missy.jpgAccording to Billboard.com, Missy Elliot is collaborating with Doritos for a new ad campaign set to debut on September 17. The commercials find Missy working in the lab on a new song while eating a new flavor of Doritos called Collisions, which features two different tasting chips in each bag. During the ad, Missy is then inspired by the Collision chips to doing some blending of her own, mixing hip-hop with country for the commercial’s song. “The whole idea of the mash-up is so prevalent and popular in music today,” Missy’s manager, Mona Scott of Violator Management, tells Billboard.com. “It’s so Missy. And the fact that the campaign takes place in a studio means that Missy remains in her element, which makes the whole thing authentic.” In addition, the new ad campaign will be accompanied by an online contest. Fans can log onto www.snackstrongproductions.com and create their own mash-up songs. The five best tracks will be chosen as winners and will receive an undisclosed prize. Missy Elliot is currently in the lab finishing her new album, tentatively titled The Countdown, which is due out in December on The Gold Mind/Atlantic Records.