Substance Found At DMX’s Home Not Drugs

dmx2.jpgAfter days of speculation by local authorities regarding a powdery substance found during a raid DMX’s Cave Creek, Ariz. home, the results of lab tests are in. According to the Associated Press, the tests reveal that the mystery substance is not an illegal narcotic. But according to local sheriff Joe Arpaio, X [whose real name is Earl Simmons] still has some explaining to do. “We’re still looking at what type of powder that is,” Arpaio said. “But we did seize a useable quantity of marijuana. He does have a drug situation there.” Speaking to the AP, the rapper’s attorney—Murray Richman—reiterated that his client has not been at the home in months, and speculated that the marijuana could belong to any number of people. “Does it necessarily belong to Mr. Simmons? Mr. Simmons hasn’t been there in two and a-half months. Other people have. How does he attribute that to Mr. Simmons?”

Arpaio has stated that neighbors claim to have seen X at the residence within the last few weeks. Also discovered during the August 24 raid were 12 malnourished dogs, three dead dogs buried on the premises and a cache of weapons. Deputies first received a report of possibly animal cruelty on August 7, and visited the residence several times thereafter. On August 22, they encountered a man named Brad Blackwell who said he was caring for the dogs but would be leaving on vacation and didn’t know who would be replacing him. Blackwell told the officers that he had agreed to watch the dogs for a few days and that X’s manager was sending him money for dog food.

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  • Benjamins

    DMX crazy as fuck but one of the realest rappers ever in my opinion much respect to him just wish X would get his shit together as far as this goes he doesnt have to explain shit. Why did they raid him to begin with fuck the government and the law we live in maybe the best country but just because its the best does not make it right.

  • too black for my own good

    always trying to keep the black man down fuck honkeys BLACK POWER

  • GMAN

    when michael vick got inducited they blamed rap music jay z and dmx

  • the one

    If the substance aint drugs then its none of your fuckin business faggots.

  • Trizzle

    man i tell u these crackers with they dog worshiping ass, u’d swear they were talkn about kids or some shit

  • Are_You_Serious?

    You people are fuckin’ ignorant…no one is trying to keep the black man down here…regardless, he had drugs and guns at his house…which is fuckin’ illegal if you are black, brown or white. Secondly, it’s fuckin’ inhumane the way Vick treated those dogs…period. Just because some of you are too high to realize it, it doesn’t make it right.

  • Are_You_Serious?

    If you can’t feed them, don’t breed them…dogs or kids…perhaps some people should learn that. (hint, hint…DMX)

  • Dub_Cizzle

    I’m black and I agree…it’s illegal…
    DMX and Mike Vick are both criminals anyways, look at their history…you can retaliate by saying Vick has done charity work…that is only because the NFL requires it (to some degree) and his agent probably told him it was good P.R.

  • SDUB-google-me

    What’s good X hold ya head dog, you owe me twenty dollars from the pool game at the Blaze too! I live out here in Phoenix, these pussy ass bird city police realized that we had a black celebrity that had a large amount of pit-bulls and they wanted to sieze the opportunity to make the headlines. 1st of all what fucking reason did you go to X’s house for, he wasn’t even home so you know that’s bullshit. Usually when you got a warrant you want the owner or violater to be home. 2ndly how come they waited to till the last minute to say they found some sour diesel (they planted it cause they know X smokes). Weed is like a heat stroke here in Phoenix all you need to do is go outside to find it. The reason they did that is because they just knew the powdery substance they found was drugs (HA, bitches). In closing so the fuck what you found a “cache of weapons” it’s legal to bear arms in this state. I got the shotgun with the pistol grip so you could get the gun but or get pistol whipped/Flow on methanphedamines (yeah) the crystal shit-SDUBB

  • yo lol

    yo jay z should make sure he doesnt have any dogs dead/mistreated cuz they gonna raid him next!



  • Dub_cizzle

    SDUB-google-me….ummm…when you mix drugs and guns…yes it is illegal…and secondly…”your boy” X is a crack head too…let’s not forget that…I don’t think that fool is supposed to be around any weapons after all his run-ins with the law. Secondly…you’re meth rhymes don’t really impress anybody, and if you “pistol whip” someone, your dumb-ass will be headed to prison…and again, you’ll make black people proud! Go SDub, go!

  • Dub_cizzle

    Also, a person doesn’t have to be home for a warrant to get served. Think about it you dumb-fuck, if every time a warrant was to be served and the person who answered the door said, “they’re not here ,” then that wouldn’t work so well now, would it? So you and your non-child support paying boy X need to put the fuckin’ crack pipe down and step into reality…Mr. Black Stupidstar! Ignorance isn’t going to get our people anywhere…you idiots are taking us back. You’ll never see Kweli caught up in a situation like this…

  • damn

    dub cizzle you idiot. cops dont knock and ask for you when you get raided. they rush in EXPECTING to find you. otherwise everyone that ever had a warrant served on em would soon find out and skip town you trash mouth piece of shit. also he had 3 malnourished dogs? out of how many? 65? they didnt find no dog fighting equipment or evidence of abuse like mike vicks stupid ass. and so what they found some weed…..he aint hurtin no one but himself. aint like hes selling his kids for a dime bag…..shit or a 20 rock for that matter. so take your faggot ass kweli lovin black people empowering statements the fuck outta here. you think hes such a crack head why the fuck you on here reading news about him? so you can talk shit and call him a crack head? oh yeah youre making black people proud everywhere to pussy. keep talkin shit and puttin black folks down…..youre takin em leaps and bounds into the future dumb fuck.

  • Haha!!

    Seriously, are you dudes arguing over DMX? Is he really that relevant?


    @are you serious…lol wut are you an upstanding citizen? get tha fukk outta here… lame ass


  • TripleX

    “If the substance aint drugs then its none of your fuckin business faggots.”

    Can I get an AMEN!!!!!!!

  • krtitq

    got daim white people love dogs if x had killed he’s kid white people would not have cared as much. saw it on the news, this white bitch left her poodle 5 million dollars for inherance now what the fuck is a dog gonna do with five mills?


    White people used to sleep with their dogs and when they were banished to the caves (in BC TIMES) the women would bone the dogs while their men were away on long hunting trips… that’s explains a few things… 1) why they smell like wet dogs when they get wet 2) why they get head lice, fleas and ticks 3) WHY MIKE VICK IS GONNA DO JAIL TIME FOR A BOGUS CONSPIRACY CHARGE!!


  • Deap

    Media is always tryna cap some shit up. I highly doubt my nigga X would have malnourished dogs on his premises. They are like family to him.

    Badlanda Records

  • shin

    damn dogg…guess x was tellin da truth when he did dat song “walk these dogs”. i thought it just another metaphor like he always does. i dont know wutz wit dmx an breakin da law deez days. iz he doin it fo attention or has he been dis fo a while an he jus now got caught or has he jus another brutha set up by da 5-oh’s?

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