Bodies of Two Dogs Found at DMX’s Home Badly Wounded

dmx1.jpgThe bodies of two dogs that were unearthed at DMX’s home in Phoenix, Ariz. were badly wounded, say local authorities. According to the Associated Press, one of the dogs had severe bite wounds and another had trauma to its abdomen, however, exact causes of death could not be determined. A third dog was so badly burned that results of an autopsy were inconclusive. The bodies were discovered during an August 24 raid on the rappers property in response to allegations of animal neglect. Authorities seized 12 live pit bulls, various weapons and an ounce of marijuana. According to X’s attorney, Murray Richman, his client hasn’t been at the home in several weeks. “Someone’s going to have to pay for this,” said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “We have 12 dogs who were abused and three dogs buried in the yard someone’s going to have to pay.” Richman has asserted that a caretaker had been hired to look after the animals. As of yet, no charges have been filed against the rapper or anybody else who was at the residence. On Saturday (September 16), Richman questioned why Arpaio believes X had anything to do with the alleged abuse. “How do you attribute activities to a person who has not been there, when they have knowledge that other persons have been,” the attorney said. “Is it because of the celebrity nature?”

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  • haz


  • Chris S

    well, is anybody really suprised?

  • Hova

    he is the grand champ just stay of that crack. and good to see xxl payed there bills.

  • Moniker

    Mike Vicked

  • incognegro


  • freudian_nightmare

    lol all those “samples” he used of dogs wimpering and barking could have been recorded in his back yard(s) throughout the years. Not super suprising considering the lyrics and comparisons drawn between humans and dogs…..especially animalistic nature in humans….

  • Casper

    LMAO @ Hova

  • king equality victorious

    yall know mike vick snitch on x as part of his plea agreement

  • lil monski

    THATS FUCKED UP!! america need somethin’ else 2 do then fuckin’ wit people ’bout some damn dogs