HollyHood Filmz to Produce Dear Mama: The Life Story of Afeni Shakur

afeni1.jpgHollyHood Filmz, an independent film production company headed by Tupac protégé Young Noble of The Outlawz and Omar “Ice Man” Sharif, has acquired the rights to Dear Mama: The Life Story of Afeni Shakur. The film will chronicle the life of ‘Pac’s mother from her birth as Alice Faye Williams in Lumberton, N.C. to her battles with record labels for the rights to her son’s posthumous material. Also covered in the film will be the extraordinary story of Afeni’s time with the Black Panther Party, her struggles with drug addiction and the murder of her son. “The Dear Mama story is long overdue…I’m just so blessed to be in a position to produce this movie and make sure Afeni and ‘Pac is proud when its done, this movie will offer hope and be an inspiration to the millions of people who will see it,” said Young Noble. “This incredible lady defended herself in court while pregnant with 2Pac during a bomb conspiracy trial facing 352 years and was acquitted of 156 counts against her and 20 other members of the Black Panther Party! I felt that the world needs to know where 2Pac got his mind, heart, spirit and courage so I called Afeni with the idea. She was excited and gave me her blessing.” HollyHood Filmz is currently seeking out top producers, directors and actors for the biopic. Additionally, the Dear Mama soundtrack will be produced by Young Buck and The Outlawz for Cashville Records and 1 Nation Entertainment in association with Amaru Entertainment. Artists expected to appear on the compilation include Young Buck, The Outlawz, 50 Cent and T.I.

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  • http://whumphreyemtechotmail.com S on my chest

    Last time i checked they didn’t have that much of a relationship???! Surely they should be doing something about Pac?? I know its his moms and shity but shes alkways struck me as eating off the dead.

    RIP Pac

  • og bobby johnson

    does anyone give a fuck?
    “Even tho you was a crack phene….”

  • BirdsFlySouth

    Please let that man RIP…..

  • dear mama

    this is long overdue…Pac always gave him mom respect and love for her struggles and the way she raised him and her sister, so i believe that this project will be a blessed and possibly open up the eyes of the youth to the struggles that faced us then and still face us now

  • Around and Around

    Good should be interesting as long as the outlaws are better at producing movies then rap.


    S on my chest >>>> og bobby johnson… YES, PEOPLE DO CARE ABOUT TUPAC or his mother she maybe more important then he was, believe it or not, she’s the one that was part of the black panther movement… she went to jail for her cause, for black to have a voice… she had tupac in jail as she went through hell for standing up for her self… FUCK U AND ANY ONE ELSE THAT DISSED 2 PAC OR BIGGIE… THIS HAS TO BE THE WORST ERA OF RAP EVER… (MINUS JAY-Z, EMINEM, 50 CENT AND OTHERS THAT HOLD THE LYRICAL END TOGETHER)

  • youngll

    S on my chest

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  • Durty

    Good, Im glad 2 see somethin real be made into ah movie, all this Underdog, and Mr. Beans and dumb ass shit getting made, FUCK DAT BITCH,,,,,I want it made even if don’t hit the big screen

  • Vicious Seiger

    Just Say No . . . Draw your own conclusions to as why anyone would want to spend any of their hard earned money to see this. Even hardcore 2pac fans can’t tell me this is something they just have to see. Man this looks like Vultures picking 2pac’s corpse clean. I’m not the biggest 2pac fan but it seems more and more that 2pac’s legacy is nothing more than a corporate commercial money making machine. I mean it seems that anybody with enough money can get a piece of the action. 2pac shirts, 2pac posters, 2pac coffee mugs, 2pac magnets, 2pac notebooks, 2pac microwavable pizzas, 2pac car wax – I mean it seems no one is drawing the line as to what to do and not do with his namesake. Kids are getting fat off his death . . . Eating real good. I don’t want to say any ill things about Afeni but you don’t see Voletta Wallace exploiting her son’s legacy. Maybe I’m reading into this wrong but it sure doesn’t seem like that. Here’s A Question – If She WASN’T 2pac’s Mom would you be interested in seeing this Movie?

  • Marlon

    Why cant we just be happy to see blacks progressing in the industry thats mainly minated by whites and i personaly think it will be a good idea

  • me nigga

    a crack who had a talented son wow. how bout making the movie about the talented son???


    hey honestly i dont want this come on wat did she do did she inpact my life i think not, this wouldnt make any sense to show rappers who didnt even know him in the documentry and why would you make a movie to depress us and not enlighten us. GOT TO DO BETTER

  • http://www.xxlmag.com oneil hunn

    i have never seen so much hate an negativity. i am curious have any of you come from the struggle. how could you disrespect anyones mother. my mother was a crackhead and she still is a queen and my best friend. dont always look aat what may be precieved as negative. remeber she is and was a true black panther and if they focus on her story this is surely a story that should be told. protect yourself from short term memory cause there was a yesterday a past that surely made the future we live in. honor and respect each other or no one will.


    ya’ll are some assholes!
    this woman is just as important as 2pac!
    she stood her ground against a racist government and was able to dodge a lifetime in prison.
    ok,she became a dope phene but,she overcame that!
    alot of people are dope phenes for life.
    now she’s doing things to make a difference.
    you might say she is eating off of pac but,that’s what pac wanted!
    he wanted his family to be taken care of!
    in 2pac Resurrection!, they said he was like the provider for the whole family!
    so i say it’s nice to see his mom get something for a change.
    she’s been busting her ass to make sure her son’s name lives on!
    hate all you want,but pac ain’t going nowhere!
    T.I.P. thug in peace

  • sunshine pearls

    Lets get one thang straight, tupac is a great man. Disregaurd the confratations with the police, which in his case was probably a hate crime,disregaurd the dope he sold and the guns he shot,disregaurd the violent picture the “outlawz” portrayed on the big screen. Now for one moment why not think of the peace that he brought to young men when they played a record of his, or when we here that song “Dear Mama” we can also feel within, a feeling that brings us to comfort with others and ourselves. I know his mom is very proud of his acomplishments and i think if i would’ve got the chance to meet tupac I would’ve liked the dude. I just have one question, Does anybody think that Young Joc’s song,(There ain’t a gurl on this earth, like my mama but if i find that gurl i’m a make her my woman)was maybe inspired by tupac’s “Dear Mama” or kinda came from this of tupac’s. Well this ya kid sunshine pearls reppin IL. get back at me I need to Know what does everybody think’s.

  • http://www.xrossmusic.com XROSS (pronounced cross)

    It will be a great opportunity to see the roots of 2pac upbringing and how he evolved as well as tell a good story of a mothers struggle to surrive and raise a son who excelled to the to of the music industry. all we know about pac and his mom is what hollywood told us or showed us, what better place to get the truth than from his mother who has sacrificed her son for us.