mckenzie1.jpgPolice in Hartford, CT arrested a man who claims to work for 50 Cent early Friday morning (August 2) for discharging a firearm in public. According to the Hartford Courant 26 year-old Dwayne McKenzie (left), who says he lives at 50’s mansion in Farmington, CT, fired a .40 caliber glock after another man tried to rob him of a necklace he claims was given to him by the rapper. Nobody was injured during the shooting which took place around 1:50 a.m. near 36 High Street. McKenzie, who has a permit for the weapon, told authorities that 25 year-old Adolfo Yepez tried to snatch the $100,000 platinum and diamond necklace off his neck during an argument. Yepez countered that he ran after McKenzie drew the weapon during the dispute. When Hartford police arrived on the scene, they took McKenzie into custody and found the weapon in his front pants pocket. The man told police that he had not fired the pistol, and claimed that all 16 rounds were still loaded. Upon inspection, police found that three rounds were missing. Yepez was caught running from the scene with the necklace in his possession. He has been charged with third degree robbery. McKenzie was charged with one count of unlawful discharge of a firearm and first-degree reckless endangerment. Both are due in court on August 14