Keith Murray Robbed in South Africa

keith-murray1.jpgRapper Keith Murray was held up in a South African recording studio on Tuesday night (September 18) and robbed for his laptop and cash. According to South Africa’s Pretoria News, Murray was at work in the Cube recording studios in Parkview when two armed men stormed the room and demanded everybody’s cash and cell phones. Four laptops were also taken, including Murray’s Apple Mac. According to Lance Stehr, CEO of local record label Ghetto Ruff, the rapper’s laptop contained “the last 12 years of his work.” Keith is in South Africa working with producer Bongani Fassie that samples his mother Brenda Fassie’s song, “Weekend Special.” Stehr noted that as the men were leaving, they yelled out “Hey Fassie boy, continue making hits.” Murray is said to be offering a reward of around $7,000 U.S. for the return of his computer.

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  • Billy X. Sunday

    Africans are extremely hardbody.

  • Busarah

    Lol those thugs up in soweto don’t play, next time get a bodygaurd keith and protect ya neck

  • Casper


    $7,000 reward? Nigga, they probably would’ve settled for a bucket of clean water

  • Space

    Trust, kids in Africa are taking the thug thing to a whole new level

    Nairobi, Lagos, Jo’burg make America’s hoods look like Wisteria Lane

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  • EReal

    “Keep Makin Hits”

    Thatd be easier if I had MY FUCKING LAPTOP!!!!!!!

    How the fuck does Murrrrr not have backup disks of his shit? Or masters? All of his shit is on that laptop?

    • Elise

      My sentiments exactly!

  • Bol


  • brian

    joburg or cape town are harder than any hardest hood in the states,for reel you want proof just go there for a few days or a week and see for yourself

  • noz

    i got two words for you, sugar: zip disk.

  • noz

    and lol @ “around” $7,000.

  • Gay Freddie

    Only thing worst than a Nigger, is an African Nigger! (LOL @ Black on Blacker Crime)

  • Mshini wami

    hehehehehehehe, it’s real in the veld! Now they’ll get him for the $7000.

  • EReal

    Billy X. Sunday Says:

    September 20th, 2007 at 9:52 am
    Africans are extremely hardbody.
    Id have to agree that robbing someone you’re a fan of (keep making hits!) is pretty gully.

    This Keith will have Afriiiii-Phobia now? lol.

    • Kayanda

      Afrii-phobia? I think a lotta American celebs suffer 4rm that phobia eg Eminem

  • DirtDoggy

    12 years and he ain’t smart enough to have a external HD backup with all his shit, damn it’s a beautifull world.

  • Trizzle

    damn thats gay! like that freddie dude ^^

  • texasleen

    damn 12 years of his work give me 7′gs and ill stay up all nite downloading that shit off of limewire

  • code

    im from south africa.. jozi 2 b exact we dnt fuck around here…even ja was afraid 2 go 2 soweto..n soweto got nuthng on my hood YEOVILLE 1

  • cd

    time wipe out da rachett murray shit 12 years of work. u betta get a african assasin or some sit dis is a case when i would do black on blaccccccckkkkkkker crime

  • RAY


  • Ziggy

    if he was smart he would have his last 12 years of work also on some other hard drive so if his orginal was lost, stolen or damaged he wouldnt have to worry anout it

  • nappy_pappy

    SPACE says: Nairobi, Lagos, Jo’burg make America’s hoods look like Wisteria Lane

    BRIAN says: joburg or cape town are harder than any hardest hood in the states

    yo being from a 3rd world country, I’ve seen it first hand… and I’ve been yelling this for years!! In the U.S. the poorest hood aint shit compared to the hoods in less fortunate countries… here ppl swear they poor, but they got carpet floors, T.V., VCR’s… over there? yo the floors aint even floors, its just nicely swept dirt with throw rugs strewn all over… and the ceiling? is a fuckin big ass piece of sheet metal… thats why other countries look at americans like a bunch of big babies…thinking they struggling when they got it good… murray is stupid for having 12 years of shit on ONE laptop… thats what ya get


    All you American born and raised are all rich and stupid /yall alwayz cry that life is hard why not come to Nairobi with your American ghetto posture yall gonna be robbed that Denim jeanz your wearing that Ipod your holding and that airbass boom box yo gonna be strolling down Kibera Slumz with and that’s being real Ghetto. E-manamedevol.

  • Mad-Man-Dla

    Damn shit people be saying is sick. I live in Joburg and never been robbed. I walk the streets of soweto and feel safe. I was born and raised there. Crime is crime and we will not tolerate it. Keith Shoulda backed up man. I`m still saying though. Fuck them cats he was with. They shoulda laid down their worthless little lives for Keiths shit.

  • Mad-Man-Dla

    On the real though. That shit is going to surface and when it does you cant use the shit. So just give it back.
    One weird thing though is i though Keith was a hard nigger. Seems like shit ain’t really like cats say it on record. But i`m with the lies and the fake hired jewels.

  • shawn

    u js dnt fuck wit us boys in the motherland…we keep it real g…not some hollywood blockbuster!!mox gaborone phase2

  • incognegro

    thats why i stay incognegro!!!!!

  • code


  • noughskrilla Nima Ghana


  • Versatile

    Thats wrong yo! Where’s the protection at? This is Keith Murray we’re talking about – i mean – even though he may not b such a big star – he still need to be trated and respected as an artist! Ya ne – Them thugs give the rest of us a really bad name – This iisssh gotta stop yo – No one else overseas will wanna work with us! There goes my Timbaland collabo!! F%$K them niggas

  • justafarian

    Yeoville in JHB is tha fuckin’ crime capital of the world.It scare the shit outta me there.The Nigerian thugs rule that city…But man,I suspect dose guys[robbers] are some of Bongani Fassie’s friends.It could boy that left their group,Jozi and other friendz who just got jealous.Anyway,Pretoria is the safest and sleepiest city in the world so that wouldn’t happen.This was all planned..

  • Anonymous

    Casper do u kiss ur momma with them lipz because if you do she probably tells the doctor to trade them with a cleaner set like Rat’s lips

  • ray jones

    eat a nut redrum..i aint got a problem with Crazy Lu,that kids been on the scene since 12 yrs old,i respect lil homie more then any of these wack south african rappers,he birthed the hip hop culture in sa,he was the first kid rocking durags,fitted caps,and not fake bling like most of ya;ll,,when all you wack fools were learning how to rap he had signed his first major deal with gallo records at if you wanna hate crazy lu keep it to yourself,thsi kid doing big thingz haterz..ask me what i think JOZI AINT SHIT WITHOUT CRAZY LU,HE DROPPED DIRTY SOUTH CUTS BEFORE YALL WERE BORN as for keith forget the haters and do what you do,,keep up the good work..strong island to joburg

  • yuri goda

    crazy lu press release-the godz must be crazy mixtape out march 7th,ft keith murray,axel,mc eight,shotta blanco,project pat,nature,nas,damian marley,
    at a dealer near you CRAZY LU-

  • D-Money

    Fuck Keith. Fuck XXL. Fuck Africa. And fuck all you bitch ass niggers. Bring your spears and lip plates up to the RuffNex Mafia in South-Side-Syracuse and see who gets they shit pushed in!