Slum Village Donates Money to Michigan’s AIDS Partnership

slum-village.jpgLast week, Detroit hip-hop group, Slum Village, teamed with the alcoholic beverage company, Remy Martin, to donate $7,500 to Michigan’s AIDS Partnership. According to, Elzhi and T3 of Slum Village presented the donation on August 17 at APM’s Detroit office as a part of Remy Martin’s Black Music Month program. As previously reported on, Remy Cointreau USA, Inc., which distributes the popular cognac Remy Martin, celebrated Black Music Month in June by picking 10 hip-hop artists across the country to participate in local concerts and charity donations. Representing their hometown of Detroit, Slum Village chose to fight the AIDS crisis with their donation. “It’s a big epidemic going on in the city of Detroit and in the Black and Latino community especially,” T3 told

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  • Bol

    There’s an obvious connection to be drawn here, but lord knows I’ve had enough problems already this week.

  • lokee


  • neminem

    1stttttt snitches, bol doesnt count as his pretty ass has aids. no homo.

    Great post! People with aids who live in slums or villages should drink Remy Martin!u can drown ur sorrows! if u drink enough it will lower ur inhibitions and u can sleep with people guilt-free. if u drink even more, u wont even remember those poor suckers, ha! u may even gain a drinking buddy! But dont shoot your home girl if u need her money for more Remy Martin!

    Drink Remy Martin because they care. Bol doesnt even put out in the XXL offices for less than 8000! 2pac drank cognac but i cant remember which one! Who cares! Drink Remy Martin!

    Remy Martin is not not owned by crackaas!

    Remy Martin. Remy Martin


  • Caine

    At least they tryin…Big ups to SLum Village.