nas.jpgThe parents of seven victims of the deadly massacre at Virginia Tech are outraged over a scheduled appearance by Nas at a concert intended to uplift spirits on the devastated college campus. According to the Washington Post, the group of parents, who are being represented by security expert Vincent J. Bove, feel Nas’ violent lyrics conflict with the message of peace that the concert is meant to communicate. On April 16, Virginia Tech student Seung Hui-Cho went on a shooting rampage, murdering 32 students and faculty members in cold blood. The incident stands as the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history. "For a university official to condone it or to be clueless of what this person's track record is, it's unconscionable beyond belief," Bove said. But according to school officials, the concert has received an overwhelmingly positive response since it was announced on Wednesday (July 25), and they have no plans to revise the lineup. Members of the Dave Matthews Band, who hail from nearby Charlottesville, organized the show. In addition to Nas, John Mayer and country singer Phil Vassar are also scheduled to appear. Alicia Farrell, whose brother Jarret was one of Hui-Cho’s victims, was somewhat more diplomatic when condemning the performance. "My issue is not with Nas or his lyrics in any other place, but this is an opportunity for healing in the community," said Farrell. "It's the most inappropriate thing I could imagine hearing at such an event."