foxy-12.jpgNew York City probation officials plan to ask a judge to violate Foxy Brown’s probation as a result of her latest run in with the law. Probation Department spokesman Jack Ryan confirmed the request to the New York Daily News yesterday. "We have filed a violation of probation with the court," Ryan said. Foxy turned herself in to police on Tuesday (August 14) and was arrested and booked on charges of felony assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon.

Her alleged victim, 25 year-old Arleen Raymond, told police that she first got into it with Fox about the short tempered rapper blasting her car stereo loudly in their Brooklyn neighborhood. According to Raymond, Foxy then stormed into the drugstore where she works and proceeded to wave money in her face and hurl insults at her. "Foxy stated in sum and substance, 'You are a lowlife b---h. B---h, you work at the pharmacy. You'll never be nothing!,'" an unidentified law enforcement source told the News. The argument turned physical on July 30 when Raymond says the rapper approached her as she was walking home and hurled her Blackberry cell phone at her.

"She just ran into me and she just started screaming, 'I hate you, bitch.' And she hit me with her BlackBerry. She just threw it at me,” Raymond told the New York Post. “I have an abrasion in my eye. It was red and bleeding. She ran off to her mother's home." But Foxy’s mother, Judith Marchand, denies Raymond’s version of events and says that the drugstore cashier started with her daughter. "She said, 'Let's fight now that you're alone, bitch.' My daughter pushed her away and may have brushed her with the phone," Marchand told the News. "She knows something like this could compromise my daughter's probation so she thinks she's going to get money out of her, but she's not going to get a cent." Foxy is due back in court on September 26.