master-p2.jpgYesterday (September 13), Master P made a surprise visit to Monroe Middle School in North Carolina to give an inspirational speech to 800 students on education and financial management. According to the Associated Press, Monroe’s math teacher, Bonnie Mwanda, invited P to the school after reading he was doing a book signing in Charlotte, N.C. “I thought it was a long shot,” she told the Daily Press. “Sometimes they say they want to help the kids, but it’s a publicity stunt.” Thankfully, Master P was glad to visit the school, telling the students, “Y’all know I started off on the wrong track. The more important thing I’ve done with my life is clean my act up. I’m sorry for making the music that I made without thinking about y’all.” P also went on to promise the kids a special prize if they did well in the new school year. “If the principal tells me y’all have a good year,” P said. “I’m going to bring Romeo back to do a concert.”