man! who cares if they aint come? thats something THEY have to live with! and most of em just do it for publicity anyway. They take away from the matter at hand and feed of off the seriousness of the situation. We gotta do better than this. And Al Sharpton….please. I’M black and he STILL gets on my god damn nerves most of the time. that man needs to go read a book somewhere, or perm his hair again. But buck, u got a point.

  • BklynBandette

    HipHop didn’t SideStep the JENA 6 Situation, those Rap Industry Negroes did. There is a clear distinct difference between the two and once we can acknowledge that we’ll be able to Overstand things better.

    It’s amazing how they were Loud & Vocal when they were taken to task about disrespecting Sistas and our people as a whole. But when our civil rights are violated by those who resemble the folks who sign their checks, dudes have nothing to say. So Thorough and Gangsta in the ‘hood. Quick to shoot a Nigga, smack a Bitch, or Pimp a Hoe without thinking- but too sorry to get up, put on a Black Tee and go to JENA, and hold a sign and Protest? Where were the Southern Rappers?
    I thought Rap Music was supposed to be the “‘Hood’s CNN”? Well if that’s the case, then why didn’t these Rappers/Reporters go get that scoop and give us an up to the minute “This Just In” bulletin as to what is going on?

    I’m a Realist. And I know that a Rapper coming through JENA ain’t gonna instantaneously change things. But at least their presence would show concern and a united front. The power of their voice and celebrity is supposed to be used to make a difference. But it seems the only difference they’ve chosen to represent is the Negative.

    We May not Like Al or Jesse, but at least they don’t run away from the struggle.

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …


    1st time ive been on this site and it fuckin unbelievable how many you guys just bitch all day bout every article on here like you have nothing beta to do. go listen to the music u like and dont read the article to hate on if you dont like the artist. IT PATHETIC. rap will die coz of all you homos that dont appreciate that each rapper is working there ass off to get heard and make good music. you think on a site like this there will be rap/hip hop fans but all ive seen so far is a bunch a little bitchs that hate on the music they listen 2 to get cheap shots at each artist. Enjoy what they give u. if you like it support it. if you dont leave it like other industries.

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/SAGEANDDONP Chris Newberry

    Yo, I am definitely feeling Mos Def for what he is saying. It is truly fucked up that not many other influential artists and employees in the hip hop music industry showed up for this. However, we still need to give kudos to those who did take time to make it out there and they performed a peaceful demonstration without incident. That is a beautiful thing and we should be proud of that. We also need to keep our minds on the task at hand, which is standing up for equality and civil rights! THere are definitely more pressing issues other than what rapper shows up for this shit, because honestly, it would not surprise me if most rappers don’t know(or care) about this issue. It’s just the truth ya’ll.

  • Jason Murk

    I remember I saw so many rappers out there supporting tookie williams but nobody shows up for the jena 6.

    I guess the only way to get support from the black community is to become a gangster.

  • brebre



  • therealrob

    bun b is cool.
    he’s down with Self Scientific so you know he got that militant spirit.
    sounds kinda like kanye “Hip-Hop does not care about black people.”


    Straight up tho..people really need to quit making an opinion on everything..So nigga you there whoopy doo..bitch thats your choice mutha..everybody else has shit to do mutha fucka..what the fuck gives mos def the right to say anything…stupid came…whatever..shit happens in life just deal with one step at a time..other people deal with it shut your trap..and quit talking about others you just as bad as them kids..fool


    dont speak about others nigga speak fo yo self…you came good on you….you get a gold star…now shut the fuck up…and stay in yo place..boi..

  • jdyoung

    representing my support for the Jena 6
    with the t-shirt!

  • tony swain

    representin’ with my Jena 6 tee

  • BklynBandette

    Jason Murk Says:

    September 21st, 2007 at 11:44 pm
    I remember I saw so many rappers out there supporting tookie williams but nobody shows up for the jena 6.

    I guess the only way to get support from the black community is to become a gangster.

    You Ain’t NEVER Lied!

  • Fire aka LOL Silencer

    brebre Says:

    September 21st, 2007 at 11:53 pm
    Who cares about who someone dates, BREBRE? Race is inconsequential in my mind and should be to others as well.

    I do agree that it was wrong of Mos Def to criticize people not showing up when he’s got mistakes in his past, but he had a point. I was surprised that more rappers didn’t show up to support the Jena 6, and more should have if they really cared (big up to Mos and Bun B), but if they don’t, don’t throw them under the bus. I feel like Mos Def in this situation, but you don’t always have to make beefs public.

