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  • DirtDoggy

    Yo, kicko the links fucked. Is this bout Kelvin talkin shit ? being jelious cause Hov evolved into a supirior hustler compared to Klein’s bitch ass, quit hatin Kelvin, you mad cause Jay was smarter than you and hustled records instead of pies ? we all know you can’t rhyme, or can you ? hustling is hustling no matter what your slingin fuck stick. And soilders are harder than the general cause they take all the risk, so what the fuck is you talkin bout ? even if he was a soilder and no more, what does that mean ? some soildgers have more heart and smarts than their superior. What you know bout that, by the way I thought Kelvin Klein designed faggot ass scarves for homosexuals and weak ass faggots. Hovie’ holla at this mutherfucker, he’s had to much time to think and not enough time to think, naw mean.