Maino Signs With Atlantic Records; Aligns with T.I.: “I’m Riding With Grand Hustle”

maino.jpgOn Friday, August 17, Brooklyn rapper Maino officially inked a deal with Atlantic Records for his Hustle Hard imprint and upcoming debut album, Death Before Dishonor. Maino, who was previously signed to Universal Records, gained notoriety in 2004 with his song “Rumors,” an ode to taboo hearsay such as DMX’s alleged drug habit and Trina’s alleged bi-sexual escapades. Now, with his deal with Atlantic Records finalized, Maino is happy to have a new home. “I’m very happy,” Maino tells exclusively. “I’m not going to be stuck in a situation where I’m stuck for a million years. I’m in a great position. I’m in a way better position than I could have ever dreamed about being at Universal.”

In addition to his new deal, Maino reveals to that fellow label-mate, T.I., is co-signing the Brooklyn rapper and working with him on his debut album. “I’m signed with Atlantic but I’m riding with Grand Hustle,” he says. “It’s all in the same building. It only makes sense to fuck with another real nigga. We’re all coming through Atlantic anyway.” While the pairing may seem odd, Maino and T.I. met in Los Angeles and quickly became friends. “We chopped it up a few times. Then when I was out in L.A. a while back, we talked about really doing business together,” Maino tells “It only made sense. It feels good. This is the first time you have a dude from New York really doing his thing and a dude who is already solidified in the game coming together from the South. It’s like terrorism, man. You put those two elements together, it’s like history we’re talking about right now.” As far as T.I.’s involvement in Death Before Dishonor, Maino says. “I pretty much have a solid foundation. He’s going to add to it.”

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  • Beeyo

    Hip Hop has been saved.

    just being sarcastic of course.

  • og bobby johnson

    I fucks with Maino….I might cop it

  • geico lizard

    i wonder if maino will diss mobb deep now that havoc dissed TI and maino is famous for not being afraid to diss anybody.

  • Trizzle

    who is thys dude?

  • fireforreal

    I say he might have an alright project but atlantic has been known for fucking over there artist’s other than T.I. . Maino might be on the roster for 2 years than maybe drop or drop soon with no promo.That’s how the game is now if your not from the south or already a major player like Snoop,Em,Nelly,Wayne,Nas you get the back burner treatment just ask Saigon

  • Ali

    He’ll end up like Saigon, never dropping.Hell Saigom is half decent Maino stands no chance

  • Trev-O-Negative

    Yo i hope maino don’t do sumthin’ stupid like dis the unit,cuz i heard da song he got with mazaradi fox and uncle murda and dat shit wuz sick,plus NY rap is tryin’ 2 make a comeback so it would jus b a stupid move.Da reason da south can dominate like it do,cuz we stick together,look @ khaled he use da same ppl who alwayz work together,and he has sum measure uv sucess.So kill dat beef talk.Maino is nice so i would give his album alisten and with T.I. on board i’m pretty sure atlantic will put sum marketin’ dollarz bhind it.

  • Freddy(Vega$)

    Maino is pretty gully, with TI he should sell umm.. maybe 185,000 copies. goos shit for his 1st major LP!

  • Caine

    Dats a good look fa Maino. “Da hood gone remember meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • That nigga R Dot

    “It’s like terrorism”…the fuck????

  • Pingback: 50 cent i get money remix with jay-z diddy and kanye in the works

  • Lil Roe

    wow…..that’s def a good look for Maino…I remember “Rumors”, shit as a matter of fact I got the damn instrumental….but, the nigga still gone brick……

  • me niggga

    Lil Roe Says:

    August 28th, 2007 at 8:30 am
    wow…..that’s def a good look for Maino…I remember “Rumors”, shit as a matter of fact I got the damn instrumental….but, the nigga still gone brick……
    I cant help but feel the same way even tho im pulling for him


    now if this fool dont bring it back to the east

  • DJ

    yo fuck all u haters maino is probobly the best rapper out nyc or atl least da realist now hes actually got a nouther real nigga dat will market him yo all u haters sayin he gon brick prolly aint neva heard the king of the city mixtape awe man da first comment is tru yo hip-hop is saved well at least nyc hip hop lol