  • cheddamelt

    It’s good to see mos & bun do their thing,but the jena6 needs a very good Lawyer,a black financial back up for the lawyer fees and a donation show on bet like the hurricane shit.

  • XXLTALK2NAS!!!!!!!!


  • krb

    well mos don’t let it bug you out! the most a rapper will do is put some money up! but to show up will mess up their juice with the labels if they show their blackness!

  • iliveonce

    you gotta love mos def…. also you have to be shrewd.. act like the white dudes then stab them in the back…Wall street is cut throat i know… they learn our shit all the time than back stab us…White girls may be attractive to but always keep one eye brow up.. white people culture is based on selfishness (imperialism) you can’t trust uncle tom brothers also.. be wise!1 no racist shit just reality… they’ve done it to all other peoples of the world… PEACE FROM ASIA!!

  • Sauce

    You know what, most of you “niggaz” on here fail to understand the misappropration of justice involved with the “Jena six”. Rappers can put albums out and spend millions of dollars on marketing schemes yet, when a civil issue comes about they’re nowhere to be found. As black people, we need to quit being so despiccably vocal about those whose intentions are to uplift OUR race. But then again, you “niggaz” have nothing better to do than smoke blunts and play x-box all day, right? I applaud Rev. Sharpton, Bun-B, and all those who took time out to support and rally around these black youths who were obviously the victims of a double-standard justice system. Wake your ass up and realize that the same shit can happen to you or someone you know. How many times have you and some friends been stopped in a car for no fucking reason? How many times have you been racially profiled or called a “nigger” by some faggot ass cop some red-neck bitch ass dude? Some dudes is so fucking stupid to degrade Mos for speaking “his” mind. Don’t be mad at the brother! Find out what the fuck he’s trying to say cuz you could be the next “nigga” caught in the system ….stupid muhfuckaz! Support the Jena 6, or shut the fuck up bitches!!!!

  • bullitt

    First off lemme say this, im from LA nd live 15 mins from Jena. The white guy that got jumped pretty severly did some very controversal racial shit, nd deserved what he got.

  • geico lizard

    Oprah should have done her show from Jena instead of going to new york and interviewing david letterman and that woman who shot her husband in the back. barack obama also should have been there

  • http://xxl SBD

    It’s very fuckin sad that in ’07 we have this type of blatant racism. There are so many ignorant folks in ths world, I can’t even begin to show my sadness for them. It’s funny that no one can truly understand the ugliness of racism until they experience being discriminated upon. It stings pretty bad.

  • GOD

    I like how people who probably weren’t there themselves are bashing rappers for the same thing…

    …and yeah rappers have money and all but still, if yall cared as much as yall make it sound like yall do, you’d be in Jena right now.

  • no double-standard

    hanging nooses, & hurling racial-slurs is wrong. …& so is jumping the c*ap out of someone. i ain’t in it.

  • boris

    That’s right, Mos is on the money calling out his community, but same can’t be said for internet comments. Let’s just offer respect to the guy for making a move and a stand, no point beating up everyone for it.

    But damn, that’s some wack shit in Jena.



    Surely you jest…YOU actually have a home to bet? I didn’t know that they were giving out mortgage loans to sub-literate dumbasses.

  • louisiana’s own

    its really messed up about this jena 6 issue. beleive it or not we still are slaves. they took the chains off our legs and put them on our brains. when will we make make dr.kings’ dream reality????

  • Real Talk

    Having read up on all the facts of this incident, heres what I think… Everyone that violated the law should go to jail. The system has racially discriminated against these six, by favoring whites who not only provoked and instigated the violence, but were never charged. I don’t know why the media has made these 6 kids out to be innocent victims of racism and injustice. They do not seem to be innocent and they are not victims of injustice. The racist system just choose to prosecute them and showed favor to white persons who were also involved by NOT prosecuting them for their violent actions as well. They should be brought up on charges as well.

    If a Chinese man kills a man, and a white man kills a man, and the system decides only to prosecute the Chinese man… That is racism yes. But is the Chinese man an innocent victim of racism? Hell no. He should be charged regardless. I comes correct and you know it.

  • Mark

    Maybe Jay-Z’s new album will have a song about how he forgot about this issue too.

  • Chuck You

    Y’all know most rappers are controlled(by controlled I mean getting payed/payment opportunities) from big business. Race and racial stances causes people to choose sides. If they side against the artist then sales drop, appearances get canceled and the boys on the top don’t get paid. I’ll bet behind the scenes of the same machine that capitalizes off of misogamy, violence and ignorance had a silent gag order on artists(see Dixie Chicks). Mos and Bun been not giving a fuck for a minute about the industry…so… I wonder how many rappers wanted to be there but couldn’t afford out of they’re own pockets to travel to a non industry supported function.

