Glasses Malone, Ya Boy and Rob G Join BumSquad DJ’z

bumsquad-djs.jpgFrom July 26 to 28, the BumSquad DJ’z held their second annual Family Reunion at the Los Angeles Marriot. Founded by Latin Prince (Universal Motown Director of National Mixshow Promotions), the BumSquad DJ’z are a collective of industry DJ’s and artists such as DJ Skee, DJ Clark Kent, DJ Eque, Paul Wall, Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz. The crew holds an annual get together every summer in order to celebrate the hottest new music, fashion and entertainment. At this year’s event, the BumSquad announced the addition of three new official members — Cash Money Records’ newest artist, Glasses Malone, former Black Wall Street affiliate, Ya Boy, and Houston native Rob G. “This year’s event superseded all of our expectations,” says Latin Prince. “Deals were made and some folks walks away with endorsements. It was a beautiful situation and we got new family members that will be a welcomed addition to the family. Glasses Malone, Ya Boy and Rob G join Paul Wall, Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz as official BumSquad artists. The next reunion will take place in Hawaii and promises to be even bigger and better.”

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  • esco

    first bitches!!

  • ri067953

    Yo, GM is now on CMR? I thought he signed a million dollar contract with Sony about a year or so ago. Guess they weren’t trying to put out his album. All this talent from the West and nobody can put out a major label album? What’s up with that?

  • Leo

    man all i got 2 say is that wayne an them bet not g. malones talent go 2 waste anybody that has heard g. malone spit know what im talkin bout an does anybody have a story on y ya boy is not wit blackwall st. anymore an since he left where is tech & cyssero

  • Pop

    Don’t believe those 7 figure deals these artists throw out there in hope of getting some publicity. Its usually a fraction of the number and its incentive – driven. For example that so called 7 million figure them DSR cats from Dallas was actually 500k in cash and the rest if they hit certain sale numbers (which they so far have not). Wake up to the real game

  • ri067953

    Still, Sony did not put out his album regardless. Bottom line is that GM has talent and shouldn’t be signed to CMR which is a not even a real record label, IMO. They only have one big artist. Same thing with Bad Boy. The only artist on BB that continues to put out albums is Diddy. Name one label that is owned by a hip-hop artist that has a stable of talent and puts out quality albums? Stones Throw, but nobody fucks with them, really

  • ja

    the kid ya boy is nice…he got potential.word up.

  • 3rd 3rd

    Did y’all hear about that sports journalist who got shitcanned for saying the same thing about Mike Vick that Bol said in his blog

  • Austrian_Thug

    eyo them niggas did right…man them ol skool niggas would be lost nowadays without guess what? a crew

  • Austrian_Thug

    eyo them niggas did right…man them ol skool niggas would be lost nowadays without guess what? a crew

  • Anonymous

    Y’ALL sound Dumb and Broke. Ninja’S always Haten. STOP HATEN AND START LEARNING YOU poot butt Square.BUTTS.whos in XXL and whos NOT He must Be doing something Right…Laugh TO the BANK BIg GlA$$ HOUSE.. WATTS UP HATERZ… BLU DIVISION/CashMoney Lets Get It……HA HA HA Reqquest Certified On your local Station Featuring AKON WESTSIDER RIDERZ

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