Dr. Dre Says No Detox Until Next Year; Speaks on 50 Cent’s Beef With The Game

dr_dre1.jpgIn his first interview in three years, Dr. Dre told the LA Times that although he is only “two or three tracks” from completing his long awaited album, Detox, the project will definitely not be released until 2008. Earlier this year, Dre appeared in a short YouTube video with Aftermath artist Bishop Lamont and promised that his highly anticipated third solo LP would finally hit stores in September of this year. “I was really hoping to have it out this year, but it’s going to have to be pushed back a while because of some other things I’ve got to work on,” Dre told the Times. On of those projects includes the next Eminem album, which the legendary producer says he is devoting the next two months to finishing up. Dre also broke his silence on the subject of the high profile beef between his two former protégés, 50 Cent and The Game. When asked whether Game’s move from Aftermath to Geffen Records came as a result of Dre favoring the higher selling 50 Cent, he emphatically denied it. “I told them, ‘I love working with both you guys. I don’t have a problem with either of you,’ ” he explains. “It was more like what is going to be the best move under the circumstances. I don’t even remember who came up with the idea of putting Game on Geffen, but it was absolutely not me picking 50 over him.”

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  • http://www.akirathedon.com AK D

    Yeah right.

  • Esco


  • the truth

    dre rules!! fuck da game..fuck 50 2

  • soufpaw

    Please!!! 50′s first record sold like 11 million and Games sold like 6. for him to say money aint nuttin to do wit it is dummy. Shout out to Game doctors advocate was better than the documentary anyway!

  • Deez Nutz

    Don’t care when it comes as long as it come…

  • http://www.xxlmagazine.com incognegro

    dre got punked into not doing the games cd. what a bitch

  • http://50cent.com cheddamelt

    dr.dre you the man

  • http://pitlanta.blogspot.com Maurice Garland

    fuck a detox

  • Honestasicanb

    You all anticipating an album that he won’t write a single line on. And he is not going to do all of the beats himself. Then you will have to hear all those other non rapping fools on the label. Stay behind the boards dre.

  • http://xxlmag.com houston’s finest

    what a surprise! not!

  • The B.A.R.

    Let’s face it: Detox will never come out

  • me

    the documentary > doctor’s advocate

  • King Mathers

    I think after 50 contract is up they are going to let him go. Dre and Em are done with 50 cus they aren’t into internal complications. Oh Well, Jay Z is droppin in November and Em Next Album will be ready in November. Jay better hope Em doesn’t back fire and drop the same day as him lol

  • Fire aka LOL Silencer

    I’ll believe it when I see it in stores. Dre’s a legend, but this is taking forever.

    Rhymes: The Doctor’s Advocate>The Documentary

    Beats: Documentary>Doctor’s Advocate (but only by a slim margin)

  • bashin

    Damn homie, i was waitin for some shit like this for a long-time cuz DRE never talked about da issue b4.I still think it was a bad idea to let game go like that cuz he is a good artist but do some stupid shit.Yo, shit was funny when buck was tauntin him at da all-star game in vegas a few months back, sayin “Don’t leave me Dre” lol, funny as hell.anywayz its a good look for Dre right now,HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) we gonna get dat Detox album.

  • Yamajesty

    King Mathers..You dont know what your talking about. When his contract is up he’ll just leave. he said he didnt want to be Curtis “Interscope” Jackson anymore anyways.


    Hold Up Hommie all I’m sayin is 50 is way in over his head cus he dissed Interscope, Jimmy, the Management Team and plus his records sales are down. In an MTV interview 50 said he want to renegotiate another contract with interscope. 50 aint dumb he know if he leaves Em and Dre he will lose his popularity and even more sales. Im Sure Dre will wash his hands off of 50 when his contract is up cause 50 is a trouble maker.

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  • fireforreal

    But even if Game is on another lable why didn’t Dre do any tracks for the Game’s album.Dre should take it back to Doggystyle and produce a complete album for the Game and help keep the west coast alive.




    I agree with you FIREFORREAL!
    if dre produced a whole album for the game like he did snoop then,i think that would put the fire under dr.dre again because to me,it seems as if he is just bored with this shit now!
    so to keep himself motivated,he goes back and changes things on the detox!
    but damn,pac was right dre does take forever to put out an album and we all know that he doesn’t produce every track by himself.
    listen to the song on the game’s album that scott storch produced.
    everybody thought that was dre’s beat but,it was storch.
    and everybody know scott storch was apart of dre’s team on the chronic 2001 album!
    maybe he should do the same for bishop lamont because i heard this dude and he good at it.
    produce his whole album and do for him what you did for snoop!

  • Yung Blood

    THE TRUTH is gay, I bet you got both of thiere albums. HOMO

  • Bay Boi

    somebody said Dre’s upcoming album is too overrated by ppl expecting..idk bout all that…but when I copped The Chronic:2001 back in 01 that shit was off the hook from beginning 2 end..so I am about 80 to 90% sure this album will b fire too

  • CMoney

    Here’s the full article for those who are interested. Great read, including a picture of him in his studiom which has a shitload of keyboards.


  • http://www.myspace.com/young_classic Class!c

    people say the dumbest shit… “IT’S ALL BLACK MUSIC” support or brothers, we have enough shit to worry about in this world then to filter or attention to three people that are just trying to create sumthing for us to dance or divert our minds away from shit like hatin ass white people and race relations….. be a fan that’s a supporter, and not a uneducated ass hole…..

  • The Game

    Dre, dont leave me.I’m lost without you, can’t help myself. lol






    2001 came out in 99 dumbshit it was called 2001 cuz Suge came out with the Chronic 2000

  • I

    I do not see Eminem releasing his album this year. At the same time, I do not know about D12, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent all dropping in the same year either. We were left to assume that would happen in ’07 and that is not the case.