  • Lennox

    That whole thing is fucked up, fuck them crackers…fuck them, but besides that fuck all them lil’ bitches who ain’t come through for Jena 6, I’m not surprised ’cause hip-hop right now is filled wit’ ignorant fucks. It’s all ’bout cars,hoes and money, shit that don’t fuckin’ matter.

    Like Mos said they should all be shut tha fuck up! Wastin’ this voice they have, this influence they have over tha children. All they showin’ them is a bunch of shit that don’t matter. Like how they ain’t go there (Jena 6), kids already grow thinkin’ that shits corny, got they mind on that bullshit. Fuck all those commercial ass radio heads that ain’t show up and don’t show up for nothin’, they careers is all a fluke anyway.

  • carolyn baxter

    first of all the person who wrote they’d bet there home on”Mos”dating white girl’s well you’d be a homeless sucker as I Live in Upstate ny where he records and his WOMAN IS BLACK..but I have meet people that are white that were more supportive and knowledgeable on black folks than same black you say that to say what? narrow minded,people lik you hold all people BACK!.The problem lies in the fact that the rappers are COWARDS..they can put down woman but cant throw down to help their people haha what a joke!So the people wont buy ther over produced,whack non reality vased CDs..not for the PEOPLE THEN THEY AINT FOR YALL!! simple as that..If the underground rappers were not so irreproachable!! and were associationg with the REAL PEOPLE they would have had a REAL RESULT!but most rappers in general are there only for the people when the camera is on!! maybe now mos and the ”positive rappers M1,COMMON AN THEM..will get down with the people that they usta hang with before they got a lil instead or releyin on wanna be ”sexist” rappers!1.put more women in the game and out front more than when the camera’s are ROLLIN.. and hang with REAL peope!also ”MOS DEF” should holla at me I have a prison memoir of Assata and I’d like him to read it for a Film. ”Assata an the Baby gangsta”

  • carolyn baxter poet

    Mos Def Secretly Cloned

    Somewhere there are redneck skinheads and Corporate Racists laughing saying Told you them Niggers were ignorant ,lazy ,no good bastards, not givin a shit about there people. As well as planning a few new way’s of Torture and manipulation of the System for Black folk that they can get away with.

    When Most Def was on the Bill Maur show, He had full rein to say what he felt about the Jena 6 and had The Well Respected Dr. Cornel West to back him up in the Language that Bourgeois Black and white could understand, and root for. Which is get out there, get noticed and put an end to the racist tactics that oppress us all. It was a Great combination Dr. West Shows how wonderful it is to be Black ,stay Black and that you can still be a Doctor and a ‘’Brotha’’ in white America and not have to compromise SHIT! And ‘’Mos’’ is well Mos is ‘’Mos’’. The ever Creative, spontaneous Artist that knows and loves his people and Culture because that is what made him who he is.

    It’s bad enough were dominated by a ‘’Yahoo’’ president with the intelligence of a Texas Turnip, most of his administration spilt like rats on a sinking ship. But on the ‘’Down-low’’ things are getting worse, as we have come to accept any and everything we are fed as a Nation. I say’’ down -low’’ because no one wants to see it until it keeps repeating ,the same Mulit-Dramas of Brutality over and over again.

    Mos Def’s Cry to the ‘’People’’ and ’’Rappers’’ people who ’’The People’’ have given money, power, and support to that ( apparent they can’t handle.) Support time and time again whether in Jail, a child molester, or a killer. The people have been there for them. Still buying their CD’s. For Mos to call upon the Rappers/People to come out and ‘’Represent’; for the Jena 6 was a bold, Courageous an necessary move on Mos Def’ s part to get people to Recognize ..for the’’ Umpteenth time’’ where we’re ’’at’’ as a Nation.

    I was working with a private patient and was unable to get to Jena to represent at it‘s height. When the patient was asleep I watched all the news and followed it. There were many things that Mos said that touched home when a Guest on The Bill Maur show. Since I have a son, and am an ex Panther ‘’pup’’ I say a Pup because It was a revolving door with me and the Movement . It was greatly Crippled by then and gasping for air. I was 17 yrs. old when I was in Prison and met Assata Shakur who not only am in books with but changed my Life .
    I’m from the Generation that was Clinbin into Blackness, and ‘’Slipped into darkness’’ raising kids that were Flowers growing out of concrete.

