keith-murray1.jpgRapper Keith Murray was held up in a South African recording studio on Tuesday night (September 18) and robbed for his laptop and cash. According to South Africa’s Pretoria News, Murray was at work in the Cube recording studios in Parkview when two armed men stormed the room and demanded everybody’s cash and cell phones. Four laptops were also taken, including Murray’s Apple Mac. According to Lance Stehr, CEO of local record label Ghetto Ruff, the rapper’s laptop contained "the last 12 years of his work." Keith is in South Africa working with producer Bongani Fassie that samples his mother Brenda Fassie's song, “Weekend Special.” Stehr noted that as the men were leaving, they yelled out “Hey Fassie boy, continue making hits.” Murray is said to be offering a reward of around $7,000 U.S. for the return of his computer.