icecube2.jpgA mayoral candidate in Auckland, New Zealand is trying to get an upcoming Ice Cube concert cancelled because he says the legendary MC’s music promotes the gangster lifestyle. According to the New Zealand Herald, candidate Len Brown is putting pressure on the CEO of the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre in Manukau to cancel the August 22 show. The politician believes Cube’s music will have a negative influence on youth in the Auckland community, which he says is experiencing problems with gangs and violence in recent months. “Ice Cube brings a gangsta message to our community via his gangsta rap. This message promotes gangs, gang violence and drugs,” Brown said in a press releases detailing his stance. “We don’t want this in our homes. We don’t want it on our streets.” Concert promoter Camilla Anderson has disputed Mr. Brown’s claims, stating that Cube is in fact a Muslim and a family man. Anderson also stated that she believes Brown’s crusade is nothing more than a tactic to gain attention for the upcoming election.