Will Smith’s Nephew, K-Smith, Preps Debut Album

ksmith.jpg17-year-old rapper, K-Smith, is using his status as the nephew of Grammy Award winning MC and movie star, Will Smith, to launch his own hip-hop career. Oddly enough, though, K-Smith draws parallels between his own life and the fictional tales of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the TV character Will Smith played during the ‘90s. “I’m the real Fresh Prince,” Smith says. “[In Philly], I was in placements because I used to act up, sent away to juvenile facilities. Then I came out here and carried my problems to LA a little bit. When I finally came to this music thing it got me on the right path.” But according to Smith, the similarities with Big Willy end there. “[People] think I’m going to follow in the footsteps of my uncle,” he says. “You won’t hear crazy cursing from me, but you’ll hear more edgy records. I have a cut called ‘Million Bucks’ that samples Ludacris on the hook where I rhyme, ‘I hit the club, when I lave, they all be in awe/got shorties takin’ off they bra like it’s Mardi Gras.” “Million Bucks” is one of the select tracks off K-Smith’s upcoming debut, Streetz To Hollywood, which will drop in 2008. The LP’s lead single is a collaboration with Omarion entitled “Better Man.” For more information on K-Smith, visit http://www.myspace.com/ksmithmovement.

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    He probably is gon suck.



  • redd

    So he gets a deal because he’s will smiths nephew,not because he’s a talented emcee?

  • Durty

    Whatever, I rather know wassup wit this nigga auntie?

  • Rodjilius

    cant count him out just yet but yea he probably wont be all dat good nowadays especially cuz of all the bootleggin

  • http://www.myspace.com/tha_return_of_tha_badguy tha return of tha bad guy

    yo homes to bel air!…sorry… dude aint gonna make no money

  • http://xxlmag.com i smoke crack

    i hope he can get jiggy with it like his uncle big willie.

  • soulconcepts

    come on yall really clowning the boy before u heard him. and the fact is, we all grew up listening to Will and Jazz. And now yall wanna clown Will because hes not on the rim, gansta, and other bullshit thats out?

    maybe im bias…i use to work at the school ole boy went too. and its true he brought his issues to cali. but hes a good kid. and imma always be a fan of Will. Shit yall gonna dog them out and then go watch bullshit ass 106 and park so u can see the new down south dance with corny ass lyrics.


    Give tha nigga a chance..its too early to say hes lame..gotta hear the first single..if hes workn with Luda & O it must be good..

  • http://www.myspace.com/lilroebitch Lil Roe

    “K Smith”= zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Jano-tha man

    Damn dude is wack i see that from his ugly eyes and man thru his words he will proof he a fag.-..just as his uncle.

  • http://www.hoodgrownrecords.com Hoodgrown


    this is just what the game needs right now….

    MyHood – http://www.hoodgrownrecords.com/myhood
    The Adventures Of An Underfunded Hip Hop Label In It’s Quest To Be Seen And Heard!

    Anyone spit that FIRE? Wanna get on a REMIX?

  • reddzgettinjiggy

    LMAO……him and his uncle can remix gettin jiggy wit it….or maybe SWITCH!!!…they can do a old vs. new school battle rap cd..(hmmm)..with no cursing that way it’s Al Sharpton friendly.*Smile*

  • http://www.myspace.com/topknotchofficials CAM

    1st to all yall punkass haters!!!!!K.Smith is my cousin and the nigga has barz it runs in the fam…so succ a dicc and give him a chance

  • jazz

    Yo!! to all yall haters out there…..GET OFF HIS NUTS!!!! The boi is serious and when you hear his shit…dont come on here and say another word! I grew up with k.smith, 54th Street all day and all ima say is “YOU DONT WANT KNOWN!!!!!”