Mayoral Candidate in New Zealand Wants Ice Cube Show Cancelled

icecube2.jpgA mayoral candidate in Auckland, New Zealand is trying to get an upcoming Ice Cube concert cancelled because he says the legendary MC’s music promotes the gangster lifestyle. According to the New Zealand Herald, candidate Len Brown is putting pressure on the CEO of the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre in Manukau to cancel the August 22 show. The politician believes Cube’s music will have a negative influence on youth in the Auckland community, which he says is experiencing problems with gangs and violence in recent months. “Ice Cube brings a gangsta message to our community via his gangsta rap. This message promotes gangs, gang violence and drugs,” Brown said in a press releases detailing his stance. “We don’t want this in our homes. We don’t want it on our streets.” Concert promoter Camilla Anderson has disputed Mr. Brown’s claims, stating that Cube is in fact a Muslim and a family man. Anderson also stated that she believes Brown’s crusade is nothing more than a tactic to gain attention for the upcoming election.

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  • Trizzle

    BS nuuf said

  • fuckin cracker

    Preach on Len Brown. Oh yrah, fuck you dark.

  • fuckin cracker

    Preach on Len Brown. Oh yeah, fuck you dark.

  • Cynic

    Im not sure about yall but Im tired oh hip hop taking the wrap he needs to settle that shit within his own community he cant just go around blaming everyone for his problems only idiots do whatever people in a song tell them to but unfortunately there are people that ignorant but thats not Ice’s fault Mr.Brown just take care of this shit on your own unless if you ban Ice Cube CD’s then their gonna hear it either way.And if he bans Ice he has to ban everyone cuz thats unfair to just say hes the only problem and Im sure there are much more negative influences out there for them(they were in gangs before that started)and Im positive just one man isnt going to effect their rest of their lives so just lay off Ice and the hip hop community and be a man grow some balls and take care of your own business.Plus Ive never heard of anyone big coming from New Zealand so you should consider that a privelidge and honor also open up your arms to the diversity think before you talk cuz you sound like an asshole.But anyway no beef as long as you dont ban Ice(This message was addressed soley to Mr.Brown).PEACE AND ONE LOVE!!!

  • Cynic

    Well if your so worried about gang violence in your community.You need to become a man grow some balls and take care of that.Ice Cube or any other MCs arent to blame just cuz of their lyrics well f.y.i. not everyone is a mindless idiot who will do anything someone whos song their listening to says but unfortunately there are and I wish I could say its only a few but the problem is much worse than that but can we expect when the president of the “most powerful” country in the world is one of them?(Hypothetical question)You need to watch what you say Mr.Brown cuz from what I hear you seem to very ignorant and you wouldnt get my vote but luckily I dont live in New Zealand so I can go to all the Ice Cube concerts I want.But you cant say that Ice is to blame for all these gangs and violence its your fault for not doing anything about it and you just want it to be someone elses problem plus there were most likely gangs before they even started listening to hip hop over there and Im sure you would rather have one of them bubblegum rappers like Young Berg or someone and are afraid of diversity and real hip hop for some reason you dont want everyone else to listen to that and look like a dick so you make up some bullshit story like this.Anyway it probably has a little bit with publicity cuz you know you wont get votes any other way.But even if the concert is cancelled I know for sure unless if you ban CDs over there too theyll still hear it so itll have the same “effect” on theyre lives.Plus I dont know about yall but Im really tired of hip hop always taking the wrap for everything and I think Ice should rise up and request a boycott over there for not just hip hop but all artists of any genre until that dude takes the out from his ass and is fair and lets them perform.Ive never in my life heard of anyone from New Zealand make it big so he should be honored Ice would even consider going there.I wrote a preious message and Im not sure it went through but if it did they should sound a little different and please do me a favor and read both but if not thats alright either way.Im out.Mr.Brown please take care of your own problems before you go blaming everyone else and sound like an idiot.(This whole post was addressed soley to Mr.Brown)PEACE AND ONE LOVE!!!

  • baa baaa black sheep

    HAAAHAHA the mayor doesnt want cube there,4 that yet lets her people continue to sexually assault sheep at will…whay a joke

  • its me

    cube is soooooo much different from those nwa dayz. the man is making movies and all types of shit. of course he was a founder of gangsta rap but he is also a person who learned from his past and has done so much more than rap g shit in the past ten yrs. when these rock bands go have concerts they promote drugs and suicide. its fucked up that they would do some shit like this. but hey fuck New Zealand and Len Brown……3rd world mutha fuckas

  • BklynBandette

    First Nas, Now Cube. How Long Will It Be Before We Start Taking Back Control Of Our Music & Culture?

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …