Foxy Brown Facing Jail Time, Alleged Victim Speaks

foxy-12.jpgNew York City probation officials plan to ask a judge to violate Foxy Brown’s probation as a result of her latest run in with the law. Probation Department spokesman Jack Ryan confirmed the request to the New York Daily News yesterday. “We have filed a violation of probation with the court,” Ryan said. Foxy turned herself in to police on Tuesday (August 14) and was arrested and booked on charges of felony assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon.

Her alleged victim, 25 year-old Arleen Raymond, told police that she first got into it with Fox about the short tempered rapper blasting her car stereo loudly in their Brooklyn neighborhood. According to Raymond, Foxy then stormed into the drugstore where she works and proceeded to wave money in her face and hurl insults at her. “Foxy stated in sum and substance, ‘You are a lowlife b—h. B—h, you work at the pharmacy. You’ll never be nothing!,’” an unidentified law enforcement source told the News. The argument turned physical on July 30 when Raymond says the rapper approached her as she was walking home and hurled her Blackberry cell phone at her.

“She just ran into me and she just started screaming, ‘I hate you, bitch.’ And she hit me with her BlackBerry. She just threw it at me,” Raymond told the New York Post. “I have an abrasion in my eye. It was red and bleeding. She ran off to her mother’s home.” But Foxy’s mother, Judith Marchand, denies Raymond’s version of events and says that the drugstore cashier started with her daughter. “She said, ‘Let’s fight now that you’re alone, bitch.’ My daughter pushed her away and may have brushed her with the phone,” Marchand told the News. “She knows something like this could compromise my daughter’s probation so she thinks she’s going to get money out of her, but she’s not going to get a cent.” Foxy is due back in court on September 26.

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  • Foxtrot

    blah blah. really really boring.



  • JUMZ

    Why dont these ghetto superstars move the fuck out the hood then? Its obvious these people is hating, get the fuck out the hood!!! Dumb bitch

  • BklynBandette

    I don’t think Foxy still lives there, but her mother does. Still, you have a point: why put yourself in these situations?
    Folks like Foxy feel good when making others feel bad. They don’t come back to their ‘hood to help or uplift. They come through to flash their little bit of dough or ride, and try to make folks feel like they’re less than for not having. Because in reality, when it comes to Real Ballers, Movers, and Shakers- They Ain’t SHIT! She ain’t gonna wild out like that with folks with Real Ends. They will not entertain her. They got money to get, they ain’t paying her any mind. She pulls her circus stunts for her regular captive audience of hood rats. Then, when the Natives start getting restless and turn the tables on her, she wanna wonder why. You can’t come flaunting wealth in the midst of folks who don’t know where their next slice of Bread is coming from. Shit Too Dangerous.
    I Ain’t Saying you shouldn’t come through your Ol’ Stompin’ Grounds, but you should be a whole lot wiser about it! This girl has been blessed with talent and 10 second chances. She’d better start making some changes, or else …

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …

  • heebyjeeby

    BklynBandette’s comment is probably the most sensible comment that I’ve EVER read on any of these messageboard!

  • Caine

    Co-sign Brooklyn Bandette.

  • BklynBandette

    Thanks Fellas. I’ve always believed that Straight Talk Leads To Straight Understanding!

  • murdermami

    if this tramp would put as much effort into an album as she does playing the billy bad ass role she would be a superstar


    Foxy is the Badest bitch fuck Trina/she needz a jail warden Dick stuck in between her

  • Jano-tha_hustla

    Damn man fox boogie was my fucking favourite backndaday and somehow i believe what Ms. Marchand told the popo about Inga. And i truely believe the bitch wanna get some money out of Foxy…man brooklyn also got broke people.


    Foxy is the badest bitch fuck trina / she needz a jail warden dick stuck in between her/ so she can stop her misdemeanor /………….. (learn more about this Hardest best kept Nigga E-man a Medevol.

  • DOwnSOuf

    All I wanna know where wuz all this penned up aggression when Jacki-O beat da brakes off her!!!!!

  • Rsenal

    Yeah, Foxy has been given plenty of opportunities for freedom. That said, she should not be denied her due process i.e. making her guilty prior to heading to court. I do agree that once you have a little bit of celebrity status i.e. Foxy, you should move out of the hood. The people in the hood (have nots) will naturally want to take from those who have and that’s the harsh reality. A lot of times it’s not their fault rather it’s the circumstances. I hear Foxy has a temper issue and she better get that resolved if that’s the cause of her problems.


    What happen to this chick? Somebody or something had to get to her because for the past 6
    six years this chick has been lunchin!