BET Addresses the Current State of Hip-Hop in New Series, Hip-Hop vs. America

bet_logo.jpgFor the past year, the hip-hop culture has been under attack. From the Don Imus controversy to Rev. Al Sharpton protesting derogatory and violent lyrics, 2007 has been a year to forget for hip-hop. BET News will address the current state of hip-hop in a new three-part series entitled Hip-Hop vs. America. Hosted by BET’s Toure and Jeff Johnson, the series will tackle issues such as hip-hop’s relationship with criminality and the streets, snitching, police brutality and images of Black woman. Rappers Nelly, T.I., Mike Jones, MC Lyte, Master P and Chuck D will appear as guest commentators along with various hip-hop journalist and industry figures. “The battle over hip-hop lyrics, images and values is the flashpoint of conflict and debate between almost every division within our community — between men and woman, younger and older generations, between economic classes and educational backgrounds,” says Reginald Hudlin, President of Entertainment, BET. “Our special relationships with the most important thinkers, icons and leaders in our community allow BET to deliver the most complete exploration of this topic on television. This is the first of many town halls that BET will convene to address the most pressing issues facing our community.” Part one of Hip-Hop vs. America will air on Tuesday, September 25 at 8:00 p.m. ET, with the second hour airing on Wednesday, September 26. The third and final episode will air on immediately following part two.

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    And not one fan!!!
    They need to know an honest reason why someone loves Hip-Hop. Viacom should have asked me!!!

  • Radio Raheem

    They shouldve put 50 cent and kanye west up there. not for publicity but those two are the best speakers in hip hop its like when they speak you have to listen. because 9 times out of 10 theyre right

    1st!!!!! (maybe)

  • Dan99

    Two sides in hip-hop, 50 and Ye.

  • Fire

    Why do people care so much about lyrics when there are so many other more worthwhile problems that we could combat that would make the world a better place? I’m tired of people using hip hop (or any other form of entertainment) as a scapegoat for their own failings or society’s faults. Granted, something needs to change, but it’s in all elements, groups, and subcultures of life, not just hip hop.

  • Nadeem

    fire speaks da truth there is two many problems in da world 2 just blame the way a certian group of people express themeselves

  • Albert

    im not sayin let entertainment be and do watever entertains ppl, cuz otherwise we might get the whole gladiator thing goin on. but these r just words. who gives a shit!

  • Cuban Link

    It was a great idea putting it on BET, because, you know, people are really gonna take this seriously now

  • Mike Patch Fortworth,TX

    fuck BET.vh1 4 life

  • Dezzy

    It’s funny how some of u think that 50 Cent and Kayne West should talk about hip-hop. First and foremost, you need to stop puttin hip-hop and rap in the same category. Just cause you are a rapper doesn’t mean you are hip-hop. Hip-Hop is based off of creativity and originality, and uplifting the black people of poor communities in America. Plain and simple. Rap music is the business. Rap music is all about makin money. Now, I’m not mad at those that are about their money but have the decency to respect the art. Kayne is hip-hop to an extent because he does speak on the plight of black America. However, he is materialistic. He’ll speak one minute about Hurricane Katrina, and spend the next five minutes talkin about his Louie Vuton bookbag. So, in my opinion he’s more of a rapper. As for 50, he is one of the main reasons why hip-hop has gotten a bad name. If u read what I said earlier about the difference between hip-hop and rap then it is clear that 50 is just a rapper. He promotes the very things that are the problems in our black community. Now, it would be one thing if he was still living in hood conditions and that is all he sees. U can’t blame someone for not knowing any better. But, if u don’t live that life anymore, u shouldn’t rap like u still do. Like killing young black men is cool, or sellin crack is what’s up. This is the difference between rap and hip-hop. So, those are not artists who should speak on hip-hop. The only reason people would even think that is because they are marketed the most by corporations who have white bosses that do not care about what is going on with black America.

  • bboy e

    There are 4 elements of hiphop – bboying, dj, graffitti, and mcing. Right now it looks like rapping/mcing is representing hiphop, ignoring the other half, which is pretty wack. Hip hop vs. America should show what real hip hop is, otherwise the should be renamed Rapping vs America


  • BBOY Den-Z

    DEZZY & BBOY E word!!!
    totally right.
    don’t confuse hip-hop with rap.


    i dont need to say more.