three-6mafia.jpgA homecoming concert featuring Three 6 Mafia at Maryland’s Towson University has been cancelled over safety concerns. According to the school’s newspaper, The Towerlight, university officials nixed the show when it was revealed that a concertgoer was stabbed during a previous performance by the Memphis group at Towson. The Campus Activities Board had reportedly selected Three 6 as the show’s headliners over two months ago, and was ready to sign a contract to secure their appearance when officials stepped in. “We would have brought in security and done everything to make sure the event was safe,” said Bridget Chase, coordinator for programming in the office of student activities. “But the University was concerned that if anything happened, it would have made the University look reckless for letting Three 6 Mafia perform on campus again. [Towson] didn't want to be liable if someone was hurt. They said it was just too risky.” Although the CAB assured campus administrators that proper security would be provided, the decision was ultimately made to avoid an incident altogether. “We met with campus police and members from CAB to talk about this event,” said Teri Hall, associate vice president for campus life. “We were all clear that we wanted a concert, but after we listened to the pros and cons, I decided to make the decision that we would not bring Three 6 Mafia to campus.”