Foxy “Suffering Greatly” in Jail, Files Suit Against Correction Department

foxy-16.jpgAfter spending nearly a week at New York’s Riker’s Island correctional facility, Foxy Brown has had enough. According to the New York Post, she filed a lawsuit against the New York Department of Corrections on Monday (August 27) in an attempt to secure her release from the jail. The suit claimed that Judge Melissa Jackson’s decision to lock her up on a probation violation until a September 7 hearing was “arbitrary” and “unlawful,” and revealed that the rapper is “suffering greatly” through her incarceration. But Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Laura Ward disagreed and tossed the suit, effectively dooming Foxy to another ten days in the big house. Judge Jackson threw Fox Boogie in jail on August 22 after she was arrested in her home borough of Brooklyn for allegedly assaulting her neighbor with a Blackberry cell phone. The very next day, the trouble prone MC was pulled over in Mahwah, New Jersey and issued seven traffic summonses. The arresting officers said that she initially gave them an incorrect birth date and spelling of her name.

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    her life is sad very sad if she’s trying to get publicity it isnt working , why couldnt she just get a real job because her career ended before she when def.

  • Trizzle

    Ay man let that bitch out

  • Sean aka That NIGGA



    Im sure they have care facilities for pregant women Im sure they are not abusing her at all . Im really hoping the whole entire experience humbles foxy . Not saying they should throw her under the jail my some jail time is needed .

  • fireforreal

    Another moment moment in being a dumb bitch featuring dumb bitch of the year Foxy brown.Enjoy life on Koch if you ever do come out no one cares any more.She was the shit from 96-2001 that’s it.


    That’s what the fuck foxy get
    she need to be in anger management

  • unknown

    It’s amazing how people get when them doors close behind them. She was hard body when she was on the streets. Now she in jack in the box she soft. Just like Mike Vick homeboy found DIOS now that he is facing a bid. Why is that the case with people (MY PEOPLE MAINLY) we get in some tight squeeze we call on GOD. Yo I am not a man of the cloth but I have heard it when I do go to the SpOt (Church). She will get out and be next to say she has found GOd or some religion.

  • blakjustice30

    You reap what you sow, flat out.

  • Lano

    She needs help I hope this helps her.
    Who the people that surrounds her she needs someone to keep her level headed.

  • Black Genius

    She must of thought she was gonna get that Paris Hilton treatment in jail.Suprise bitch your paper ain’t that long and you are black grow the fuck up!

  • Caine

    This bitch need to just fall back do her lil punk ass 17 days. Shid, if this had been any one of us we’d be in dat joint way longer. Tighten up Fox!

  • NYG

    my cousin went to Rikers for like 2 years, and spent 8 months in the box stop bitching and spend your fuckin time what your doing is nothing 1 week and you want out?! the fuck outta here

  • unknown

    Something off the subject, I just looked at the article on the mixtape raids. I think we found out how they are going to get hip hop. I see this become more of a headache and ignonance then Shapton and Oprah. I mean look what going down we got dudes that live and eat off there hustle of mixtapes. This is how most of ya favortie rappers was discoverd. Without mixtapes 50 would not be that dude we see now. If we want to stand on something for hiphop there is the subject and issue that will stop the next Biggie or Jay-z or whoever. Imus things was nothing but you got the Feds knocking down Doors as if we got EScobar in the kitchen cooking it up. That is when we need to open our mouth and say something to world. I am not a Malcolm X type dude i do have some jewlez i can deliver to the world. Mixtapes is what got me on to hip hop. Back in the day when i was a young dude, 27 years old now and there is no other sound like true poet spiting a hot 16 to a beat, or over a beat that you thought would fit ya favorite rapper. That is what mixtapes bring Hip-hop at it rawest form.

  • http://xxlmag Miss Justice

    Well to bad for her that her name is not Paris, Nicole, or Linsey…..

  • wowfox?stopbitchin

    yo foxy cant eva spit a street rap again after this period. her next album should be gospel. we talking about 1 1/2 weeks in the pregnancy ward? n u bitchin that much. i know her black hand family is embarrased. them some real hardbody niggaz. she a fuckin punk bottom line…i mean i could see if you was doing numbers up there fox. lmao

  • JD3

    why is this bitch in the news every week? she must be on somethin

  • Worley

    Kim didn’t whine like that and she did a year. I don’t want to hear Foxy talking no more gangsta sh*t. None.

  • Rockcity

    What a dumb bitch! How can u be so self destructive? Black Girl Lost

  • mike

    A week and this broad is crying. Welcome to the real world baby, you know the one that you supposedly rap about. You was blessed and you played, so now you are played Foxy. Hold that 10 days boo.

  • Vicious Seiger

    Foxy has had more hits on her rap sheet recently than in the the studio. Foxy, here is a word of advice IT’S OVER…. Let it go. You’re not built like that and never was. Go get a diploma and make something of yourself other than a sick joke! This is 2K7 not ’96 people are laughing at you (and not behind your back.) take a long sip of some Get Right and step your hustle up – If you have any that and self respect left. Damn Shame.

    PS – Where have all the REAL female fatales gone when, hip hop really needs them?

  • stoneyisland

    Suffering huh? well BITCH thats what jail is suppose to be like. Instead of acting like you were above the law like you were a black, chunky paris hilton, you should have been in the studio trying to CPR your career. But nooooo you had to keep it real, didnt we learn anything from when keeping it real goes wrong on Dave Chappelle? :) I hope she actually gets some serious time to get her unbe-weavable wearing ass together.

  • 1,21,2..anditdon’tstop81

    rappers is pathetic, on that wax u harbody as a hell until the judge slap that ass wit’ a lil time out.

  • http://http:/ Edward C.Dawkins

    I spend nineteen years in imprison and the department of correction can be hard of any prison. Although Ms Brown knew she was on probation and should have known that any contact with the police would send her to prison in her case jail.

  • Ray-Ray

    LMAO at OG Edward C. Dawkins.