pacman.jpgThe Tennessee Titans’ star cornerback, Adam “Pacman” Jones, was suspended from the NFL earlier this year for his involvement in 10 off-field incidents. The most recent took place in Las Vegas during the NBA All-Star weekend when Jones was involved in a shooting at a strip club that left one man paralyzed. Now that Pacman has to sit out the upcoming NFL season, the Georgia native is venturing into hip-hop, announcing the formation of his record label, National Street League Records. The first act off the imprint will be the Posterboyz, a group that includes Pacman and producer Spoaty. The duo will release their debut single, “Let It Shine,” on August 27, and an accompanying album will follow in 2008. “I am also an entrepreneur,” Pacman says of his new business venture. “It takes a team player to make plays happen so I am bonding with my staff and recording artists to make this company a success. I went within myself to find a place to release my talents while I filter through my career from all of the things that have taken place around me. I find tranquility in writing lyrics, establishing my company and preparing for my promo tour in mid September. Looking from the outside in, I have been the example for many to see the poster child if you will; and from that sentiment the Posterboyz group name was born.”