bay-bay.jpgAs previously reported on, Terrance “DJ Bay Bay” Stewart was arrested on August 6 in Shreveport, La. after being charged with a count of simple rape and intimidation of a witness. While DJ Bay Bay is largely unknown to mainstream hip-hop fans, the radio personality inspired upcoming rapper Hurricane Chris’ hit song, “A Bay Bay.” According to the Shreveport Times, Stewart is a DJ at club Kokopelli’s, where a woman was allegedly found lying drunk and unconscious around 4 a.m. on August 2. Authorities then arrested Stewart and placed him in city jail on $150,000 bail. Stewart’s lawyer, Eric Johnson, denied the claims in a statement given to the Shreveport Times. “Mr. Stewart is innocent of these charges and intends to vigorously defend himself against them,” Johnson said. “We are very confident that after the case is tried by a judge or jury that Mr. Stewart will be exonerated.”

Now, after Stewart posted bail, Assistant District Attorney Hugo Holland is threatening to revoke his bail because of safety concerns for the victim. “We’ve had to hide the victim because of threats,” Holland said in court on September 4. “And he already has one charge of witness intimidation pending against him. If some unfortunate incident happens to the victim or members of her family, we will arrest Mr. Steward again.” The prosecution is currently trying to hold Steward in prison until his case is tried, according to the Shreveport Times.