Danny Hoch’s Hip-Hop Play, Till The Break of Dawn, Begins Tonight in NYC

danny-hoch.jpgPioneering hip-hop theater icon Danny Hoch, in partnership with the Culture Project, will kick off an eight week run of his newest production, Till The Break of Dawn, at the Abrons Arts Center in New York City tonight (September 4). In Till The Break of Dawn an Internet activist named Gibran takes a group of friends from New York City on a trip to the Communist nation of Cuba to attend a hip-hop festival. Throughout the course of their trip, the collective gets a firsthand look at the Cuban hip-hop scene and the reality of life in the embargoed nation. “With this play, Danny Hoch brings his considerable genius to the stage as eleven actors portray characters we have grown to know and love,” said Allan Buchman, Creative Director for the Culture Project. “In Till The Break of Dawn, the brash outcry of today’s injustice meets the weathered heroes of yesterday’s resistance movement in, where else, but Cuba?” Hoch, an acclaimed actor, playwright and director, is perhaps best known for his production Jails, Hospitals & Hip-Hop. He has also received writing credits on films such as Bamboozled and Blackhawk Down, and is a Senior Fellow at the New School’s Vera List Center for Art and Politics. The official opening night for Till The Break of Dawn is set for September 13. Tickets can be purchased at the Abrons Center box office or through www.cultureproject.org.

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