Jay-Z Announces Plans for New 40/40 Club in Las Vegas

jay.jpgDuring a press conference in Las Vegas yesterday (September 6), Jay-Z announced his plans for a third 40/40 Club in Sin City. MTV News reports that the new branch of the mogul’s upscale sports bars will reside in the luxurious Palazzo Hotel and will feature 24-karat gold and platinum floors, 85 plasma TVs and five V.I.P. suites. The $20 million, 24,000 sq. ft. venue is set to open on December 20. Jay also hinted at plans to purchase real estate in Vegas and possibly even tie the knot with longtime girlfriend Beyonce Knowles. Jay already co-owns 40/40 franchises in New York and Atlantic City.

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  • black

    “That’s big money talk can you answer me” Its good to see him doing his thing continue the success.

  • Chicago

    “40/40′s out in Tokyo and Singapore. All this from singing songs.” I know its in Vegas but Big Homie is on his way to a billion.

  • Mr S

    after that club opens, Jay will easily become the richest hip hop mogul ever. EVER.

  • al-mighty

    BIG PIMPIN need i say more

  • mr. undisputed the mogul

    Watch the haters jump on here dissing jay. The man made it out the hood to be a success on a major level,unless your worth billions & in the world very few are, being worth over 9 figures is astounding especially from where hip hop came from.
    to all the haters wake me up when your favorite rapper(insert name here)________. has dinner with the ex president of the USA, talks business with bill gates,is president of the most prestigous dominate rap label of all time, has the hottest chick in entertainment wearing his chain,is part owner of a professional sports team,is awarded GQ mags international man of the year, is worth more than a quarter of a BILLION DOLLARS ($350 Million). I could go on, but my point has been made. we as black people should try & emulate successful people & stop hating & trying to be like those who claim to be “BALLIN”. I get sick of stupid ignorant punks saying dumb shit like, he a sellout he don’t come back to the hood, why so somebody who’s jealous can shoot him/them. Stack Bundles had’nt even put out an actual album, gets killed by someone in the hood & then you hear people saying “I told him to chill on going back & hanging out in the hood. If your successful your stuck either way & people believe every damn story written or lie spread about you. much props to Jay, keep giving us, the ones trying to aspire to greatness the motivation to get our minds right, grinds right & our hustle on legitamitly peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Freddy(Vega$)

    Thank GOD!! now i mite get to see that nigga preform!!!

  • unknown

    There is only really 3 hustla’s in the Game 1.Jay 2.50 3.Diddy. Cats who claim to hustle need to take notes, Hovi hustle is on a another level. All the dudes from his pass that want to hate on him need to take note he was note the biggest pusha or not in the lime light all in the clubs flashy he was the quiet dude who got money and let the others get the fame. Listen to coming of age. Now that he is Kingpin stacking chips. He chilling in the Mediterranian Sea on a Yatch with B, sipping whatever he want. Young dudes can hate all you want but I know that JAy will still be talked about 20yrs from now when all the others are gone. YOU CAN”T KNOCK DA HUSTLE> Coperate TAKeOVER

  • the boy

    Good for jay, but please no more guest spots on albums!!!

  • the boy

    Message to jay; please force these rappers to put out G.O.O.D MUSIC!!

  • hugolin

    Master P started this long before most of them rappers !!!!

  • the boy


  • jt

    Damn this dude made it out no matter what!! He should be and is an inspiration!! All props to H to the Izzo!!

  • greg

    as a blackman its good to see jay z or fifty or diddy make millions of dollors pay their taxes live on a level above racisim money it takes money jay z and these guys have hustled their way into america. i have a college degree and it means little in the real world if i dont hustle dont allow these fake im ballin /lil whayne she a jump off /camron idoits ill move from the killer and leave it for someone clowns to raise your kids show them this man didnt hit the lotto he reinvented the wheel for african americans to aquire wealth oprah has been rich for twentynine years and has never opened a store or a factory in the hood ok she built that south african school but how will that help shanika jackson in harlem? it wont these are our new malcoms and martians economics will lift black people outta the system be smart let the niggas shine bubble on the low keep it 100 and get money …..


    Jigga got that coka baby. Hov better have that white stuff. I got prostitutes and money my nucca.

    Suicidal Suicidal when they say its ooooooooooooover!

  • BlackSteel

    Honestly, a few years back man I didn’t even fuck with this dude Jay,not that I hated on dude, but I didn’t really fuck with dude, but respect is due, not cause homie got big bucks, but for the way he’s handling his success and a the pressure of being a blackman with money.After seeing most of these dudes getting doe and acting straight up ignorant with it.It’s good to see one of us make it a not get caught in the system and move foreward and finding other thing to accomplish that not only benefit him but is a true inspiration for all of us.I know there will be some that will try and knock the mans hustle with hatter tactics, but it is what it is.This society loves to build a person(espeacially black men)up,just to tear them down(Mike Vick,Mike Jordan).Lucky Lefty keep getting your money, but most important keep making us proud and giving us who haven’t quite got there the motivation to keep striving for success even when our backs are against the the wall and the world says we can’t.
    I don’t really give a fuck about the 40/40 clubs because I don’t do that too much anymore, but I respect the man.

  • http://zombieradio.net Hussle Crowe

    Jay-z just continues to show his acumen as a business man, and its inspiring to see this blackman do it. Hov is doing is thing, simple as that.