Russell Simmons Steps Down as CEO of Phat Fashions

russell_simmons.jpgFifteen years after founding the influential clothing line Phat Farm and it’s related brands, Russell Simmons has stepped down as CEO of Phat Fashions LLC. Simmons sold the company to St. Louis based apparel and consumer goods manufacturer Kellwood in 2004, but has remained on board as chief executive. “I have enjoyed my association with Kellwood over the last three years,” Russell said in a statement. “We have accomplished much during this short period of time, and I leave the division and the brand in great hands. There are so many things I want to achieve, and this is the appropriate moment for me to move on to my next business venture.” Since its inception in 1992, Phat Fashions has expanded to include several sub-brands including Phat Farm Boys, XV and the widely popular women’s line Baby Phat. There are currently 13 flagship Phat Fashions stores worldwide. “Russell Simmons is one of the true pioneers of the urban lifestyle fashion business,” said Kellwood chairman and CEO Robert C. Skinner. “He leaves an outstanding creative legacy at Phat Fashions, and we will continue to build on that heritage as Phat Fashions continues to break through boundaries and set the standard for innovative design and high quality sportswear.” With his departure, Russell will retain ownership of his new high end apparel brands, Russell Simmons Argyle Culture and Atman.

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  • Blakjustice30

    last! Do ya thing.

  • BirdsFlySouth

    I wonder what office this dude is about to run for. B/c all of a sudden his gotten real political. And it seems like he’s cutting all ties with hip/hop. Mayor Rus?????

  • Bol

    Sounds like Blood Diamond Russ got fired from his own company.

  • King B

    Russ loss Kimora, and his clothing line, to bad, to bad, oh well he’s rich as a motherfucker.

  • Jim

    Russell Simmons is the smartest man alive when it comes to business in the hip hop area. He knew phat farm was on its way down

  • http://jkajj Big Germ

    Watch Out For Mayor Russell Simmons

  • Carlito Bragonti

    Who cares. This nigga been rippin black folks off for years and he gets praised for it. This nigga rich as hell from black people and never gave shit back accept for that bum ass hiphop summit. FUCK PHAT FARM AND RUSSELL SIMMONS!!!!

  • Purple Hulk


  • Cool

    I wonder what he’s going to do next ?

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  • cheddamelt

    he is not the man,how can you sell your soul like this?first it was jay-z now its you.50cent is the only hope to black peaple (BEE)gggunit

  • ralph

    fuck him

  • Noah

    Well, Phat Farm started with a philosophical idea: that urban (i.e. black people) should define their own image in fashion.

    Always respected that ethos. I’m happy for Russell’s personal success, but sad to see creative control of a black business institution be handed over to presumably non-black people.

    Hope Phat Farm maintains its original character.

  • kritiq

    house nigga

  • Anabel Wash

    50 Cent and everyone else has done the very same thing. They talk shit, make money and then they chill. You haters need to stop with the bullshit cause you know damned well if the money suddenly gets waved in your face, guess what? YOU’D BE SHUFFLING AROUND THE HOUSE,TOO. You think you can talk shit from the sidelines, but when it comes down to playing with money, I am sure you will hve a problem putting it into charities like many of the beforementioned people HAVE DONE. Get your shit together cause you are just piping mad that others are doing what YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO, BUT ARE TOO BUSY TALKING SHIT TO ACTUALLY EXECUTE.

  • dezmond rat

    theres 2 types of niggas. the house nigga n the field nigger (street nigga) this nigga is a house nigga. real niggaz dont get with ho’z like kimora who shit in GOLD toilets. bein rich is 1 thing but havin a gold toilet?!! theres people dying in the world russ

  • Real Talk

    One day I hope to become successful rich and famous so that broke hatin ass dudecan call me a house Nigga too.

    *goes back to studying*

  • Claire Daugherty‘s done it once more. Incredible writing!