swizz-1.jpgSuper producer Swizz Beatz will be a guest speaker at “It’s Showtime: In Theatre Event Series,” an inspirational program hosted by Entertainers 4 Education Alliance that looks to motivate high school students to stay in school and pursue their dreams. The event will take place on Thursday, August 9 on the AMC Lincoln Square Theatre in New York City and will be hosted by MTV’s Sway Calloway. Over 600 tri-state high school students will pour into the theatre to listen to Swizz Beatz. “It’s an honor to be a voice that can encourage young kids to stay in school,” Swizzy says. “Growing up, I looked up to celebs like myself. So to be able to talk to these kids face to face and answer their questions and interact with them is great. It’s going to be a great day for both the kids and myself.”