    Although I would not mind those Shady / Interscope releases (sans 50 Cent). On September 21, 2008 we will read a similar story to the one we are reading today. Expect this ‘Detox’ in 2009.

  • http://www.myspace.com/deandresurrellthegreat deandre

    put da mic up nigga we know where whodini at

  • bishop lamont
  • Say What You Say

    Yall muthafuckas dont know shit but hate

    DR. DRE is the best Hip Hop producer ever.

  • gnixs

    I’m sorry, but since after the N.W.A day’s Dre has been a punk ass bitch and a label puppet. He fucked over Eazy ’cause of Suge. He fucked over Game ’cause of Curtis. He introduced a talented rapper (Em), but let Em mock the black/hip-hop culture. He hasn’t released an album in 6 years, and also hasn’t produced a HIT single in a while but he claims he’s busy. Fuck that. His album probably won’t be written by him anyway. He should stand up for himself more often instead of bending over for Interscope


    Shout out to Mel-Man for being the REAL PRODUCER behind all of DRE’s Beats. Hip-Hop dudes do your homework. Shout out To MEL-MAN and THE HILL. PITTSBURGH STAND UP…

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Let It Be Known

    2pac said it best…Dre is a Bitch for not comin to testify for Snoop.HE also let The Game go from Aftermath Cuz 50 brings in more money, Dre is all about Business.This man got so much money I never hear Dre doin something for the Hood Ya Digggg



  • gnixs is gay

    gnixs….how did em mock the culture?what cuz he didnt stick to the cookie cutter formula of hip hop…. #1 only rap about guns hoes and money #2act like a fake ass gangster and#3make up the same old backround story….i sold drugs before rap. sorry he brought something new to the table! if he was mocking it he would have done those three things and be fronting.

  • Hip Hop Community

    Who exactly is this “Dr. Dre” you speak of?

    I think I may have heard an album of his a loooooong time ago, but he’s been out of the public eye for so long, I don’t even remember this guy.

    Wait… isn’t he the dude that steals up and coming producer’s beats and takes all the credit for it? Never mind… I guess that describes all industry producers for real.

  • Brandon

    FUCK 50 Dr.dre should be on the game’s side fuckin 50 u got 2 amit that there is some good songs by him but no one in the world will ever beat dr.dre’s raps and beats he made hip-hop. the game spits everything thats true thats deadly haha


    Don’t worry if dre don’t come out i got the new double album coming– for that real downsouth gangsta shit get at me http://www.myspace.com/baddestmuthafuckaontheplanet

  • SomeInfo4ya

    First off no one should speak ill of Dre. Dude is hip-hop royalty. I hear alot of people saying he doesnt produce these tracks. Yes, he has co-producers but Dre lays down the format. Example Scott Storch Co-Pro “Still DRE.” Storch would have never made that by himself. NuFF SAID!!

  • Tronix

    After seven years the detox album only has three completed tracks. This all a hoax for Dre to sell more CD’s. Detox will never come out and when does it won’t sell like he expects. Detox is starting to disappoint me!!! Word!!!

  • IndyKid

    Look, I’m a white kid who loves hip-hop. I’m sick of reading what everybody thinks on xxl and seeing white people get blamed for some crazy shit that has nothing to even do with the subject. It’s really unfair to see whole races just cut out because of what some people have done or said. Some white people are dickheads, some black people are dickheads, some chinese people are dickheads, and some indians are dickheads. The point is, is that its unfair to judge an entire race on how you feel. I just thought somebody should know that. . .

  • Knowledge Speaks

    Pushed back AGAIN????? That shit ain’t ever gonna come out!

  • tru predator

    same shit happened on deathrow.you get to many ego’s together on a label and there is bound to be internal beefs.you want but (cant)have that much talent under one roof.too many egos.thats why aftermath(i hate to say it)is falling apart like deathrow did.

  • tru predator

    all the math needs is em and dre.then everything else will fall into place.they are aftermath.

  • Fire aka LOL Silencer

    IndyKid Says:

    September 23rd, 2007 at 12:12 am
    “Look, I’m a white kid who loves hip-hop. I’m sick of reading what everybody thinks on xxl and seeing white people get blamed for some crazy shit that has nothing to even do with the subject. It’s really unfair to see whole races just cut out because of what some people have done or said. Some white people are dickheads, some black people are dickheads, some chinese people are dickheads, and some indians are dickheads. The point is, is that its unfair to judge an entire race on how you feel. I just thought somebody should know that. . .”
    EXACTLY! I hate how some idiotic people want to bring something like race into an argument that has nothing to do with it. Race does not determine how a person acts or what they do or how smart or dumb they are, and if it does for someone, then they should join the 21st century.

  • Asanto

    Fuck Dr. Dre, maybe our grandsons and granddaughters will be able to listen to dat detox bullshit… I mean, c’mon he dropped 2 albums in like 16 years and then braggs about them. Pac recorded more music in two weeks… fuck this…

  • http://xxl SBD

    Actually, I don’t really give a fuck about any of these fags anymore… I mean, I used to be one of you who couldn’t wait till Detox dropped. Hip hop has evolved so much since then, that I find myself bored with the old soap opera bullshit. P.S. The Carter III is gonna be a beast anyway.

  • Unit4Life

    Fuck that nigga game

  • tendai bara

    fuck dre. Being lying to us 4 ages. U aint nothing but a pussy untill that detox shit cums out. lousy motherfucker full of shit

  • jaystone

    its bcus white people are dumb.man white people aint hiphop.better listern to rock n roll.hiphop is for black man.

  • 3shot

    hopefully Em, game, and 50 are on it

  • 3shot

    and bussa buss will prbly be on it too

  • http://yahoo caddy

    dre da shit