Mobile, Alabama City Council Defends Ludacris Concert Despite Protests

ludacris-11.jpgDespite rampant protests, Ludacris will perform at the 13th Annual BayFest music festival in Mobile, Ala. The three-day event, which takes place between October 5 and 7, features over 125 musical acts and is one of the cities biggest concerts. But according to the Mobile Register, various conservative groups, lead by Sam Martston IV, have protested Ludacris’ involvement in the festival even though the Atlanta native has agreed to censor his lyrics for the concert. “Someone, perhaps the council and the mayor, owe the city an apology for the decision to invite Ludacris,” Martston says. “Its great for him to give a good show and fool some parents into letting their children go out and buy this music that includes these awful lyrics.” Not everyone, however, agrees with Martston’s crusade to ban Luda. On Tuesday, August 21, the Mobile City Council and city administration defended their decision to let Ludacris perform. “We stand on the merits of who we hired,” says Bobby Bostwick, the city’s director of cultural and civic development. “We’re going to continue to pick the best of every type of music we can get.” Council member, Fred Richardson, also threw his support behind Luda. “People change,” he said. “Give this brother a chance.”

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  • http://TheDreamInc. The Mayor

    Say Luda Is a muthafuckin beast on any song he touches this person jus hatin his ass of cause luda gettin mad cake

  • The Mayor

    Luda is the best in tha south all day evry day if you dont lik it suck dick and die

  • render

    whatever they do, least they can’t take away his shape up

  • Trizzle

    “People change,” he said. “Give this brother a chance.”

    plain n simple

  • BirdsFlySouth

    The world will be a better place once these old dinosaurs die off.

    I can’t stand how these “so called” church folk cast judgement on the next man (which is a sin). I can’t wait until they get that rude awakening at them pearly gates. When Luda or anybody else messes up “You’re a sinner and you going to hell” but when the so called church folk do the same thing its “God knows my heart”

  • http://myspace/julianblake JB

    Man everytime im on xxl someone protesting against a hip hop act….twista, luda, TI, Wayne…these niggas really mad @ hip hop..hahaha FUCK EM…!

  • therealrob

    it’s juss music mang. why make a big deal ’bout Looduh anyways? this dude is strictly commercial rap. hip-hop is not being represented in any way so i don’t give a care.

  • Sam Marston IV

    Say what you want. Bayfest is a venue funded by taxpayers. take the vulgarity somewhere else!!!!