    The Movement was all but quashed at the point I was coming of age. But I remember what It was and could have been. On 125Th.St The ‘’average ‘’Brotha stood on the corner where chockfull of Nuts was and spoke out daily in an intellectual and Social manner as to our conditions and ‘’Solutions’’ and responsibility’s as a Black/Brown Race. Hispanics lived woven in to our Community in Tenements /Projects in ’’El-Barrio’’ East/west Harlem so they were included and spoke as well. Black and Brown No difference. The Muslim Brothers would add their suave cool Verbal ideology’s on the corner also in-between the concrete and the fruit and Vegetable man with his liberation Flag planted proudly between his corn and potatoes.

    Not a day went by that the Corner didn’t have 35 40 people gathered in the street listening ,or a picture perfect view as my parents had coffee and a donut and I sopped down milk and wiped my jeans off from my powdered Donuts.
    I wanted to be a Revolutionary, a playa ,a husla, a poet, a drug kingpin Billy Holiday and Aretha all rolled into one. It was a perfect combination for winding up in Rikers Island.

    But years later a professional, a Tax payer, a stand up ‘’member of Society’’ and a published writer many times over with the likes of Amamu Baraka, Sonya Sanchez, Assata Shakur, MalcomX ,George Jackson, Peri Thomas Mumia Abu Jamal and many other fine writers. I have learned and experienced more than I care to express, much about being a Victim of Racism. I watched it brainwash and tear apart my family and leave it’s scars on me for life.

    But there was something that Mos said that hit Home on a Very Recent. and relevant level. He said something to the effect of ‘’What next’’ my son getting locked up for insulting a white man?
    I had a flash back of this past summer. I had a lien put on my bank acct. out of nowhere for being a stupid Co-signer on a Car loan with an ex boyfriend. He was smart enough to hide in a mental inst, sue them, take the money and run. And yep you guessed it. I am the one left holdin the bag left paying the the 6K note.

    I found out about the Frozen acct. because my debit card wouldn’t kick-out cash from the ATM. So I went to the bank after much hemming and horning. Got it resolved, and was due to sign a paper, fax, it an after a G to the collection agency I was a financially free woman again. I went to bank America where I had a friend who said ok come on in and I’ll have the papers for you.

    I get there speak to the Bad Bleach blond who Knew nothing about it or cared less. All I know is when I went to close the door so I would have some privacy in my case ,I guess she got ‘’Blacka phobia’’ now were talking Kingston NY. Where The KKK had just rallied a few weeks before for a H.S. kid getting a punch from a ‘’group” of black H.S .students….
    Sound Familiar?

    So the outcome was instead of her showing her lack of Knowledge on the situation.(that would embarrass her)’’ You’ll’’ have to leave’’
    Now was what I heard. When a white person say’s that in a place of business. the next line is I’m going to call the cops. You get to ‘’feel’ these things after a while.
    So I said ’’ok’’ whatever call them no problem. We walk out to the front where my friend was and she dials up the cops I wasn’t worried as Banks have cameras. And I did nothing wrong.

    But when she called the Police, It went like this ‘’I have a woman here that threatened me and my family’’ Shocked I said I don’t even know you and your family. My white friend was a head of me ,and said ’’Just leave I’ll handle it.’’ I said You know me.. what is she talking about? I have used Bank of America for over 10 years. Being 3 blocks from my house all the Tellers knew me well, and were stunned into silence, this was a new manager, a week after the longtime Black Female Manager Left after 8 years for a new job elsewhere. So I said ‘’Ok mike for You.. for you I’ll go.’’ Here is where It gets’ interesting.

    Instead of going home I cut through the 4 blocks of woods and went to the Congressman Kevin Cahill’s Office. Hinchey’s office who I’d written a week earlier to Albany with questions about the laws and Practice of banking with non business accts . i.e. can they just take my doe. He’d written that he was in wash. DC and to see Cahill, and that it is not a Federal matter. I thought all banking was FDIC and Federal.?’’ My bad‘’..

    . So I went there Foggy eyed with Frustration and major insult, after they made a few calls they’d get back to me and I went home. But my Computer had dialup, left on and It picked up a call from Benedictine Hosp. The Hosp. That will ‘’net’’ a person and take them to the Psyche ward for walking in the Emergency room entrance.. Happened to my ex boyfriend and as a healthcare worker I knew them as ‘’The ‘’Mental Hosp.

    By law If the Police take you there they can keep you for 3 days, then in front of a judge he can ‘’release’’ you or send you back for further observation. and we all know why it’s so Dark in prison. Not cause there’s no light’s but because there’s so many dark faces …need I say more.?

