pjuice-purple.jpgNelly and the Fillmore Street Brewery, which manufactures and markets his Pimp Juice brand energy drink, recently announced the debut of a brand new flavor. Pimp Juice, the Purple Label is a mixture of pomegranate, acai, prickly pear and other flavors, infused with caffeine, taurine, and guarana for extra kick. In conjunction with the launch of Pimp Juice Purple Label, Nelly has also announced the 3rd Annual Pimp Juice P.I.M.P. “Upgrade Your Life” Scholarship Competition. Eligible students will compete to win one of four $5000 dollar scholarships and free products and gear. In order to enter, contestants must submit an essay of under 1000 words detailing how they plan to “upgrade his or her Life through education, hard work, creativity, heart, and philanthropy,” and a photograph of them holding a can of Pimp Juice. For more information, go to the Pimp Juice website at www.letitloose.com.