Afeni Shakur’s Amaru Entertainment Sued for Copyright Infringement

afeni1.jpgIsaiah Israel, owner of the Marco Bellini Apparel Company, has filed suit against Afeni Shakur’s Amaru Entertainment for allegedly infringing on his copyrighted logo. According to Israel, the Makaveli Branded clothing line, which is operated by Amaru Entertainment and uses a “MB” logo, is compromising his Marco Bellini line of t-shirts. In his suit, filed today (September 6) in U.S. District Court in Illinois, Israel claims that his brand has suffered “great damage to its business, goodwill, reputation, profits and the strength of its trademark.” The suit also states that Israel filed paperwork with the U.S. Trademark office in June of 1998 and has been marketing and selling the line for at least nine years. Israel is seeking a permanent injunction against Amaru Entertainment barring further use of the MB logo, and an unspecified amount of compensatory damages.

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  • Kid Pistol

    This is retarded. Who knows “Marco Bellini”? Now who knows Makaveli? This Marco guy is pissed cuz his line is nothing, and he’s trying to boost his company off someone else’s success. WORD.

  • blkpwr

    Kid Pistol your an idiot! If you put out a logo or something and somebody well-known puts out something that looks exactly like your $h!t you’d sue too. And then another idiot like you would say “who the HELL is kid pistol? He trying to boost his company off someone else’s success”.

  • Poop


  • Devron Figgures

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  • Heatrock Ent, Inc.

    yo i thoguht this i dude was trying to protect his name and brand logo Marco Bellini since he said he owns it but if u dont trademark it, it’s not really yours, he could hve that naem 5 years ago befor Tupac’s mom , if its not registerd trademark, she could use that name or trademarjk that name and stop him for using it, to make this short, since im good with searching for names and data cuz i got my company trademark Check Heatrock Ent, Inc., i checked the name Marco Bellini, and guess what this guy did tried to register the name Marco Bellini, but he was rejected from registering the name here is what they say Current Status: Office action continuing a FINAL refusal to register has been mailed and here is the link to the trademark website and his info

    and 2nd one Current Status: Further action on the application has been suspended.