    I saw the script. I was supposed to get arrested, or a Rodney King Beat down and wind up there. for the ‘’Head’’ the body or Both.’’ Put through the system’’
    That is how they manipulate ‘’the system’’

    .But it gets better. 3 days later. I received a letter to be subpoenaed to Criminal Supreme Court. for what ?Harassment and assault…ASSALT! in the 4th degree. As a Youth My Record was sealed I got all my paperwork back so I have no record. Supposedly. ’’by Law’’

    Since the Cops couldn’t catch me, Find me, and had no ‘’warrant’’ to pick me up at Home. they played the other card.

    I went to Court, and naturally the Broad from the Bank wasn’t there and Instead of just tossing it out as it was nothing but a ’’ he said she said at best.’’ I said ‘’your Honor I saved 51 of my patients in 9/11’’ I have written two books about Violence and teens and the street showing him my new book Platinum Dreams lead reality. I was offered a accommodation from the Town Police for saving a Pizza guy’s life from getting mugged by two men beating him to a pulp a month ago, and you bring me in for Harassment and Assault.? recommending a Jury as to whether I should be prosecuted? tying up my time? and no Complainant is even in Court?

    Can we safely assume that if I were locked in a Psyche ward for a few day’s he would have ‘’remanded’’ me back for further assessment until I paid a ‘’town’’ lawyer some Heavy Paper to pull some strings to get me out.?

    However the Judge did say I could not be keep out of the bank…(which I already knew)well only a sucker would go back in..or want to under the conditions. But he had the power to juggle all the other laws of ’’Discrimination’’ .

    The bottom line is I danced around and prolonged it Until it dwindled down to letting the ‘’restraining order’’ to be expired. If I want to be nasty I could have prolonged it. gone in the bank done my business. as It was a separate type order and then sued Bank of America. But I have a life.

    Which brings me back to Mos Def. He had the BALLS to ask all the Rap community to stand Up. And they Punked out! Flat out .I wasn’t shocked. But I was little surprised at ’’Common ’’ Guess I shouldn’t have been as when his last CD which I enjoyed. and opens up more for artist like me and other Female rappers. It was advertised as having a mention of ‘’Assata’’ in it, well it didn’t mention here name and the reference to the movement was something as cliché and as vague as ‘’raise your fist or something’’, but I see now that was a major undertaking as a Liberating stance?

    Rappers they talk about how ‘’hard’’ they are and how they put down women and their the bitches and the JOKE is on our whole Culture. And I don’t dig It at all! It didn’t offend me before on the Woman piece. My stand was the Typical ‘’I’m not a Bitch’’ so….no big thing but now I see ‘’Punks’’ call Women Bitches. Punks put down Woman because if they let women in the game me may say how small they really are…and I mean that in every sense of the Anatomy from brain to Brawn. There’s More to It it’s cumulative.

    Well Now we know that the real Bitches are the Rappers. Rap isn’t dead It’s In the wrong hands. so what next.? How is Mos going to handle being dissed along with our whole Culture? He can’t just blend into the background and ‘’overlook’ it. The World was watching!!
    Well I have a solution. BOYCOTT their CD’s!! EVRYONE knows all the yacky yack about being a dope dealer is fake and crack sales etc.(yawn)
    And modeling themselves from my generation of ‘’SUPAFLY’’(yawn)is a Futile Fantasy! And played out BIGTIME .So why buy there CD’s ?I personally don’t have money to throw away. The money people wanted to spend on a CD put it to an organization. at least there someone would have Your back! Or keep it in Your Pocket.!
    You can’t call yourself ‘’Hard’’ and ‘’Down’’ with your ‘’People’’ or with ‘’People’’ if you aint got a persons back! Rappers have forgot the 3 Golden Rules of Black Culture The ‘’Black Liberation Book’’ of Commandments 1.Never forget who You are 2. Never forget where You came from and 3.Never ever forget who helped pave the way for you to get to where you are Today.

    And Of course my two cents’’ what goes up must come down’’ just like the people made Rappers so can they UN-make them. So if Rappers aren’t going to Rep the ‘’Cause’’ guess it will be just me and Mos. Now all I have to do is clone him and I’d have the whole Problem Solved.

    Carolyn Baxter aka Kulcha Born writer/spokenrap artist Born in Harlem NYC. A Natl. Endowment of the Arts Recipient For her first Book Prison Solitary and Other Free Government Services. She attended BARD College/NYU Her new Book Platinum Dreams Lead Realty short story’s on real street hustlers/playas/rappers. She is a Member of The Hip Hop Congress The Screen actors Guild and ASCAP. She has written for The New York Shakespeare Festival The Washington Post Davy D’s Hip Hop Corner The Black Collegiate Rapaholics and other magazines. Her New CD Take the Bitter with The street will out in Jan 08.