Jay-Z Fights 40/40 Club Wage Scandal

jay2.jpgIn May, former waitresses at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club, Sheron Branch and Kishma Pickering, filed a lawsuit against Hova and the club’s management, claiming she and other employees were paid below minimum wage. Now, according to the New York Post, S. Carter and his team of lawyers are fighting back, issuing a counterclaim in Manhattan federal court yesterday (August 7) claiming Branch, “abandoned her employment…by failing to show up for work as scheduled, without calling in” on Christmas in 2006. According to the suit, Branch also stole the passwords to the 40/40 Club’s YouTube and MySpace accounts and deleted promotional videos worth approximately $20,000. Attorneys for Jay-Z also filed papers in federal court on July 30 claiming Jay is merely a shareholder in the popular sports bar and has no involvement in the nightspot’s day-to-day operations.

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  • Rodjilius

    as rich as he is its kinda hard to believe dat he would pay somebody below dat much but of course everybody wants money

  • cracker420

    1st bitches

  • Kid Anonymous757

    He is a motherfukin shareholder for godsake it aint his fault its the managers fault and that bitch stole the clubs passwords to their promotional sites on youtube and myspace…plus she had arrived late to work and she is a fuckin waitress and everyone knows that waiters/waitresses can get paid below minimum wage because they get tips.

  • Hova

    big homie got bigger things to do then check that the waitress at his club gets payed right damn its the managments fault jay probly yachting it up somwhere in his open toed sandels

  • Fire

    The lady and others like her are (cue Kanye beat) nothin’ but gold diggers. MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MONEY!

  • Pimp C

    Fuck Jigga. New York ain’t the east coast – check the time zone nigga

  • fuck pimp C

    No, fuck pimp C , who u fuck wit, Dickset?